how to speed up internet: 9 Ways to Increase Your Internet Speed

how to speed up internet

Are you in the habit of being online and downloading loads of stuff from the internet? Are you exhausted from a slow internet connection? Don’t worry and stick with us. Today will provide to how fast my internet is with comfortable and handy ways to boost your internet range speed. Apart from this, we will also offer you six simple steps to complete the process of NETGEAR Extender Setup. plays a vital role in completing the process of New Extender Setup successfully. It also helps in changing both advance and basic technical settings of a range extender. Please have a look below. 

  • Plug your range extender into an electrical wall socket. Ensure that the router you are using to connect it, supposed to be of New technology firmware.
  • Wait for 5 minutes and let the LED lights on range extender starts blinking.
  • After that, open a web browser into your smart computer type mywifiext into the field of the address bar. 
  • Login page will appear. You will now prompt to type the default details of username and password. It will open the home page of NETGEAR Genie.
  • Connect your tablet or iPad with the available network and then enter the default password.
  • Now, connect your range extender with the wireless network.

Note: If you don’t have the default details, contact the tech support team on toll-free number 1-888-829-5515.

How to speed up the internet: 9 Simple Steps to Boost up the Internet Speed:

how to speed up internet

Clear the cache on your browser computer or a laptop starts running slow when the store on it is full and decreases the internet’s speed. So, what you have to do is clear out every individual’s cache data and shut it down for 2 minutes.

  1. Uninstall the app you don’t use
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Some large applications in your computer or laptop may decrease the speed of your existing WiFi network. Consider clearing all the widgets from the home screen. Also, turn to sleep those huge apps that consume a lot of background data.

Switch to a Different Browser

Some web browsers affect the internet speed, and some browsers show better performance similarly, if you are tired of accessing from a web browser, exit from the first one and try using another.

For help regarding setup or any, consider calling NETGEAR Extender Support immediately.

  1. Place your Computer Closer to the Router

A sluggish and slow connection may be caused by weak signals coming out of your primary router. In that case, you have to place your router openly to a neat and dry spot to receive a live internet connection from it. On the other hand, another leading cause of network issues is the distance between your router and the computer.

To fix this problem, place your router and the computer closer to each other away from doors, walls, and windows so that the neighboring WiFi devices couldn’t affect your internet range.

  1. Scan your Computer with Anti-Virus once a Week

Viruses affect a lot your existing internet range. Avoid installing third-party applications that are not supported by your device. To get rid of such issues, consider scanning your computer with anti-virus software once a week. I hope you have installed this? If not, believe installing it immediately. This would also be a big reason for mywifiext login issues.

Optimize Cache

Did you know how to speed up the internet using Optimize Cache? Also, understand that the internet browser stores the entire data in browser cache to load pages on the web? If the cache’s memory is full, the web browser will automatically work slow and won’t allow you to access locally. To make your web browser up and running without getting slow, consider clearing the cache twice a week.

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Turn Off the Notifications of Apps You Don’t Need

It is also the fact you might know that the background apps, especially their update, affect your internet speed. So, disable such applications that decrease the WiFi speed and also consume the background data.

Block Internet Ads

This step will guide our valuable users to keep useless, unwanted advertising links and banners away from their devices. Do you know how to speed up the internet by Blocking Internet Ads? Just use the settings of the anti-virus app and get rid of third-party malicious ads. This is also one of the big reasons behind low connection failure in Login. Third-party pop-ups or ads also corrupt your data bandwidth and security settings.

Be Certain about your WiFi Password

Well, sharing the network password with your relatives and friends also decreases the speed of your internet range by 30%. If you are sharing the password with everyone, the rate of your WiFi range automatically gets slow.

Consider installing Netgear Genie app as it manages and controls the security of your entire WiFi system. It also let its user set a limit for those guests who often visit them. “Guest Access” and “Parental Control” will help you to get rid of such issues.


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