7 Best Printer Apps for Android [May 2019]

Today people are more reliable on their mobile phones. They like to operate things from their mobile weather its some digital media or electronic media. This is the reason why we call Smartphones smart devices. If we talk about digital media a person can access their emails, social media accounts, click pictures, hang out with friends and presentations, etc. And in case of electronic media these days it is very easy for people to control so many devices from their mobile phones like Televisions, air conditioners, etc. Like all these electronic devices now you can also use your printer from your mobile phone.

Yes, you heard it right there are so many android applications available in play store which can help you to take print of scan some document without going to the computer system. But to do so your printer must have some features so that you can connect with the mobile phone. These features are like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Some apps also work on different technologies so check according to that.

So we made a list of best android application which can help you with the same. We experimented with all of the applications available and now we are going to present the best applications among all of them. To know details about all printer apps for android read the article till the end.

Best Printer Apps for Android in 2019

1. Canon Print Service

Today we have so many Android applications available which are known as brand specific applications. These applications work for the printer of the same brands. To avoid this we are here with a non-brand specific application “Canon Print Service”. Start print allow connecting with the printer with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and also USB (Universal Serial Bus) Port if the printer has one. You can print any type of document, picture, emails, web pages, maps, etc from your mobile phone directly with the printer. This application also supports other Android devices like tablet, palmtop, etc. If you want to print later or on some specific date then you can also connect it with the calendar with the appropriate settings. This will help you if you feel that you will forget to print in the future. Make sure the printer is on at the time of command passing. This application usually works with all the brands like Epson, Hp, Samsung, Kodak, etc so you may never experience connectivity issues with this application.

The following are the basic feature which the app provides you while printing:

  • The printer provides the setting of selecting the paper size, which means you can print with the paper size of your choice.
  • In the free version of this app, you may see ads, but if you pay a specific amount of fee to the vendor they will remove these ads from your application.
  • It allows you to print all types of media to provide you a better experience.
  • The connectivity speed of the application is very fast as you can print maximum 5 pages in five seconds which means one page in one second.


2. PrintAway

PrintAway is a printing application with a simple design. This application works with the Google cloud of the user’s mobile phone. The application automatically detects the data of Google Cloud applications connected with the mobile phone. As the name describes you don’t need to be close of the printer to get a print, you can give the print command from this application from any corner of the world to your printer. This is the reason why it is named as Print away. But now the application name is updated to the “Cloud Print” due to its cloud connectivity advantage. Along with documents and pictures you can also print text messages, notes, emails, etc. For some users, it acts as a fax machine, because its functionality is the same as the fax machine. With the help of fax machine you can send the documents to the someone else from any location, you just need the fax machine number, same as in this the user need to connect the printer with application and they can print anything from anywhere, so in the lack of fax machine they can use this to pass a message to another location.

Some of the important points you should take care of while using this application are as below:-

  • The application should be installed on the phone and paired with the printer to get the print.
  • The printer should be on while giving the print command from the mobile phone.
  • You have to save the thing in your Cloud before taking the print.
  • The application supports almost all brands of printers so that no chances of poor connectivity are available here.

Epson print

3. Epson iPrint

Epson iPrint is the brand specific application which means it only works for the printers with the brand name of Epson. This is like a dream come true because Epson printers don’t support this kind of functionality earlier. This application works with the Wi-Fi while sitting in any corner of the world. It allows the users to print, share and scan the documents from anywhere. You just need to press a button and the work is done in the fractions of seconds. The application helps you to print various types of office documents like documents, pdf’s, powerpoint presentations, etc. , along with these the application also allows you to print the images as well. There is an additional feature of this app is, the application detects and matches the job of the user and print accordingly. Like if someone is reading a page and want to take its print then he or she can do this with the print itself. You just need to save the page in the print and give the command to print the particular page. The application is more helpful if you own a Epson printer and it is not connecting with any other printing application. The reason behind this is the support given by the company itself. Epson promised its customers to help them in all the issues faced by the in the application design and functionality.

