Into the Outdoors I Go: Practical Tips for Choosing the Ideal Hiking Wristwatch

Choosing the Ideal Hiking Wristwatch

A great trekking trip isn’t particularly the place for you to put on stylish luxury watches on your wrist, though you’re still going to need to know the time with nothing less than an ideal outdoor watch. Fortunately, there’s a wide array of watches specifically made for hiking and all those outdoor activities intended at the outdoor and sporting markets.

The question now is, what precisely do you desire your watch to do for you? Are there any specific features that you are looking for in an outdoor watch? Do you want it to be water-resistant? Or stainless steel perhaps?

The options in wristwatches for outdoor activities run from basic, solid timepieces to multifunction wrist devices that are capable of showing you the exact time in every country capital, pinpoint your current location through GPS tracking, solar-powered watch, inform you about the atmospheric pressure, and even trace the barometric pressure.

How to Choose the Ideal Outdoor Watch?

If you like hiking or have a desire for such activity, you would require a reliable device that can support you to harmlessly reach your desired destination and navigate through the vast outdoors.

An outdoor watch is produced to quickly handle harsh weather conditions and hard terrain. With all the labels presented out in the market, which one should you select according to the level of activity that you’re going to do?

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Overall Durability

Particular outdoor activities like hiking or trekking can be tough on all your equipment, particularly your wristwatch. Due to this setting, you’ll want a design that’s sturdy enough to manage a few scrapes and knocks and keep on functioning. Look for a watch with practical features.

Hiking is never a sport for people who lack courage, so you would want a tough watch, made strong and set to meet with extreme situations. These outdoor wristwatches come provided with a variety of key highlights that are intended to resist any kind of tough conditions you’ll face in the remote side of the country.

A lot of models are scratch-proof, resistant to heat, waterproof, and shock-resistant. All of these vital features together contribute to the overall sturdiness of the watch.


If you intend to spend some time in the water, or you need to protect your watch from heavy rain, then you have to pick a waterproof model like the vintage Omega Seamaster. Models with an inclusive water-resistant label usually won’t be enough to survive.

Instead, you would need a watch that’s appropriately sealed and one that can be entirely immersed underwater and still function in pristine condition.

The functionality of GPS (Global Positioning System)

The most dependable outdoor watches tend to possess a secure GPS specifically designed for your outdoor exercises. Though hiking GPS is somehow a major advanced feature, it has been more accessible for a significant number of hikers.

Given the several things that can go unexpectedly wrong while on the trail (and stories of hikers lost merely a few distances from the trail), a reliable GPS device or survival wristwatch can be your ideal fail-safe device.

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Having this feature is indeed an excellent help for hikers and campers because it can provide all the important information that you’ll want to assess particularly in the subtle changes in weather conditions.

A barometer feature in your watch can even be a lifesaving specialty for adrenaline junkies who fancy hiking up hills and mountains, or deep in the remote parts where a serious storm can be disastrous. A reliable barometer will help a hiker recognize any kind of shift in environmental pressure.


No outdoor wristwatch is perfect without a compass in it. A compass operates great with an altimeter and will benefit hikers to swiftly navigate through difficult trails. The 3D compass also works impressively fine, regardless of how the timepiece is held and it’s the next best thing to a traditional compass.

To Conclude

The most satisfying outdoor wristwatches will not simply display the time and date, they can provide the hiker and camper with vital information including times of sunrise and sunset, air pressure, specific location, and altitude as well.

These important features can benefit the hiker with navigation and weather prediction. Watches with innovations that are particular to hiking have become more accessible as of late, and the businesses that produce these awesome watches have been doing unbelievable advancement in terms of creating watches with the most advanced technology.

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