Blog post ideas for beginners: 10 YouTube Channels

Blog post ideas for beginners

On social media, what is more, likened by users are videos. Now people want to see movable videos rather than still pictures, especially at Tubular. YouTube lovers always strive for monthly new editions of leaderboards. As per the stats of YouTube viewers, ten favorite channels among all have been recorded who have made more than 9.9 billion total views in just one month. As this business has become viral and people are earning enough, so many others are also trying to open up a blog. Even many of them have tried too. No doubt, many people have succeeded in building up a successful channel and not only a medium but a significant source of income. So have to know Blog post ideas for beginners every blogger.

This task is not as easy as it seems like, instead it took a lot of patience, time, hard work, efforts, determination as well as basic knowledge to initiate. By seeing the level of the difficulty, many bloggers have broken out prior to reaching their goals. But don’t get disheartened! There are numerous other ways, as well. Here we have compiled some critical YouTube channels that can guide you regarding blogging experience and can even open ways of earning money.

Blog post ideas for beginners

Blog post ideas for beginners ten youtube channels:


There was a time when they were inactive on YouTube, and users don’t want to subscribe to them. Yet they already have enough videos which are quite interesting and relevant, which does not let them lose their existing subscribers. This example shows the worth of blog experience.

  1. Ms. Ileane Speaks
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Ms. Ileane, who is an SEO expert along with blogging experience and podcast creation, is helping people via videos since 2009. Series of videos were uploaded regarding different topics like Google Chrome extensions, social media, etc. you can gain additional knowledge and  Blog post ideas for beginners by visiting her website through Basic Blog Tips.


Since David Risley of Blog Marketing Academy is going viral in the passage of time, David s acquired it as a full-time job, and so he generated 6 figure income. According to David, anyone can generate money through proper usage of tools and approaches.

  1. MyBlogGuest

It is the best guidance for those who are looking for only guest blogging or inviting guest authors to post on their website. MyBlogGuest will provide all the necessary tips for guest blogging. This Channel you use to make an Effective Buy Guest Blog post ideas for beginners.

For Bloggers, By Bloggers

Although there are only 13 videos, yet they are quite exciting and deliver quick advice regarding the most important topics, especially for a modern blogger. You can say it’s a pool of knowledge about how to use social media sites such as Pinterest, in a proper manner. It gives experience about adding Google Analytics to your site or generating trending topics. This Channel is more popular to get Unique Blog post ideas for beginners.

  1. 2 Create a Website

Lisa, who is the owner of this Channel, is the famous, professional blogger who teaches the worth of setting aim rather than merely making a site. She teaches the ways of turning it into a profitable business. She actively uploads videos so that the line of knowledge she wants to deliver must not break.

  1. your blogger
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It deals with the tutorials of different courses like general blogging, WordPress, Camtasia, and Thesis themes. Though they do not seem active for the last eight months, the existing videos cannot be ignored.

ProBlogger Blog Tips

Darren Rowse, the owner of ProBlogger, has made various videos on the basis of his expertise about professional blog owners. The videos are consist of mind maps, money-making tips, and affiliate marketing, as well as case studies. His Channel has enough worth to be subscribed though he does not post videos frequently.

  1. WordPress & Blogging Tips

Definitely, you won’t bother to skip any latest news regarding WordPress. Nowadays, it among the hot topics around social networking. So you can imagine the worth of this Channel. The videos will teach you regarding features, plugins, coming changes, How To Run Android Apps on Windows, themes, and so on. Plus, it provides learning intermediary to advanced Word Press tools.

  1. BlogYourPassion

Basically, it is related to promote Blog post ideas for beginners how-to-run-android-apps-on-windows/. Videos help the blogger to create their own website from the point of view of following their thirsts. So it is best for beginners who don’t have much knowledge of this field. They discuss certain topics like finding post topics, finding royalty-free images, generating traffic, increasing reader interaction, and many others.


So YouTube can be proved to be a money-making websites, particularly for bloggers if they buy YouTube views. All you need to do is to use accurate tools in the most accurate ways to turn this opportunity into a profitable business.

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