Sales and marketing – how they go hand in hand

Sales and marketing

When you talk about the sales and marketing teams, both form a vital part of a business, and none of them can be overlooked if you wish to take your business to heights. With that said, just having both teams in place is not enough. Making the two teams work in collaboration is also a necessary thing to achieve. An able marketing team can spread the word and create awareness about your products and services, whereas the sales team shoulders the responsibility of converting the aware prospects into customers. Thus there arises a need for liaising between the two teams.

Here in this guide, we will help you understand why the two teams should work together to bring laurels for a company:

What is the difference between a sales and marketing team?

Before discussing how the sales and marketing teams can work together to bring success to a business, let us first understand the difference between the two.

The sales team professionals are responsible for closing a sale or entering into an agreement or contract with the client to sell products and services. May it be a client or a customer, the sales team has to make use of interpersonal interactions to close a sale.

On the contrary, the marketing team uses different tactics and strategies for marketing the brand, its products and services. May it be with the use of online advertisements, television advertisements, social media platforms or any other mode, a marketing team has the duty of spreading the word that can bring business and persuade potential customers.

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Now let us understand the advantages of the two teams working together:

To understand the needs of the customers

When the two teams work together in unity, they gain a clear understanding of the needs and requisites of a customer. The sales and marketing teams are aware of the different characteristics and attributes of their customers. If the two teams come together and share data, they can build strong strategies that prove fruitful for the business to shape their products and services as per the needs of the customers.

For planning and troubleshooting

Getting the sales and marketing manager together at a single table every week to ensure whether things are going on track and to discuss other parameters such as lead quality, type of customers, things that are working, things that are not working, customer feedback, etc. can work wonders to solve the feedback loopholes. The two team leaders should be open about finding solutions to the problems to get over the loopholes and trigger better sale opportunity.

To generate leads

Marketing and sales both revolve around the customers. The marketing team has the responsibility of tracing the needs of the customer. After collecting all such related data, when the marketers pass down the information to the sales team, they can frame better strategies to engage the potential customers and end up in sales. Such collaboration between the two teams can hike sales and implement proper measures to lower the wastage of resources.

Usage of advanced targeting methods for marketing

When sales and marketing teams liaise, the marketing team can collect information and insight from the sales team and accordingly chalk out effective strategies to target new customers. Further, they can use different social media platforms, online advertising methods and other search engines to target the right prospects.

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To make more profits

Sales and marketing are two different disciplines that involve clients and customers. Also, there are a lot of interactions that are initiated between the two teams and with the customers. Thus, it is imperative for both teams to work closely to communicate the outputs in a clear format with the clients and build a strong relationship with them.

A strong relationship with the clients helps them place their trust in you, which maximises business profits. Also, to keep your clients happy and satisfied, the two teams should maintain good communication with each other so that they can serve their best to their clients, which will maximise sales and profits as an end result.


When the sales and marketing teams work together, you can see the impact in the form of performance and substantial improvement in sales. We hope that this guide helps you understand how sales and marketing go hand in hand and how businesses can use this close collaboration as an advantage. Sales and marketing are two disciplines that have a vast scope and are essential for every business. With that said, more and more people are taking up sales and marketing as a career option owing to the broad scope it presents before the aspirants. Also, if you wish to excel in your career and grab a high-paid job, make sure that you enrol yourself in one of the top sales and marketing courses to gain the essential knowledge to kick-start your career in this field.

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