Know This Before You Know How To Cancel Adobe Subscription

Know This Before You Know How To Cancel Adobe Subscription

Adobe tools proffer a hub of opportunities for its users to play with creatives, motion media, and other visual content in distinctive ways. But when humans’ tendency to grasp different things hits, one might be looking for ways to cancel Adobe subscription.

The Creative Cloud membership (or simply Adobe membership/subscription) unlatches access to a plethora of tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and ColdFusion.

Just like most tools and apps, this too comes with a few days of trial, and after that, one needs to pick a plan to continue reaping its benefits. But trying your hands around a new tool is just a matter of a shift in preference that can happen due to any reason.

If canceling an Adobe subscription is the thing on your mind, then you’ve landed on the right page, as this article will walk you through its procedure clearly and concisely! 


First Things First!

  • Adobe Creative Cloud membership/subscription comes with some terms and conditions. As stated on Adobe’s official site, a user is liberated to cancel the subscription within 14 days of the initial purchase.


  • Let’s say you’ve already made an advance payment for the yearly plan (which comes under the Annual Prepaid Contract). In that case, if you don’t cancel your subscription within two weeks or 14 days of the initial purchase, your money won’t get refunded, and your services will come to an end after the deadline of the contract.


  • Suppose you are a user who has opted for an annual membership plan for which you pay monthly installments (which comes under Annual Plan, Paid Monthly). In that case, canceling the subscription within two weeks or 14 days of the initial purchase does not attract any charges. But, after that, a cancellation fee of fifty percent can be generated on the remaining balance of your contract. For instance, let’s assume you cancel your subscription in the fifth month, then you may be liable to pay 50% on the remaining 7 months’ balance. However, charges might differ in some regions.
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  • Most Adobe users are oft-times perplexed as they actually don’t get why any fee would be charged if they wish to discontinue their Creative Cloud subscription. Regarding this, Adobe states that when a user opts for a yearly subscription plan, heavy discounts are already made available to them then and there. Thus, opting out of the plan attracts a fee.


  • Also, even if you aren’t interested in learning how to cancel Adobe subscription, you must bear in mind that your subscription on this platform gets renewed automatically without any prior mail or message delivered to you. That’s why if there happen to be any probable chances that you won’t be looking up to rake in the benefits that do come with the paid subscription, be certain to cancel your subscription timely.

Nonetheless, if there is any escalation or alteration in the pricing policy, Adobe will notify you regarding it before renewal, and you can cancel the subscription at that time if you wish to.


How To Cancel Adobe Subscription?

Canceling an Adobe subscription isn’t a biting a bullet kind of task itself, but certain terms of the subscription contract might seem a little complex to understand. Nevertheless, this article touches upon that too to clarify them exactly, so give this article a read. For now, let’s see how to cancel Adobe subscription:-



Know This Before You Know How To Cancel Adobe Subscription
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  • On the new dashboard, you’ll be presented with a list of your purchases over this platform. Click on the ‘Manage Plans’ option.
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Know This Before You Know How To Cancel Adobe Subscription
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  • After this, Adobe will provide you with an option to make additions or remove a certain service/product purchase; for this, you need to click on the ‘Change Your Plan’ option. Otherwise, click on the ‘Cancel Your Plan’ option to proceed to bid adieu to your Adobe account.


  • On the next dashboard, you will be asked to specify the reason for not moving forward with Adobe’s services.


Know This Before You Know How To Cancel Adobe Subscription
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  • Once done, click on the ‘Continue’ tab/button and follow the prompt instructions on the screen.


Can I Access My Saved Files On Creative Cloud After Cancelling The Adobe Subscription/Membership?

Yes, you can download your original files via Lightroom even after canceling your Adobe subscription. However, you won’t get to use the bulk storage any longer once you cancel your Adobe subscription.

Once you’ve practically applied your knowledge on how to cancel Adobe subscription, your Creative Cloud subscription/membership account will be transformed into a free account, and your storage access will dwindle to 2 GB. Since you’ve to manage with this much storage only, you might need to transfer some of your files to another destination within 30 days of cancelation. Otherwise, you won’t be able to save any other file here.


What Else Would I Be Able To Access Lightroom For ?

You can save your files to a local hard drive via Lightroom, and you can also export, print, publish, view slideshow, import, and organize your edited projects.

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