How to Decorate Your Business Office Space in a Way That’ll Inspire Your Employees

How to Decorate Your Business Office Space in a Way That'll Inspire Your Employees

Looking for new ways to inspire productivity and creativity in your employees?

Believe it or not, your business decor has a huge effect on how your employees feel at work. People are affected by their surroundings and most offices do a horrible job of promoting wellness, creativity, and collaboration. When you don’t have those things, productivity dips noticeably.

You might wonder what you’re supposed to do to change the way your workers feel about showing up to work. In this post, we’re going to tell you. We’re going to give you several ideas for changing your office decor so that your employees are engaged and inspired at work.

It’s time to get rid of the drab mood and the traditional office layout. Let’s give your office a small business makeover.

Changing Your Business Decor For the Better

You’ve got to figure out what matters in your office. Is it productivity? Probably. What about creativity? It’s always good for your employees to feel free to create. Shouldn’t they also feel mentally happy and part of a team? For sure.

So, how do you make it so that your employees enjoy coming into work? Let’s go over a few design principles that’ll shake things up and move your small business forward instead of remaining stagnant. Whether you do it yourself or call in professionals like these reliable experts, redecorating makes a big difference.


Natural and artificial lighting are both crucial to mood and…well, visibility. Natural lighting is preferable if you’re fortunate enough to have a lot of windows in your office space. Sometimes you’ve got to make do with artificial lighting, however.

When dealing with natural lighting, keep in mind the desks that are situated near windows, as the afternoon glare could disrupt those people’s workflow. Keep the windows unobstructed so that you can use the natural lighting, but get some nice blinds to block out the sun during bright days.

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Artificial lighting is more complicated. When you picture a typical office, you’ll envision those horrible fluorescent lights that are blinding, sometimes loud, and create a harsh and unwelcoming atmosphere. Try some softer overhead lights or even try using lamps to achieve a more pleasant mood.


The functionality of your office will depend on its size and shape. The types of desks, chairs, cabinets, and lounge pieces that you get to buy are dependent on what will fit in your space. If you’ve got a smaller office space, you will only have room for the essentials. If it’s larger, then you have more room to play around.

Maneuverability is the most important thing. Your employees should feel comfortable moving around in the space. More offices these days are going with a minimalist vibe, focusing on employees’ being able to walk around easily. This promotes collaboration in the workplace.

Small offices don’t need to think too much about space. These types of spaces are perfect for putting a few desks in and focusing their design efforts elsewhere.

Large offices need to keep in mind which departments need to collaborate more frequently and thus be situated closer together. Frequently used items and storage should be easily accessible to the people that need it the most.

Wellness Rooms

As we learn more about mental health at the workplace, the need for spaces to wind down and collect oneself has become clear. Employee wellness rooms are a relatively new phenomenon that has come to prominence in the last few years with the revelation that more and more people suffer from anxiety and depression.

If you’ve got a spare room in the office, you can convert into a space fitting for relaxation, meditation, yoga, or any other type of activity that promotes wellness. They’re also great for new mothers that need to nurse and understandably don’t feel comfortable doing it in the office or bathroom.

In terms of decor, you should paint the wellness room a soothing color and hang some calming art pieces. A comfortable piece of furniture to sit on and a stereo to quietly play some music will go a long way in promoting wellness. Talk to some of your employees to figure out what will work the best.

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Most offices are pretty drab and depressing when it comes to color. Choose a few livelier colors and spruce up the place. Color can be inspiring and promote creativity in the workplace. Knowing what effects certain colors can have is a good first step to take.

Deep blues, greens, and lavenders go more towards promoting calmness and tranquility. Brighter colors stimulate and promote higher energy. Decide which kind of mood you want your employees to work in and choose a color that fits.

An Artistic Touch

Art is a big part of what gives an office good vibes. Choose wall art that fits with what your company’s brand and identity say. You don’t want to go overboard, because it’ll be distracting if you clutter the walls with art, but choose a few pieces that might connect with your employees and go with that.

Another good route to take is to locally source your art. Your employees will feel connected to the area that they work in if they look up and see that it’s a vibrant and creative place. People are inspired by their surroundings.

Break Rooms

Keep your kitchen/break room simple with lots of seating and the proper appliances. It should feel like a functional kitchen, not like the office kitchens that people have come to expect. This is where employees are going to relax and make small talk, so this room should encourage that.

Choose a tranquil color that calms people down during busy days and put comfortable furniture in that allows them to chill out. Remember to keep this room clean. If you have to pay for a cleaner, that’s alright, it’ll prevent conflict down the road when the dishes are piled up and there are crumbs everywhere.

Get Redecorating

Take these tips and change up your business decor sooner than later. We’re sure that once you do, you’ll notice a huge change in employee morale, productivity, creativity, and happiness. Comfortable employees make for happy employees and happy employees care more about their work. Why wait?

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