The Mercury Retrograde June 2020- Should You Be Conscious

Mercury Retrograde June 2020

Introduction of Mercury Retrograde June 2020

People believe in many things. And they live for their belief. There are thousands of people in this world who believe in astrology. And thousands of people follow different movements of planets to get divine information. Astrology offers sacred information about human affairs. And this practice of astrology dated back hundreds of years. Hence people think of it as a scientific way too. The term Retrograde is used in astrology. The Mercury retrograde June 2020 is also a term of astrology. And we will discuss it in this article. So, let’s start our journey of “The mercury retrograde June 2020.”

 A brief history of Astrology

People practice astrology for thousands of years. Suppose we search the history of astrology. Then we can see astrology originated in Babylon. And around 2400 years ago, Babylonians started developing their forms of horoscopes. And astrology started spreading in eastern Europe and Egypt about 2100 years ago. The history of astrology is fascinating. And the reason behind the invention of astrology is also enjoyable. 

Babylonians invented astrology. And that is still practiced now. They developed the Zodiac signs. Babylonians divided the heavens into 36 sections to create the Zodiac. And they stated that those 36 sections of heavens correlate with specific stars and identified constellations. Astrology deals with the elements of astronomy. Hence can see the same types of terms in both astronomy and astrology. For example, astrology and astronomy both deal with the positions and movements of planets and stars.

The first Zodiac signs were found in Babylonian sculpture. We can see the encryption of different zodiac signs. Hence, we can understand Babylonians used astronomy in their daily life.

 Astronomy then vs. now.

 Suppose we see the history of astronomy. Then we can see that in the past, people took astronomy seriously. And there are thousands of examples of that around the world. For instance, in the past, people even sacrifice human lives to avoid bad omens. They respected the priests so much. They took their words as law. Even they did not think twice before offering their daughter. And in ancient India, people practiced astrology. And they imply it in almost every sector in their lives. Even we can see that thousands of lives were taken. But time has changed. Because now people don’t take astronomy so seriously they used to. As a result, we can see through thousands of people believe in astronomy. It doesn’t have harmful effects on society.

The first Zodiac signs were made around 3000 years ago. And the Earth’s orbit has changed through time. Hence the Zodiacs are not the same as it was 3000 years ago. But you don’t need to worry. Because there are hundreds of people worldwide who are working for astrology, even they use modern technology to monitor the movement of planets and stars. Then they use that data for the betterment of astrology.


What Is Retrograde

Astronomy and astrology use similar terms. And retrograde is also a term that is used in both astrology and astronomy. The retrograde means are moving backward. In short, the meaning of retrograde is the backward motion of something. But in astrology, retrograde means the rearward movement of the planets seen in Earth’s sky. But that doesn’t mean a world starts moving backward. It seems like the Earth is pushing back. But this is not happening in real. We see the Earth moving backward for the apparent position of the Earth and that planet. It is like driving your car. Because when you are driving your car, you are moving forward. And if a car crosses you, it feels like that car is going backward. But actually, that car is not going backward. It looks like going back for your relative position.

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The relative position of the Earth is the reason behind the retrograde motion. So, does the Earth has a retrograde motion? The answer to that question is no. Earth has a prograde motion. But it may have a retrograde motion if it is observed from another planet. But as other planets don’t have living species, we can not tell that. So Earth doesn’t have a retrograde motion.

In astrology, retrograde of certain planets refer to specific changes. Because astrologers believe that position of planets has an impact on our behavior.

 Retrograde in astrology and its effects

All the planetary motion is direct. Hence the direct action is the normal motion. On the other hand, retrograde motion is the opposite of direct motion. And retrograde motion occurs rarely. Hence retrograde motion means the exception. As retrograde motion is the opposite of normal flow astronomically, it means an exception.

But the question is, “is it a bad thing?” and the answer is no. Because being an exception doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. Astrology states that people who have a retrograde planet in their birth chart seem to have a curious mind. And they love to travel and explore the world. And that is not a bad thing.

 What is the importance of Mercury in astrology?

Mercury is a tricky character. Astrologically speaking, Mercury controls the way we think, say, we write. When we write something, we are ruled by Mercury. Even when we travel, we are doing that for Mercury. And Mercury is not considered as masculine or feminine. It is also not regarded as benefic or malefic because Mercury changes its character relative to the closest contacts.

Astronomically, Mercury is thought to be weakened in Sagittarius and Pisces. On the other hand, Mercury offers its best at the first house. It can do its best if it is in the first house. Mercury is hard to see in the sky. And it can never be more than 28 degrees away from the sun. As a result, we can hardly see Mercury in the sky.

So, now we can see that Mercury has a vital role in astrology. And it controls many things in our life. It is one of the most important planets in astrology.