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The below list of features will provide you a clear picture of the printer:-

  • The application provides the option of cloud storage within the app to save the storage area of the device.
  • It can print all types of documents, images from the mobile phone as well as from the cloud storage.
  • The application is brand specific, so it is easy to report any error to the company or to share your experience with the company.
  • You can also access the scan and share the feature of the printer with the help of this application.
  • If your printer is going to suffer from lack of ink then the app provides you the option of “Buy ink or toner” to make easy shopping for you.

HP All In One Printer Remote

4. HP Smart (Printer Remote)

HP Smart (Printer Remote) a free and brand-oriented application which means it can work only with the HP printers. HP is known as the big name in the world of printers. Their huge range of printers within reasonable prices never skips any chances to impress the buyers and audience. Hp provides a huge range of wireless printers, to access them from android devices the company introduces the application for the android users named as “HP All in one printer remote”. The word remote is indicated because this application works with Wi-Fi connectivity. People usually face problems to get a high-quality print of the images. But the HP printers proved them in this field also, the user can easily click a picture or select a picture from the mobile phone and ask the printer to provide its print. You can also take prints of the files available in the various cloud platforms like Google cloud, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. You can also take the print from social media platforms like Instagram, facebook, linkedin, etc. The printer is also available in different models according to the year of launch, due to this they may vary in the case of features from one another. This printing application also acts as a photo editor apps for Android, because the user can also adjust the image from the image enhancement settings like increase brightness, sharpness, correct image errors est. This makes it very much helpful to get a perfect image print all the time.

Below a few additional features are described which can compel you to use this application if you own a hp wireless printer:

  • This application works as a remote, its design makes it easy to use, kids can also use this application easily.
  • The application provides all types of settings like page type, page size, color options, mode of printing, adjustment of paper, number of copies, etc. so that you can easily get what you want.
  • The application support with all types of files extensions and with all types of storage areas like mobile storage and cloud storage.
  • Before using this application please check the compatibility of the printer by its model to avoid more hustle.
  • Usually, this application support all the HP printers launched in and after 2010.
  • Without a Wi-Fi connection it is impossible to use this application, so make sure your printer and device both connected with the Wi-Fi.
  • This is a very unique printer because it can also print data or content from social media websites, which makes it popular among all social media lovers.

Samsung Mobile Prints

5. Samsung Mobile Prints

Samsung is a very popular brand in the world of electronic devices. They sell all types of electronic devices from mobile phones to Washing Machines. The products of Samsung are most trusted in the world. Samsung also deals in the word of printers. Their printers come with the high quality of printing which can beat the quality of the HP printers as well. So to make the easy hand of the users on the printer Samsung announces the Samsung Mobile Print application. If we talk about the features then I must say this app share the same features of Epson and HP application. But the difference which they share is the design, the design of Samsung Mobile apps is much sleek than the other application. Samsung Mobile Prints is very much easy to use and on the same hand, its interface is much effective and easy to use. You will feel like cutting a cake while using the application. The application allows you to take prints of any type of extension. It can detect both types of storage media like mobile storage and cloud storage. Like HP app it also accepts various cloud storages like Google drive, Google photos, Evernote, etc. Along with the storage media, you can take prints from social media sites as well. You can also take a print out from all over the world but the only requirement is Wi-Fi connectivity. The only drawback of this app is, it doesn’t provide any type of internal cloud storage support.

