How to Make an Office Chair More Comfortable

How to Make an Office Chair More Comfortable

If you constantly work in an office, chances are that you will spend most hours sitting in the chair. If your chair is not molded or purchased specifically for you, then you need to find means to make it comfortable in order to avoid chronic back pain and other health issues.   

Readjusting your office chair for proper alignment should be your first step. Sitting properly in your chair may not protect you from health issues associated with improper body alignment. Fortunately, The best office chair under 300 comes with adjustable height, arms, seat and back features that you can tweak and adjust to make your body align properly and create comfort.

                               Purchase a Footrest

Your office chair must be designed to fit the curvature of your back, arms and legs, hence you shouldn’t stop at getting a chair with lumbar support that adds padding to your chair. Make sure you buy a footrest to keep your feet in the proper position.

Maintaining the proper position of your feet when seated will help in maintaining proper posture. Having a footrest will also keep your back aligned properly and improve circulation all around the body

                    Adjust the Arms of Your Office Chair Where Possible

Not all office chairs come with adjustable arms but if you are lucky to have one, you need to adjust them to avoid the tightening of your shoulder muscles. If you have a chair with no avoidable arms, then you should avoid leaning on your arms. Tightening shoulder muscles have been linked to many health issues such as stiffness in the neck and tension headaches.

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                   Add Some Accessories

The best office chairs are those with practical options for adding accessories. Aside from accessories such as the lumbar support added to the back to support your curvature, you should consider padding up your office char too. If possible, extra padding can be added at the headrest, back, and the seat of your office chair to provide an extra cushion that will bring about extra comfort.

                  Include an Adjustable Monitor Mount on Your Desk

Not all office desks will be designed for the right computer monitor height, relative to your sitting position. Adding an adjustable monitor mount to your desk will help prevent strains to your eyes and neck while sitting for a long period of time.  With the use of the right monitor stand, you will be able to use more than a single monitor at once.

Using a monitor stand will help you move your head and neck from side to side instead of facing one position for a long time. Upgrading to a monitor stand will complement your office chair and make it more comfortable to use especially when you have to use many computers at the same time.

                   Get a Standup Desk

Sometimes, the best solution to body pains and other health issues caused by sitting for too long in your office chair is to limit your overall sitting time. Getting an adjustable standup desk perhaps is the ideal solution to sitting for too long because you can continue working for a while but in a standing position. Standing up for a while, in-between long hours of sitting will be beneficial to your health in general, aside from enhancing your comfort.

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Your standup desk can be a standalone option or semi-detached furniture. With a standup desk, you wouldn’t rely on a comfortable office chair always. Numerous researches have shown that standup desks can reduce the risks of diabetes, obesity and other health complications linked to a sedentary lifestyle (including sitting down for too long).


It pays to buy an office chair that is just suited for your body. There are no one-size-fits-all office chairs which means what is comfortable for one person may not be very comfortable for you. If you still have issues despite adjusting your office chair, you just have to replace it with one that suits your body alignment perfectly. It may involve additional cost but such investment will be worth your comfort and personal health in the long run.

Do not under-estimate the importance of taking regular breaks from your office chair. It is recommended that a regular break of 2-3 minutes every hour has a long positive impact in reducing the risks of injuries and pains.

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