 Mercury Retrograde June 2020

Mercury had 3 retrogrades in 2020. The first retrograde of Mercury was observed on February 17 – March 10. Then the second mercury retrograde occurred on June 18 – July 12. Finally, the last Mercury retrograde occurred on October 14- November 3.

Mercury seemed to have backward movements in these days of the year. Hence it is called Mercury retrograde. But it is not real. Mercury did not change its motion. But from the Earth, we saw it was moving backward because of Earth and Mercury’s relative position.

Mercury spends more than 80% of its cycle in direct motion in 2020. And on February 17th, it had its first retrograde motion. Then on March 10th, it shifted back to its direct motion. Again on June 18th, it had its second retrograde motion. And finally, on October 14th, it had its last retrograde motion in 2020. Mercury retrograde June 2020 is the longest Mercury retrograde in 2020. And this Mercury retrograde in June 2020 has a great impact on people.

Effects of Mercury retrograde June 2020

Retrograde is the exception in the motion. Because it is the opposite of direct motion. And Mercury is one of the most important planets in astrology. Hence Mercury retrograde has great importance. So when Mercury is in retrograde motion, it is in the opposite of direct motion. As a result, it seems things do not go as planned during Mercury retrograde June 2020. For example, an important meeting is rescheduled; your credit cards stop working. Even your tour might get canceled during Mercury retrograde. All kind of unusual things seems to happen at this time.

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Sometimes it feels like moving forward is impossible during mercury retrograde june 2020. And mercury retrograde June 2020 is the longest retrograde in 2020. During this time, people might face many obstacles. And Mercury retrograde june 2020 is not a good time to launch new ventures. Even it is not an ideal time to work with new clients. Because it might result in something bad. And during Mercury retrograde june 2020, we tend to make the wrong decision. As a result, we regret that decision later. Even we might do the same thing again and again at the workplace. Hence, astrologers often advise people to re-think every decision during Mercury retrograde.

But Mercury retrograde june 2020 doesn’t mean it has to be negative. Something is not going as planned doesn’t mean it might result in something terrible. For example, you planned to pass an exam. So you worked hard. But when the result was published, you found that things did not go as planned. You not only gave the exam but also scored the highest mark. So, mercury retrograde doesn’t mean a negative thing. In short, it means things will not go as planned during this time.

 The side effects of astrology

It is not a bad thing to believe in astrology. And we do not have to do anything about someone’s belief. It is up to the person what he/she will have faith in. But the interest in astrology has increased in the past few years. And it is growing exponentially day by day. But some people believe that astrology is astrology credulously. And they think astrology is the only important thing in their lives. And they seem to believe in superstitions too. In some areas, people believe in astrology in very assertive manners. For example, the people of India believe in astrology as if it is the law. Hence, we can see some characteristic flaws in them. And they think they do not have control over their lives. The movements of planets and stars control everything. And that makes them vulnerable.

The national science foundation states that more than 40% of American believes astrology is a scientific method. And this is the highest number of people since 1983 who believe that. On the other hand, in Europe, 53% of people believe astrology is a scientific method. But there is not a single evidence of proves astrology is scientific. And this belief may affect their lives in a bad way.

People who believe in astrology choose their friends based on their and other Zodiac signs. And they treat others differently based on their Zodiac sign. This is the biggest characteristic flaw in a person. And in this way, astrology and racial stereotypes are the same. Because you believe something about someone without even meeting them. In racial stereotypes, a person judges another based on their skin color. And believers of astrology judge another person based on their zodiac sign. And this creates discrimination in society.

 Frequently asked questions and answers.

Question 1: Are astronomy and astrology the same thing?

Answer: No. Astronomy and astrology are two different things. And they deal with two different things. However, they both work with planets and stars. But the core theory is different.

Question 2: What is retrograde motion?

Answer: Retrograde means moving backward. In short, the meaning of retrograde is the backward motion of something. And this phenomenon happens for the relative position of planets.

Question 3: Is Mercury retrograde june 2020 a bad thing?

Answer: No, it is not totally a bad thing. Mercury retrograde june 2020 means that things might not go as planned. But this thing also becomes a positive thing. In fact, you might do better things during Mercury retrograde.

Question 4: Is astrology a scientific method?

Answer: No, astrology is not a scientific method. But it is not harmful to believe in it.


Conclusion of Mercury Retrograde June 2020

Thousands of people believe in astrology. And it is not a bad thing. But when someone starts taking these things seriously. And starts acting according to the zodiac signs. Then things might go out of hand. For example, Mercury retrograde in June 2020 might affect your work. But it would help if you continued working. The Mercury retrograde june 2020 should not have effects on your work. You should not work according to the zodiac sign. You control your fate, not the planets and stars.  

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