Best Offline iPhone Games [Updated 2019]

best offline iPhone games

Since we are kids, we love games, and we love to have fun. If you cannot jump in puddles every day, we can, however, download some applications to have fun with friends. That said, there are millions of games on iTunes, and it will be hard to try to find the ones we like the most. That’s why I suggest you discover our selection of the best offline iPhone games to free download. Some are undoubtedly some of the best games in the world, and others less known are likely to interest you.

There are Apple games for all tastes and all needs, so you find the rounds of the moment, but also games without connection or drinking games that could liven up your evenings. Happy reading!

best offline iPhone games

The best offline iPhone games to download:

Super Mario Run

Super mario Run 1

Find the most famous plumber in this game that will delight both the youngest and oldest nostalgic. As always, Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach, and as always Mario throws herself body and soul into the adventure to try to save her. There are several challenges. It will rebuild the kingdom with the help of many Toads that must impress. In the standard game mode, Mario runs continuously. 

Finally, we only touch the screen to jump, but the graphics are great, and the action excellent. There is also a dual-mode where you have to do better and collect more gold coins than other players. It’s a perfect game, but unfortunately, only the first levels are free. Then you will have to download the complete one of the best offline iPhone games. That said, it’s cheap for such a good match.


Bacon Escape

Do not let this poor little cute pig serve as a meal. Help him escape and find a calmer life. The goal is to escape from captivity during a thrilling and colourful adventure. The kidnappers are chasing you on many levels, and the sets are cold. It will avoid all obstacles, and you will make new friends throughout the adventure.

You can then choose your character, among many contenders, such as the disco pig or the pig hot dog seller. We always stay on rails, and a simple touch on the screen to change the rails. It’s easy to understand, but not always easy to do. In any case, it’s addictive and hilarious. A perfect game that has been in the ranking of the best offline iPhone games in 2016, and he deserves it!


Fight List

Fight List

Do you want to prepare for Question for a Champion or for who wants to make millions? Then this application should interest you. It’s a pretty well-designed answer question game that lets you face your friends or strangers anywhere on the planet. There are more than 1000 themes and endless questions.

We learn from our mistakes through revelations, and so we progress and increase our general culture. Will you answer all the questions, are you smarter than average? Will you answer all the questions, are you smarter than average? The healthier you are, the more you will meet big players. Warm up the brain! It’s your turn to show them who the boss is!


Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures

All platform gaming fans love Rayman! This strange little being whose head, arms and legs do not touch the body, has been the happiness of players for over 20 years, and it is not about to stop. This opus plunges us into the heart of the enchanted forest, where we will find the ancestral eggs that have just been stolen and are scattered around the world. 

It’s a game of action but also exploration, where it will be necessary to search and collect the Incredible to release their power. The graphics are really beautiful, and the gameplay excellent. The connectionless game is also quite long, which is perfect when you go on a trip, and you have no right to Wi-Fi. Rayman Adventures is without a doubt one of the best offline iPhone games on today, me in Any way I love it!


Tiny Archers

If you liked Angry Birds, then you’ll love Tiny Archers!

Tiny Archers

The graphics are really nice and the gameplay super nice. It will defend our kingdom against the hordes of goblins and other trolls who want to devastate. To do this, our bow and our arrows in hand, it will fight level after level to find peace. There are four different stories, with a total of 130 chapters.

You can also change the level of difficulty to make the game more interesting. So much to tell you that you will have many hours of play in front of you. For over 18s, you can allow full mode, with blood, exploding bodies and kill cams. It’s a little more gore, and not necessarily unpleasant to relax a little. A superb game as we would like to see more often!


Uphill Rush

Uphill Rush

It is a runner, but it takes place on beautiful water slides. Ride a buoy, a bath, a dolphin or a dolphin and rush the drops as long as possible by performing more incredible stunts than the others. The levels are numerous, and there are many courses, but even better, it is possible to build your circuits and offer them to other players.

The possibilities are endless, and it’s a perfect thing. Do you think you can reach the top of the world or will you drink the cups from the first meters? Go on this wet and slippery adventure to win as much diamond as possible. Again, it’s a very addictive and best offline iPhone game, if you have work late this game is not recommended.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne

More than 200 million players and a unanimous press, Asphalt 8 is one of the best car games on smartphone and tablet. With beautiful graphics and exceptional gameplay, it is a must for fans of the genre. Four hundred career races, 1500 challenges, 140 cars and 40 circuits, you will need some time to complete this fabulous game.