To get all other additional features we stated a few points to make this application your choice in case of Samsung printers:-

  • Being Brand specific this application provides full connectivity support. This application connects with all models of printers with the Samsung brand.
  • This application allows you additional features like scanning, faxing, sharing files, etc. to make it all in one application for you.
  • The application also has an in-app scanner which allows you to scan documents from the device itself to save most of your time.
  • In case your printer is not compatible with the application then you can also contact the company to solve your issue or to update the application.
  • Every time it will provide you the best quality of output to fulfill your printing requirements.
  • With the multiplatform printing features, it makes easy for the users to get a quick print all the times.
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Mobile Print - PrinterShare

6. Mobile Print – PrinterShare

Mobile prints come in the category of not brand-specific printers. This is considered as the best app for Android users in terms of printing. Being a non-brand specific application it can connect with mostly printers of all brands. All the brand specific application we discussed before works only in the availability of Wi-Fi, but this application works on Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. So this may be your next choice. The application provides a very speedy process of commanding and printing. The interface is so simple and a layman can also operate it without any instructions. This is also good for kids so that they can easily get the things they want for their school projects and more purposes. Mobile Print works on both cloud and internal storage of the Android device. Along with that, the application can also access memory or SD cards and social media platforms to provide the prints. You can set the print as per your requirement with the specific printing settings which will open after the printing command. It allows you to get the settings like type of page, size of the page, the position of the print on the page, number of copies, etc. The application support all types of documents, texts, MMS, call logs, memos, images, etc to print.

To get a better experience from this application go through the more features stated below:

  • The application can connect with the more than 4000 brands of printers to avoid connectivity issue.
  • It can take print trough Bluetooth and Wi-Fi also, by this you can take a print for nearby and far away location as well.
  • You can keep track of the items printed, which helps you to watch your kids from the misuse of the printers.
  • This is the only application which allows you to print all the things you want from your device as well as from the cloud.

Cloud Printer

7. Cloud printers

This is also an application which is based on Non-brand-specific. This application is also very much loveable among the people who stay far away from the printers. This application allows the user to print the things from the cloud storage. And the Google cloud is the only platform on which this application works. The application is very fast and also its design is very simple so that people of all ages can get the prints by using the application. The application can connect with all types of brands, but some of the times it faces problems with the connectivity which make it annoying. So please look at the list of the printers it can connect with before using it, this can let to consider other options as well. The application also provides a very unique option “Follow my jobs”. Under this feature, the application can keep track of the jobs of the users and automatically take prints according to the jobs defined by the users. It can also work as the fax machine due to it’s from the anywhere print facility. Yes if you are using this application you can ask for the print from any corner of the world.

To make this application your choice you must consider the following points:-

  • The application is not brand specific and free for all the android users.
  • Unlike other brand applications, this application is free from ads, which makes it easy to use.
  • The application has a good hand on the Google cloud storage spaces like Google Drive, Google Photos, etc.
  • This device is very much independent and if you found any types of the issue the creators are always ready to solve it to provide you a better experience.
  • The only drawback of this application is, it cannot take prints from the device storage. Every time you have to save the document in the Google cloud Printer to take the print.
  • The application is not capable of taking prints from the social media platforms and cloud storages except Google Cloud storage.
  • You can set the page before printing it with the help of the settings provided by the application.


There are so many other applications available in the market or I can say on the play store but we here provided the list application which we feel like the best from all of them. You can see the applications are divided into two types of categories which are Brand Specific and Non-brand specific. To head on one category is your choice. You can work with the brand specific as well as with the known brand-specific to choose your type of application. Now the choice of application from both the categories is totally dependent upon the comfort zone of the user. Sometimes brand specific applications proved as good because they can only connect with your brand of printer and also they are made by the company who owns the printer. But if we talk about the nation brand specific applications then they are more reliable when your printer brand doesn’t have any brand-specific application. Like if we talk about the Chinese printers, few of them doesn’t provide any kind of brand-specific applications.

The customer or the user is always considered as the king in the digital market. So many mobile manufacturers provide their own GUI interface to the users which also hold an application which you can use as a remote like Xiomi is a brand which launches an application named as MI Remote for the users.

It is always advised by the experts to choose an application which can suit your printer as well as your hands. If you feel this article helpful and also you want to share your experiences with these as well as other printing applications then feel free to discuss in the comment section. For more creative and new digital hacks for easy like please stay tuned with us.

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