5 Tips to Choosing the Right CNC Machine for Businesses

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Streamlining the manufacturing process is more than just having a computer numerical control (CNC) machine. You need to make sure the CNC machine you have is right for the jobs.

If the CNC machine you buy fails to pass certain expectations, then the quality will suffer and the machine may become worn down.

Use these tips as a measuring stick to decide whether to buy a certain CNC machine. The smart purchase will save money and headaches in the future.

1. Know the Parts That Will Be Machined

Knowing the type of part that needs to be machined will greatly affect the purchasing choice. Most CNC machines can handle different types of materials, but the precision and quality may vary.

Don’t buy a CNC machine that can’t handle the rigors of titanium. You may break your machine on the first day.

2. Spare Parts

Do you feel you have found the perfect CNC machine for your business? Make sure there are spare parts readily available for it.

Regular maintenance and parts replacement is a normal part of owning a heavy piece of equipment. The cost of those spare parts will depend on the availability.

For example, foreign import cars are usually built with high-quality pieces. If the car is damaged or breaks, then it will cost the car owner a lot more money because of the rarity of those parts in America.

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Always check to see the supply levels of available parts in the United States is adequate.

3. Size and Weight of the CNC Machine

The dimensions of any equipment going into your factory or warehouse should be carefully examined. The weight is important to know because you want a sturdy machine that won’t fall apart after a few prints.

The size is important because you also have to factor in safety distance and walking space around the CNC machine. Work with your team to determine which machine will fit comfortably into the plant.

Don’t limit your options to brand new equipment. There are quality used CNC machines for sale that will save your budget.

4. Speed of Production

If you work in manufacturing, there’s a good chance your business revolves around tight deadlines.

Success depends on how fast you can print a part without problems. You want an efficient speed that doesn’t sacrifice quality or safety.

The CNC machine you buy should be able to turn out products without breaking down or needing rest time.

5. Similar Control Panels

A user-friendly control system that is similar to other CNC machines you’ve had before will save money and frustrations.

A familiar control panel means you won’t have to spend the resources to train your operators and managers. You may even cut down on the time of training new employees if it’s a simple system.

Make the Smart Investment

Buying a CNC machine for your plant is more than helping operations, you’re making a smart investment. Choosing the right machine will make everyone’s life easier.

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It’s crucial to use these tips to make that choice, or you could end up with a bag of headaches and a pile of wasted money.

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