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You do not need a connection to ride like mad on virtual roads, and when you have a bit of Wi-Fi, we can compare our times with those of our friends or the best players in the world. If you like car games and racing, then you must absolutely try this Free best offline iPhone games. The sensations are really part of it, and we always want to finish first!


Freeze The escape:

Freeze The escape

In this game, you have to move the world around a ball to find the exit. It will be necessary to play traps and especially the gravity to reach the end of each level. The atmosphere is rather dark but elegant, and the little music of the game plunges us into darkness finally rather relaxing.

This best offline iPhone games without a connection are friendly. There are about 40 levels which offer a long enough life to this little game. You will have to control the laws of physics to get to the end and end up escaping. Your reflexes will also be put to contribution, and it will be necessary to concentrate to the maximum to pass some levels where your skill will be put to challenging tests. A superb and addictive game as we like them.


Tank Wars

Tank Wars:

This is the best tank game among the multitude offered in the Apple store. This best offline iPhone game is a free video game, And download on iPhone and iPad promise you epic battles with your opponents. 2 modes available “Play” with 12 challenging levels and the classic but useful “Survival” mode. The goal is simple; you must eliminate as many opponents as possible on three battlefields: “Military Base”, “City” or “Airport”. It’s up to you to make the powder speak and have your attackers bite into the dust in Tank Wars, a top video game!


Alcohol and evening games with friends:

best offline iphone games

Drink roulette

An application among Drink roulettethe most downloaded in France known for its epic and uncontrollable parties! Fun and action, in this super friendly and free best offline iPhone games in the world. The Drink Roulette makes you live in a casino, you turn the roulette and go, the application takes care of everything! No need to think, the game does it for you. This cool game for phone and tablet is a MUST HAVE for all revellers who respect each other. Since 2016, this best offline iPhone games to download and playable without an internet connection allows people around the world to break the ice in the evening and often more if affinity.




This is probably one of the craziest drinking games of the moment. There are actions to be carried out such as “the one to the left of the one who read this sentence must drink three sips”, or “the one who has never seen a single Star Wars inflicts three sips to whoever he wants”, and one also finds questions like “give the title of a song of Celine Dion each in your turn, the one who does not answer must drink two sips”. 

Sometimes for no reason, the app will order an ass-dry to one or two people, or tell a participant to turn around for a few minutes. In short, everything is possible with this application, and that’s why it is hilarious. There is also a team mode to try to boo the team in front, in short, it’s funny, offbeat and in principle, we are thirsty after a few minutes of play.


Party Games: Drinking Wheel:

Drinking Wheel

It is simply a wheel with 22 positions and each of them will give you the opportunity to drink or drink a participant. It’s a game to drink as we like, very simple and allows to be drunk in less time than it takes to say. This application stands out from others thanks to accurate graphics and good fluidity. Nothing too good, but it is the happiness of many friends who love when the game does not drag too long. Because yes, with this infernal wheel, we usually drink quickly and even very quickly. Ideal if you want the evening turns to fun very quickly. Give the keys to your car to a trusted friend before you start playing because you will not be able to drive after a few minutes of play.


Drinking games for party / Game of alcohol for an aperitif

Want a little madness for the cocktail party tonight? Funny laughs to no end? With this free Apple application, the thermometer will indicate tropical temperatures from the first laps. It contains 3 different modes and can accept up to 6 players. This game of alcohol is simple and effective, and it guarantees you festive aperitifs, beautiful memories of friends or couples but also (perhaps) a difficult future.

Fun games zone:



 It is an application that allows you to take portrait photos and modify them at will. We can make ourselves more monstrous and especially funnier. The faces are deformed, which will inevitably laugh your friends in the evening. Take pictures without saying anything to them and show them the result, they will pretend not to recognize each other, but they will have to make the idea. This very easy to use application is perfect for those who like to sleep a little, and especially for those who do not take themselves seriously. It only takes a few seconds to make all your friends laugh, and that’s the point. A few beers and Stupidizer and the evening is already rather successful. Now This best offline iPhone games Stupidizer Download as below Link.


Truth or Dare 2017: Truth or Dare 2017

The mobile application market Action or Verity is very competitive, difficult to get an idea of this multitude of choices. With the team, we decided to refer you to the new trends in 2017. This action or truth that is also played as a couple has recently undergone a redesign of its interface that is very pleasant! In the program 4 modes: “Classic”, “Naughty”, “Couple” and “Hardcore” for daring games and hots wages and a successful evening with friends or couples.

