Choosing the Best Mobile Browser: Stick with the Android Default Browser or Install Another App?

Android Default Browser

Stick with the Android Default Browser or Install Another App?-

Did you know there is a cyber hacker attack every 39 seconds? Finding a browser that’s quick, has user-friendly features, and protects privacy has become more difficult now that there are so many options with similar functionalities. This blog will tell you about Choosing the Best Mobile Browser: Stick with the Android Default Browser or Install Another App?

We’re here to help guide you through the browser options you have with your Android. Keep reading and you’ll learn the ins and outs, pros and cons, and great features of the Android default browser and the other browser app options. 

Let’s Break It Down

Android users have the option of the Android default browser, Chrome, or installing a browser app that you can set as a default.

From Microsoft Edge or the “Internet Explorer for Android” to DuckDuckGo and even the ever-familiar Firefox, each browser offers its own unique features and has positive and negative qualities.

We want you to be able to take a deeper look into each browser and find one that is most suitable for your personal and business browser needs. Here’s what you need to know. 

Pros of the Android Default Browser

“Can you schedule a Google Hangouts?” “What’s your Gmail?” “Can you share that with me through Google Docs?”

Whether you’re in the workplace sharing a Google Sheet for a budget analysis or using your personal Gmail to subscribe to your favorite daily newsletter, Google is a well-known and consistent browser in our day-to-day lives.

The positives of Google Chrome as your Android’s default browser include:

  1. It can sync with your Chrome desktop
  2. They provide a password manager, allowing you to access passwords you’ve stored on Chrome
  3. Data saver functionality
  4. Reliability (almost every web developer takes Google’s browser into consideration when making a website)

It also offers secure storage for your payment information so you don’t always have to pause what you’re doing, find your credit card and type in the number, expiration date, and CVC code.

Google Chrome provides translations in multiple languages automatically and has malicious ad and pop-up blockers.

Other Options

Aside from Google Chrome, there are other browser apps that have pros and are easy to download and set as your default on your Android.

  1. Opera is known for its speediness and is great for saving data. 
    1. It can sync with the desktop version of Opera
    2. There is a “data-saver mode” that compresses videos and web pages that allows for your page to lead faster (shout out to reduced data) and this will keep you from using all your data if you don’t have an unlimited plan.
    3. Ad Blocker
    4. Built-in VPN: The VPN gives you a virtual IP and is set up through Opera
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       2. Firefox is the go-to, runner up to Google Chrome:  

    1. You can sync with your Firefox desktop
    2. Extensions: If you enjoy creative freedom with your web browser, Firefox allows you to customize to a great degree from multiple themes where you can choose how to display your tabs, the colors and what features you want accessible.
    3. Article Recommendation Tool

     3. Looking for the best private browser? DuckDuckGo is here to help:  

    1. User-friendly interface: Very minimal and not complex
    2. You can easily wipe your data at any time: Their focus is keeping your internet activity private and all you need to do is click one button to delete your browser history.
    3. Ad Trackers: Gets rid of ad trackers that may be trying to follow your every move around the World Wide Web and is set to the highest encryption on every website you go to.

       4. Want to save an article to read later? Microsoft Edge will make it easy:  

    1. Syncs with your Microsoft account from your desktop
    2. Reading List Tool: You can read a full-page version of an article and also use the book view to swap into a text-only version of a page
    3. Ad Blocker
    4. Automatic Translation Services
    5. Newsguard: A feature that assesses each news website based on their journalistic standards of credibility and transparency

           Keep the positive energy going and check out more about the best browsers for Android.

          There Are Two Sides to Every Story

Let’s dive into the negatives:

  1. Chrome: Using Google Chrome as your default Android browser gives Google more ways to track your activity. Google also lacks in extra features or extensions.
  2. Opera: You can’t use the data-saver mode and the VPN at the same time and the interface can be complex with multiple menus.
  3. Firefox: You need to add extensions that other browsers have automatically put these in place for you. The multiple extension and display options can be a nightmare for someone who wants everything set up.
  4. DuckDuckGo: There aren’t as advanced extensions and there isn’t a full VPN.
  5. Microsoft Edge: This browser is slower than others and doesn’t offer as many extension options.
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Find the scoop on even more browser options on Tom’s Guide who tests the speed and functionalities of each browser app.

Why Not Try Them All?

Though there are an overwhelming number of choices that you can make when choosing your default Android browser, it is easy to swap what you want to be your default browser.

You can use the Better Open With app set specific apps to open in different browsers to your liking.

To install Microsoft Edge, there are 8 quick steps to everything synced, set up and have your privacy options selected on the spot as you set the browser up.

There are also many new browsers on the horizon, Brave, Cake, and Vivaldi are a few notable options:

  • Cake browser allows you to swipe through your search results so you can quickly find your answer!
  • Brave browser reviews show that you have the control over what you do and don’t want blocked. This app may give DuckDuckGo a run to be the best private browser for Android.
  • Vivaldi is a lightweight web browser that is known to be very secure and will protect you from the phishing schemes and malware your company is always warning you about!

Happy Browsing

You can use what we’ve provided above to make an informed decision about what browser is best for you.

You will find what you value most and that will be the determining factor in setting your browser.

However, it’s not going to cause any harm if you try out multiple and find what best works for you!

It fully depends on what key feature, whether it’s privacy or customization of the browser’s interface or security from cyber hackers, is most important for you to have as your Android default browser.



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