How to Keep Your Instagram Stories Viewers Engaged

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Pictures are worth a thousand words, but its impact on other people depends on what kind of picture you show them. In this day and age, where social networking websites like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, are king, the photos (or images) and posts you put out there should be well-thought-of, or people will just ignore it (at best).

When it comes to pictures and visuals, Instagram reigns supreme. However, to get the best of it, you have to keep your Instagram stories viewers engaged. So, in this article, we’ll discuss a few ways to help you do just that. Let’s dive in!

Your pictures should tell a story

Since ancient times, stories have held importance in society. Stories were used to preserve culture and traditions, as well as to entertain people and touch their emotions.

Marketers know how compelling stories are. That is why whether you are reading a blog or watching an ad on various digital platforms and marketplaces like, YouTube, Facebook, etc. stories are everywhere and anytime. So, why not also use Instagram stories to your advantage? For example, you can use it to create a teaser, or you can create a series of photo stories to keep your followers and viewers curious and eager for more.

Create polls or story contests

What better way to engage your viewers than to create a poll or conduct story contests where everyone can participate and share their opinions? For example, you can post a picture of two shirts and ask them which one is better. Or post pictures of two popular idols side by side and ask them who they like better and why (just don’t forget that the poll or contest should be related to your niche and business)…this could land you a hoard of free instagram followers instantly when you follow the advice step by step.

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You can further gamify your Instagram stories by posting a story prompt and asking viewers to finish the story themselves. They can DM you their answers, and whoever wins will receive a freebie from you. You can also post a compelling picture of some kind and ask them through sticker prompts to create a story using that photo.

Use stickers and prompts

Stickers and prompts are useful tools to increase viewer engagement of your Instagram stories. As mentioned above, you can use stickers to create polls or ask questions and let your viewers share their answers. You’ll be surprised at how much people would want to be heard and have their opinions listened to by others.

More so, prompts like “tap for more,” “hold to read,” and “get ready to” can affect viewers in different ways, and make them take action of some kind. For example, you can use the “tap for more” prompt after a question like “Want to know how to keep your Instagram viewers engaged? Tap for more.” Meanwhile, the “get ready to” prompt can generate more curiosity, excitement, and anticipation for what’s coming next.

Give your followers a downloadable freebie

Who doesn’t want a freebie? Telling your followers or viewers on your Instagram stories that they’ll get something for free when they click on the link, will surely delight them. Your freebie can range from a product sample to a small e-book that focuses on the needs of your viewers.

Instagram stories can become a powerful strategy to keep your viewers engaged. It can even attract other people that are not within your network and become friends with them.

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