Bullet journal ideas 2020 layouts what i can and can’t control

bullet journal ideas

If you are interested in getting organized, then bullet journal ideas will help you. In short, it’s also called bujo. It acts as a helpful planner and also as a one-part diary. It’s a journal that you can modify to your specific needs. For many users, it works as a stress reliever or as a one-part meditation. When there weren’t a lot of tools available, then bullet journals feature was an only way to maintain daily, monthly and yearly notes. You will surely love its ADD featuring at a time. bullet journal ideas

The best part of bullet journaling is its endless customization. It includes a range of options that can be as complex or as simple according to user preference.

Many creators and editors have explained its usefulness. It has makes their work much comfortable than before. In their opinion, it can focus on and figure out the way to make things a little bit better. The bullet journal has always emphasized on the function rather than its outlook. For the user, the important thing is its usefulness. And in this whole article, I have written down the importance of some useful bullet journal ideas, what to include, and what don’t. And this overall article will help any beginner. 

At first, you have to emphasize the matter of what you can do. Again, in your bullet journal book, you should have some important things related to your lifestyle. This includes meals, recipes, shopping, chore works, cleaning notes, and daily cleaning and to-do list. I have pointed out the topics for your better understand. Theses overall layouts will inspire you to work on you’re planning.

Here are some most effective ideas for making your perfect bullet journal-

Start with a weekly layout:

It’s better to start with a weekly layout if you are a beginner. But try to make it simple rather than making it complex. And after experimenting with different weekly layouts, you will find bullet journals have helped you a lot. It keeps data of your lifestyles only by using a small ruler or a straight edge or a quality pen.

Note down your monthly utility bills:

More often, we forget to pay our necessary bills at the right time. So, keep track of a page as your monthly layout that will be quite easy to look back for further purpose. It also estimates the overall bill for the future as these bills tend to fluctuate with the seasons.

You’ll also be able to write down the issues that you notice and can be easily fixed. For example, if you see a significant and unexpected note in your water bill in one month, then checking to your bujo will notify if there are any water leaks or not.

Date tracking

For many people using a phone or Facebook app can be much helpful to remind birthdays and holidays. But this layout in bullet journals has a permanent impact on minds. It is one of the most useful layouts for many users. Now you will never forget to buy a gift again with this adorable birthday tracker. For that, you have to adjust the size or number of balloons to fit more birthdays in a given month. Again you can change to costume the number of months you need, and it doesn’t take much time to complete. So, the fact is that the act of writing out the dates help to memorize things better than apps. And you can look back many times throughout the year.

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Your Mealtime tracker:

Do you miss your meal and forget taking medicine I right time? Then here you will find a perfect solution. As we all know, a little meal planning keeps you from panicking over what’s for dinner. Bullet journals will also help you to make a proper schedule for your dining time. Again if anyone is trying to lose weight for a healthier lifestyle rather than poor eating habits, they need to take a break and should maintain a bujo. For most people doing something breaking routine isn’t simple. For that, I strongly made up your mind. It will help with some form of responsibility as well as a visual reminder.

Track your Moods with color:

It’s a good feature of bullet journals. Mood trackers also track your feelings and notify how you feel and which makes you sad and happy. By using this layout, you can track your moods also by coloring them. It’s important to recognize your changing period with notes. Choose some color that will signify your Moods, such as blue for sad, red for anger, or yellow for a happy mood. You can also track your moods throughout the month, especially for women, because women’s menstrual periods can be noted down according to their modes. This is so much helpful for any woman. 

Help to make your annual goals

Bullet journals are helpful to write down your top goals. Goal layouts will help to practice some more advanced writing. For that, start your page with three semi-circles using a compass. Then choose one of your favorite inspirational quotes. Then last but not least choice some simple flower-patterned or symmetrical doodles to notify your circles. Yearly or even lifetime goals are so much helpful for any user. Now it’s time to sit down and spend some time thinking about what you want to work in the year 2020. This will help to decide your goal. Try to represent it in an artistic feature. Thus you will be more likely to look at it too.

Keep track of savings goals: 

When you have one or two bank accounts, it’s not easy to save money. Maybe you want to spend on something else, but due to proper management, you miss that thing. But, this bullet journal layout creates different lists for the savings of your money. As an example, when you work hard to take a trip abroad, you won’t like to buy an expensive dress that’s not your basic need. In this case, you would like to save some money concerning your upcoming trips. That’s how bullet journals work.

