5 Essential Tips for Improving Customer Experience

improving customer experience

Did you know that brands with great customer experiences generate more revenue? And we’re not talking a few extra sales. According to data, a better CX translates to 5.7 times more revenue!

If you’re not providing a great CX, your competition will. It’s time to shape up and ship out once and for all as we explore five great tips for improving customer experience.

1. Focus on Easing Pain Points

To make life easier for customers, you’ll have to think like one. Put yourself in their shoes and experience your customer journey firsthand.

You can use this experience to shape your CX approach in several ways.

First, how can you improve? Even if your CX is already strong, there are undoubtedly ways in which you can improve.

Next, examine whether your business is addressing the needs of your customer. Common CX pain points include poor customer service, slow website loading times, or confusing brick and mortar store layouts.

2. SOS: Send out Surveys

No matter how honest you and your team get about your CX, there will always be blind spots. That’s why it’s helpful to hear directly from those affected by your CX — the customers.

Send out surveys every few months to see how you and your team are living up to expectations. To generate the most effective results, make sure your survey is a mix of rating-based questions and open-ended questions that allow for more direct and elaborative feedback.

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3. Create and Post Engaging Content

Here’s the thing: your customers want to learn more about your products and brand. But if you don’t make it easy for them, they won’t bother looking for info.

Content is a fantastic way to keep customers interested in your latest offerings. You can use blog posts, social media, video, and more to further your branding while simultaneously serving your audience.

When creating content, ask yourself: “If I were a customer, would this content seem helpful?”

Another note: content aims to inform first and sell second. So don’t use your blog to simply post product information. Make it natural, organic, and entertaining.

Goaland has some great information about how your CX and product experience management needs to mesh. Check it out to see how you can weave their tips into your experience.

4. Accept That Things Will Go Wrong and Know How to Fix Them

The mere fact that you’re reading this article proves that you’re dedicated to a great CX. But it’s a harsh truth that at some point, things will go wrong and a customer will end up unhappy.

It’s up to you and your team to remedy the situation effectively. Train your team in the art of de-escalation and use a script to handle common complaints.

5. Keep Striving to Improve

Improving your CX is an ongoing process. While you should always aim to improve, don’t pat yourself on the back when you’re done implementing changes.

Instead, look to the future and think about how you can further refine the experience and better serve your customers.

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Improving Customer Experience Made Easy

There you have it, five tips for improving customer experience that you can implement with ease. Remember to always put yourself in your customers’ shoes and keep working toward your CX goals.

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