Signs Of A Good Web Studio

Thousands of web studios are operating in the market. This turns the choice of a contractor to create a website into a complex and resource-intensive task. How to find a web developer you can trust?

How to Find a Web Developer?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Websites built with Django differ in speed and productivity. There is no shortage of vacancies on the market. What are the search criteria? How to understand a contractor is reliable? This article will help you choose a good developer and get a high-quality site.

Formulate the Goal

The development of a new website is often only part of the solution to a global business task. But what is this task: attracting additional sales? Change in positioning or bringing a new product to the market? If the goal of the website development is clear, a competent web studio will easily choose suitable solutions and even help formulate a request for the market.

Formulate the Key Requirements

Think about whether there are conditions that must be fulfilled during development. This may be the term, the ease of managing the future site, or the presence of specific functionality. By informing the web studio of these requirements, you will minimize the risk of receiving an inaccurate estimate or choosing an inappropriate technical solution.

Set a Budget

Formulating an exact budget is optional, but deciding which order of prices you suits is essential. Developers with very different pricing policies are represented on the market. Suppose you don’t specify a budget at the start. In that case, you risk spending a lot of time and effort on negotiations with the executor, who cannot offer you a comfortable estimate.

Also, the budget affects the choice of platform and type of site. Knowing your limits, the developer will offer affordable and simple solutions by default.

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After you have formed the new site’s initial requirements, you can select a web studio and start negotiations with potential executors.

How To Choose A Website Developer?

There is no recipe or checklist for choosing the ideal web studio. However, several recommendations will help facilitate the process of finding a developer for the project:

1. Look at Relevant Experience

The more similar projects the studio has, the better it will handle the development of your website, and the costs will be lower. It is worth paying attention to two points – experience in the topic and experience developing sites of a similar type.

2. Look for Feedback

Pay attention to the presence of confirmed reviews on the website of the web studio, in social networks, and in profile ratings. If in doubt, you can ask the studio for contacts of satisfied clients or contact the companies from the portfolio to get first-hand feedback.

3. Ask about Pricing

A conscientious contractor is usually ready to answer questions about the cost of an hour of work and tell what it consists of. He will also be able to indicate the planned labor costs for the project and describe what affects the development cost.

4. Ask about Risks

When choosing a contractor for website development, ask what the current workload is for one contractor and whether the team can take on new projects. You can also ask how the staff is staffed. For example, suppose there is only one programmer with the necessary knowledge, and there is a possibility that he will leave the project. In that case, a good contractor will honestly tell you about this and offer a plan B in case of unforeseen problems.

5. Study the Agreement

The contract will show how transparent further cooperation can be. Pay attention to whether the terms are specified in the contract, whether sanctions are prescribed for the non-fulfillment of obligations by the parties, and whether additional work may be required on a paid basis.

To summarize, a good web studio is a company that has a clear and transparent pricing policy, establishes relations with an official contract, has relevant experience, and is ready to prove it by presenting confirmed reviews.Как выбрать разработчика сайта

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Where to Look for Developers?

Here are a few options:

Contact Friends and Colleagues

The first way to find a web developer is to turn to word of mouth. If you like the website of your partners, ask who made it. You selected a resource on which you want absolutely everything – find out who developed this site.

Search on the Internet

You can turn to search engines. For requests related to site development, you will find a vast number of agency options. The disadvantage of this method is laboriousness, as each agency will have to check for compliance with your selection criteria independently.

Check the Ratings

Another way to find and select developers are through studio ratings. It is only necessary to select the most suitable one among all companies, announce a tender and choose the best one from those received.

Why Trust SECL Group?

We are the best website developers with Django and help to build a business on the Internet. A Django developer is a specialist who programs server web applications using the Django framework in Python. We launch digital products with high conversion from the start:

  • Online stores for major brands;
  • Price aggregators and catalogs;
  • Booking and delivery services;
  • Mobile applications;
  • Other custom solutions of any complexity.

We provide a complete website development cycle and creation depending on the project’s goals and your tasks. We can customize it by combining, detailing, or removing stages of site development.

Analytics and Design

We collect data from analysts and analyze the market and competitors. We define user scenarios and build information and navigation architecture. As a result, we create a prototype that gives an understanding of the structure of pages and removes the risks of conceptual changes in the future.

Style and Design

We develop a unique design for the primary user flow, all pages, and their components. We create a UI guide that describes the principles of building elements, colors, animations, hovers, etc. It helps businesses adhere to the general concept when updating the site.

Why Choose Django?

The framework that allows you to implement projects of any level of complexity: both simple sites and multi-level resources. Website development on Django is suitable for companies dealing with specific goods or services, with non-standard sales offers, accounting systems, business schemes, high traffic and load, and an atypical solution.

We select the optimal website development technology not because it is popular on the market but because it solves real business problems, provides for the project’s development, and is justified from the point of view of investments.

Let’s discuss the development of your project. Leave an application, and our manager will contact you for a consultation.

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