9 Of The Most Common Accident Injuries

9 Of The Most Common Accident Injuries

Accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Among the most deadly accidents are ones that are incurred when you’re behind the wheel of a car.

While even the best of drivers can find themselves susceptible to the occasional fender bender due to road confusion, many of the most deadly car wrecks are caused by negligence.

If you’re lucky enough to survive a bad car accident, chances are you’re still going to walk away with some injuries.

Below, we outline the most common types of accidents injuries.

1. Cuts and Scrapes

On the low end of the accident injuries spectrum are cuts and scrapes. These are typically caused by shattered glass being thrown around a vehicle during a wreck or the force that airbag impact inflicts on front-seat passengers.

While cuts and scrapes are uncomfortable and can sometimes be susceptible to infection, if this is the worst of the injuries that you sustain after an accident, consider yourself lucky.

2. Head Trauma

Head trauma during traffic accidents is common and in some cases fatal.

Whiplash from impact can cause your brain to bounce around in your skull. That can lead to brain bruising, bleeding or death on impact.

Even for people that survive head trauma during accidents, the road to recovery can be a difficult one.

Some victims need facial reconstructive surgery. Others need months of physical therapy to regain some semblance of mobility.

Contacting car accident lawyers is a must if you sustain head trauma during a crash.

3. Neck Problems

Whiplash from accidents is actually more likely to cause serious neck issues in victims than it is to cause head injuries.

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When your neck moves backward and forward rapidly, spinal fractures can occur which can lead sufferers to physical therapy or surgery. Muscle damage can also take place which might cause difficulty in keeping one’s head for elongated periods of time.

4. Back Complications

Back problems are already common in the American adult population. Much of these complications have been tied to long hours working on computers and poor posture.

When you add to that mix trauma from impact, back issues can be exacerbated substantially.

It’s common for accident victims to experience chronic back pain which can lead to frequent chiropractor visits for symptom management

5. Burns

If you’re driving fuel powered vehicles, frontal impact carries a high risk of igniting your engine. If unable to escape your vehicle quickly enough, sustaining serious burns is a possibility.

Burns to the face and body are not only chronically painful but may call for extensive skin grafts that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention that severe burns have a tremendous effect on one’s appearance.

Burns that are sustained via car accidents are almost always grounds for legal action. Contact an attorney immediately if you suspect that you deserve compensation for your suffering.

6. Soft Tissue Damage

Damage to muscles and ligaments is considered soft tissue damage. Whether your damaged tissue is located in your neck, back, arms, legs or other areas of your body, it’s worth noting that in an accident, you’re likely to sustain trauma to some soft tissue areas.

Tissue damage in the arms is one of the most common yet often ignored injury areas that accident victims sustain. These injuries can keep victims from working which can render them unable to pay down medical expenses.

Attorneys can help break you out of this cycle by ensuring that insurers compensate you for lost wage potential.

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7. Spinal Trauma

Few issues are more harrowing than spinal damage. Depending on where your spine is injured, whole sections of your body could be rendered permanently disabled as a result of a car accident.

Permanent physical disability is one of the most common reasons why people choose to take their car accident cases to court. After all, the lifetime earning potential that a person loses when they lose the mobility of their legs and/or arms could be substantial.

8. Bone Breaks

It goes without saying that broken bones are a common accidents injuries occurrence. Breaks from crashes are typically sustained in arms, ribs and in the neck.

Wearing a seat belt can have a substantial impact on your ability to prevent more serious breaks from occurring.

If you’re not wearing a seat belt, upon impact, you could be flung through your front windshield which puts every bone in your body at risk of breaking and also steeply reduces your survival odds.

9. Psychological Trauma

For many, the physical pain that comes from accidents injuries pales in comparison to the emotional trauma that they carry away from wrecks.

Many victims can’t get behind the wheel of a car again. Others don’t even feel comfortable riding as vehicle passengers.

Emotional trauma is a problem that you can take to court and sue for. Don’t undersell the psychological scars that you carry away from an accident and discuss what you’re experiencing with an attorney.

Wrapping Up Accidents Injuries Commonly Sustained in Vehicle Wrecks

Now that you’re aware of which sorts of accidents injuries are typically sustained in vehicle wrecks, it’s important that you’re prepared to get legal counseling if you ever end up falling victim to any one of the conditions that we’ve outlined above.

Be proactive in understanding the accident attorneys that work out of your area and know who you’re going to call if worst comes to worst.

A little preparation goes a very long way when adversity strikes.

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