How to get into SYPWAI: become part of the team


The innovative platform SYPWAI is a large company actively developing artificial intelligence through detailed information analysis and constant neural network training. The project has been a rookie, but in 2018 its developers managed to win a major grant of $90 million from the renowned investor Lifeasapa Foundation. These funds were the first impetus for the development of the project and helped it to become incredibly popular in a short period of time. The active work of the company’s employees helped to launch the functionality of the platform as early as October 2020, from which point the active testing phase began.

Who are SYPWAI’s users and customers?

At this stage in the project’s development, several million people all over the planet have already become users. SYPWAI is developing at lightning speed and has succeeded in becoming a market leader in AI (artificial intelligence), displacing many big players.

As far as the client base is concerned, SYPWAI has a wide variety of companies cooperating with it. They range from niche companies with narrow specializations to well-known multinational holdings. Thanks to SYPWAI their business enters a new stage of development and becomes more profitable. Such an effect is achieved through comprehensive workflow optimization and the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Employees: those who drive SYPWAI forward

SYPWAI’s developers are convinced that the company has only been able to reach such heights thanks to the people who work within it. The company currently employs around 3,000 people from all over the world. Among them are world-renowned scientists. The team of highly skilled workers actively contributes new ideas for development, comments on the functionality of the platform, and remarks on problems and bottlenecks. All staff members are located in different parts of the world, with different experiences, skills and worldviews. Consequently, their angle of perception is very different, and mutual cooperation makes it possible to achieve the best possible results.

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In general SYPWAI has the same structure as many IT companies. Different teams of professionals are responsible for their own development areas. This allows for a maximum level of focus and not to spread too thinly across different tasks.

One of the main links in the chain is the ordinary people – the ordinary users of the platform.

“Every person who is involved in the development of the neural network is helping the project in an invaluable way, so they are well rewarded for doing so. In addition to the 3,000 dedicated experts on SYPWAI’s staff, millions of people from all over the world are working on the development of the platform. Accordingly we not only receive 3,000 professional opinions on one situation but also many millions of solutions for thousands of different problems. This helps to make SYPWAI a truly universal platform, as the success of artificial intelligence does not only depend on a specialized approach – creativity plays an important role. The work of ordinary people helps to find another way forward,” says SYPWAI’s chief technology officer.

How can I become part of the SYPWAI team?

Anyone can take part in SYPWAI’s development by becoming an ordinary user or a professional employee. In the first case, it is necessary to:

  • contact the regional manager for a referral link;
  • purchase a special device to work with the platform;
  • download the application;
  • register in the project and follow the instructions.

If you devote a lot of time to the work, you can earn up to 600 dollars a month.

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Those who think of themselves as narrow specialists and want to develop professionally can think about a more serious cooperation with SYPWAI. Applicants need to have a specialized education and provide evidence of successful projects in university research activities. It is worth noting that a professional employee must show a high degree of interest and commitment.

The selection process for the company is multi-stage and quite rigorous. This allows the best of the best to be selected. After passing all selection stages, the applicant becomes a member of the SYPWAI family.

“SYPWAI platform developers work closely with major universities around the world, so they can invite talented young people to join the company for internships and further collaboration. Young people are particularly flexible-minded and ambitious, which helps them see things from a different angle and find particularly good solutions to problems,” says the company’s senior development manager.

The top managers of the SYPWAI platform treat their employees warmly and take care of them. Despite the large number of employees, the project has become a real home for them, a second family.

Thus, the main secret of SYPWAI’s success lies in the solidarity and professionalism of the team.

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