TV Show Tracker:

It’s the golden age of the TV show period. So it’s important to follow some tricks to keep track of your watch history.

By using this layout of the bullet journal, you will get a handle on your view schedule. For this feature, you don’t have to find out your previous episode. You can easily find out which episode you have just finished. Is it not is so much helpful? It’s also many users friendly for any user. And now you don’t have to worry about your missed episode.

Note down the storage of food and drinks:

In these layouts, you can add a lot of things and note down some things as there is a lot of stuff that we have to store in the fridge and sleeves. You can note down these things in bullet journals that will save time when things you have to find out.

Helpful for practicing your drawing skills:           

Once you get basic layouts perfectly, then you can set your comfort zone. Work on some more advanced doodles that you want to practice. 

There are tons of inspiration pages and tutorials that are helpful. These will show how to form certain shapes and symbols.

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Help to find out your odd habits:

It’s so much helpful that people have got many benefits by using this. bullet journal ideas

There are plenty of smartphone apps that will remind you of the things of drinking water or more. But the act of using pen and paper is a more effective method than many apps.

Planning for the next adventure:

Traveling is a spontaneous experience for many people. So by using a bullet journal, you can make a proper plan. For that, create a layout and fix all the places that you love to see. You can also include the things that you like to do.

Help to make a cleaning routine: 

Many ones forget cleaning. So bullet journals will help you. For that first, you have to practice a habit of cleaning in a day. Then figure out the easy tasks and chart them out. Keep your plan realistic to make the most of this layout. This will point out your cleaning faults and make an annual and monthly schedule.  

Organize more efficiently for dinner parties: 

By using bullet journals, you can plan for your dinner parties. What to cook, how to cook, how to maintain your cooking utensils. This all will help you to organize a well-managed party than before.

Make a layout with Chefs detail:  

If you want to invite guests and spend quality time, then it’s better to find out a chef rather than cooking yourself. But for this at first, you have to choose a renowned and well cook or chef. For this, it’s beneficial to list the name of chefs with their signature recipes. Then you can choose among these chefs that will full fill by your requirements.

Expressing a way for your gratitude:

Bullet journals also help to express your gratitude. 

It’s a courtesy for anyone that one should maintain. Showing gratitude is a recommended way to keep our mental health in a good state. Because it brings our awareness of details and helps to build good relations, it also promotes a positive mood. By using this layout, the total gratitude process can be noted down in your bullet journals. This will impact on your overall personality.


  1. What the main things I have to include in bullet journals?

Some things are essential for bullet journals, such as- The daily spread, your goals, a budget, Reading books, Habit tracker, quote page, birthday list, and daily, weekly and monthly affirmatives.

  1. Is bullet journals really helpful?

Yes, if you make it properly. You have to make it a flexible planner system. It will be adapted to suit anyone’s needs. These will save a waste of time and will help to organize your life.

  1. How will I make an innovative bujo?

Maximize the bullet journals, make monthly page layouts, and log monthly utility bills, food habits.

  1. How many months does a bullet journal last?

For many people, it lasts for 6-12 months and many 12-24 months. It mainly depends on your activity.

What to avoid while making a bullet journal:

If you have already started, then here I’m giving some tips that you should avoid to continue your bullet journey. These will help to improvise your bujo, and you will get the most outcome of it. These are as follows- 

  • You don’t have a purpose as to why I want to start a bullet journal: To start a journal, you don’t have to find a suitable time or a reason, but anyone needs to be an organizer. 
  • Don’ make it complex: Simple bullet journals will be easy to handle. Even it can’t be so lucrative, but your plan and note should have to be clear. 
  • Don’t add many goals as a beginner: If you add many layouts, then it will be difficult to maintain properly and find out the right things in an emergency. So at first, start with your basic things. 
  • Don’t compare with other bullet journals: It will make you hopeless by losing your interest.  
  • Don’t lose hope if you miss anything: It’s common for anyone. So don’t be upset if you miss anything.
  • Your goals don’t have to be based on a month: Set your goal at first weekly. Then set it as monthly and yearly. But if you set your plans yearly at first, then it will be tough to maintain.  

Now, why to make a delay? Let’s make a proper bullet journal by using all these tips and tricks. Bullet journals not only will save time but will also make you a good organizer. If you can maintain it properly, then you will get the best outcome. As now we have become addicted to apps, then using a bullet journal will increase your creativity and have a great impact on your permanent memory. bullet journal ideas


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