Korean Winter Fashion: Style and Warmth, The Best Of Both Worlds

Korean Winter Fashion

Most of us are familiar with South Korea and its culture. Thanks to the media exposing us to Korean drama and K-pop music. The majority of us in many countries have become fond of their lifestyles. Some of us even dream of living in Korea to experience first-hand everything it has to offer. Nevertheless, whether we succeed in that plan, we still love the Korean way of life, including fashion. As winter is gradually coming up, Korean winter fashion is swiftly taking over the scene with an array of meticulously yet creative and fabulous winter collections for everyone to try out this winter.

Korean dramas and K-pop music have shown a plethora of Korean fashion trends that are basically on fire in the Korean market, with thousands of them sold every day. There’s even been a noticeable domination of their fashion all across the globe thanks to social media and online entertainment services that are gradually taking the world by storm.

 Through the list, you’ll be taken through all the latest winter Korean fashion trends that will add some Korean zing to your winter collection.

Korean Winter Fashion Trending This Season

1. Slim Fit Turtleneck Sweaters:

A turtle neck just has a different vibe to it, apart from being a Steve Jobs fashion staple. A slim-fit turtleneck is seen as the most versatile piece of clothing one could own in the winter for providing a slimming look by hugging the silhouette. It adds sophistication and modesty without doing much at all.  With all sorts of colors and styles available in the market, you are open to endless options to choose from. 

Slim Fit Turtleneck Sweaters

You can pair it with baggy jeans or a high-waist skirt and a long coat. Accessorize with a nice long bag, boots or heels, and a hat to tie it all together.

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2. Leg Warmers:

Leg warmers serve the primary function of providing warmth to the lower legs and preventing leg cramps. However, in recent years, leg warmers have made a comeback thanks to the Korean winter fashion scene. Leg warmers have been featured on K-pop idols rocking them in their winter outfits. This further led to bringing back the 80s fad. 

Korean Winter Fashion

They generally come with tubular sleeves, but some other styles wrap around the ankles as well, not just for warmth but for fashion as well. These pair well with sneakers, loafers, and shorter clothing to give an elongated appearance to the final look.

3. Ushanka Hat: 

This peculiar yet familiar hat worn by many Koreans in the cold winters is called the Ushanka hat. A lot of you must’ve seen this type of cap somewhere. A movie, music video, or a web series. 

Ushanka Hat

Hailing originally from Russia, ushanka hats have since gained quite a popularity in the world as an admirable and comfortable adornment for the winter.

Its particular design eliminates the need for an extra beanie or ear muff to keep warm in the cold, thanks to its interior part lined with warm material for insulation. While this hat is often made of fur, knit versions and those with brims are also popular.

4. Oversized Scarf: 

A scarf is an invaluable piece of clothing that continuously promises style with warmth. Layering in the winter becomes a staple for a lot of Korean and a scarf is a must-have for that purpose. Its thickness and comfort are the secrets to its mass use by many Korean stars and Koreans alike. The volume of the scarf becomes an aesthetic in itself. An ensemble that makes one’s form smaller than it is. To look petite and cute.  

Korean Winter Fashion

However, there are many styles of oversized scarves made of cashmere that are known for their warming abilities. Neutrals and plaid are the most common scarf patterns found on K-artists.

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5. Puffer Parka:

Puffer parkas are the perfect way to dress up any simple winter shirt and jeans! A puffer parka is popular for its additional volume to the upper body and below-the-hip length. Layering and insulation are its primary functions. 

Puffer Parka

The padded outerwear, consisting of light waterproof material, makes up for its basic functions. 

At the same time, its wide spectrum of colors and styles gives one the freedom to achieve warmth and style. Additionally, Its sporty vibes make it the perfect choice for winter activities like skiing and snowboarding.

6. Knit Beanie:

Last but not least, a beanie. Having one of these is an all-year-round essential in Korean winter fashion. Its versatility is limitless, as it pairs well with casual or street style in the winter. Having this on exudes comfort and warmth while being stylish (if knitted) and fashionable at the same time. 

Korean Winter Fashion

Furthermore, a knit beanie is ideal if you believe your winter attire needs more flair. Idols are frequently seen wearing beanies to complement their laid-back appearance.


Now that winter is just around the corner, now’s the right time to find the perfect addition to our fashion collection. Winter Korean fashion truly had a remarkable collection of trendy fashion pieces. Each of these will spice things up and bring more than just warmth from the cold.

Make this winter about you with new and exciting additions to your winter collection with Korean winter fashion. Fight the chill in style!

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