How Important Is a HIPAA Software for Your Clinic?

Why Do You Need a HIPAA Compliant Chat? 

Nowadays, technology is used in almost every industry. Most organizations use it to improve their growth rate. And the same applies to the medical industry. So, your clinic should also make use of technological progress as much as possible. For this reason, you should strongly consider the use of a medical CRM that provides a HIPAA compliant chat for your employees and customers. But what is that HIPAA software? And why is it so important? 

The first thing that you need to know is that HIPAA is a standard that some types of medical software need to be compliant with. To be more precise, this standard was created to ensure that all the personal information stored digitally of your clinic’s patients is safe. This means that a compliant software will not be hacked, and the information will not be stolen. Because an internal chat will be used to transfer a lot of personal information about your patients, it must comply with this standard. 

But not only the information about your patients will be safe. The personal data of your employees and that of your company will also be secured.  And everything is possible with the use of reliable medical CRM. The benefits and features of this type of software do not stop there. This is only the essential protection that a reliable CRM must be able to provide to your clinic. Beside it, there are many other ways through which this type of software can help your company grow faster. 

Features That a HIPAA Compliant Chat Should Have! 

There are many types of chats that can be found online. But not all of them have the features that clinics need. But there are 3 essential elements that a HIPAA compliant chat needs to have. They will improve the overall specs of your clinic to a point where your investment will seem to be too low in comparison with the returns that you will get. 

  • All internal communication in one platform. One of the features that a medical chat needs to have is the ability to bring all the conversations of your clinic in a single place. By doing this, you will be able to streamline all the communication in the clinic and increase the efficiency of your employees. Of course, not everyone will have access to every piece of information. 
  • Private groups with special access. You need to have the ability to create private groups with implemented access levels. Most of the time, this type of group is used for the leadership of the clinic. But it can also be used in larger clinics to not overcrowd a single chat. So, you can create different groups for different departments. This will keep efficiency high and prevent any negative results like missing important information. Without this feature, it will be very difficult for all the staff of your clinic to make proper use of the HIPAA software’s. Why? Because of the high amount of information that may prevent them from picking only the parts that they personally need. 
  • Sharing of information and medial documentary. Besides the normal chat activities that will take place. The ability to share patient information between your medics will increase the quality of the services provided by your clinic. Even while a patient is moving from a doctor to another one. They can share information about the patients. And prepare a better solution for him. Especially with the ability to transfer medical images and other medical documents. And this increase in the service quality will be noticed by your patients. As a result, most of them will surely use your services again if they need it in the future. 
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Benefits That Your Clinic Will Get from a HIPAA Software!

Clinic Will Get from a HIPAA Software

Well, now you know what features should a HIPAA software have. But what are the exact benefits that your clinic should expect from using it? As mentioned above, there are many benefits. Most of them have little effects. But they will compound in time and become noticeable. But there are 3 main benefits that you will be able to notice in a relatively short amount of time. The more and better use will you make of this type of software, the better the benefits that you get will be as well. 

  • More treated patients. The first noticed benefit will be an increase in the number of patients that your clinic will be able to take care of in a day. With the constant growth in the efficiency of your staff, the number of treatable patients will also grow. This will reduce the list of your clinic’s appointments. So, your patients will not need to wait for days or weeks to receive your clinic’s services. So, this software will help your staff to save more lives. 
  • Increased revenue. The second benefit that the HIPAA compliant chat will bring, and it is also easily seen, to your clinic is a constant increase in the profits. With the ability to treat a larger number of patients with no extra staff will also mean that the revenue and the profits of the clinic will increase. And although the goal of any clinic is to save lives and help their patients. But the financial reward must also exist to ensure that your clinic will continue to strive for improvement. And the revenue increase will provide you with the opportunity to accelerate the growth of your clinic through higher investments. 
  • Increased patient loyalty. A more efficient staff, together with the ability to instantly share information, will make your patients great, more taken care of. And these are the exact feelings that you want them to feel. Why? Because that is the reason that will make them return to your clinic next time when they will need medical services. Anyone will choose to go to a clinic where they feel safe and taken care of, then to one where they feel ignored.

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