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I never:

I never

This game between friends will allow you to discover some secrets unacknowledged by your loved ones. Be careful, yours too may be revealed. The principle is simple, by typing on the screen, one triggers a sentence, for example, “I never made love in a public place”. All those who have already done must drink a sip of alcohol. So it’s a drinking game, but it can be played without alcohol, adding a pledge instead of sip. The questions are numerous and sometimes very surprising. You might see some friends blush and maybe you’ll detect some lies. It is really a very nice application and best offline iPhone games to spend a good evening with his friends. This game is, however, to avoid with his in-laws, unless they have an open-mindedness very above average …


Who of you:

Who of you

This atmosphere game will allow you to reveal some secrets, but especially to spend a great time with your friends and to room a little. Attention, it is also possible that you make room more than the others. This application is designed for real friends who do not take themselves seriously. The principle is simple, by tapping on the screen, a question appears: “Which of you will be ready to eat your poop to win 100 €? Or “Which of you would die first in a horror movie?” “Or” who of you hates his ex but would not be a leg part in the air with him? ” Participants then choose which of the best matches the description. The questions are funny and there is no risk of discomfort. Now Download best offline iPhone games “Who of You!”


Puzzle games/strategy:

Geo Globe 3D QuizA free game super nice! Thousands of cities to find in more than 40 countries! Explore the land and end the uneasy moments when you are asked where is the state of Washington in the US or the city of Bespangle in France. With Geo Globe Quiz 3D, we learn while having fun. You find a lot of similar application on the blinds Apple or Google but this one in 3D and really nice and fun. You can rotate and zoom easily on the globe with your finger. Download now this best offline iPhone games that requires no internet connection and challenges your friends.


Heros Academy:

Heros Academy

 This turn-based game is very strategic but especially particularly addictive and enjoyable. It will use his brain to overcome your opponents. In a world of capes and swords where magic is the order of the day, humans, elves, and goblins fight a bitter battle where only the best will be rewarded. The game boards vary as well as the opponents and it will thus be necessary to adapt quickly to the ground as to the enemy. Dialogues are possible directly with the opponent to add some pressure to the game. This is not a recent application, but it still remains at the best offline iPhone games top of downloads and especially the number of users. When we start, we can not stop, and the success of this game is easily understood after the first games. Be strategist and skilful!


Quiz It 2016 – Brain your friends! Brain your friends

A nice and free video game, ideal to release the pressure after a long day of work. Super easy to use and intuitive, this game for tablet and iPhone is part of our mobile TOP. In this game are best offline iPhone games, connect to Facebook and come to challenge friends or random opponents in 8 categories: “Geography”, “Mathematics”, “Sport”, “World”, “Nature”, “Science”, “Entertainment” “,” Art “. Expect to learn about all subjects, practice to shine in society!

Download – Coinche and belote:

I think everything is in theCoinche and belote title! Find your good old best offline iPhone games of belote or coinche and play with other lovers of this card game which is perhaps at the other end of the planet. This completely free multiplayer game is one of the best belote apps available on the internet. With more than 200,000 players each day, monthly tournaments, and especially progressive tables to join you to stronger players, you will not be bored. The game is fluid, the cards are easy to read, and you can chat with other players. For all levels, and for all ages, this belote application is really designed to have the most fun while continuing to progress.


Clash of clans:

Clash of clans

Above 22 is the best offline iPhone games but last 3 are The online game. Build your little village. Initially, it is a haven of peace with the blue sky and green grass … Then goblins appear and seek to plunder your resources and shave your village. We understand quickly that the world is at war and that we will have to protect ourselves in the best way. Then the fighting rages online. We attack another village and we are also attacked. The goal of the game is to gain resources to build a bigger village and increase the power of our troops. Clan battles can be organized, epic battles can be seen with dozens of villages clashing with each other. This very nice little game is the happiness of millions of players around the world, and improvements are regularly proposed.


Clash Royale:

Clash Royale

Are you looking for a simple and above all highly addictive strategy game? So Clash Royale is obviously the game you need. You collect cards that represent troops that you can summon in a medieval arena. He must judiciously place his cards and pay attention to his elixir to be victorious. It’s a real-time game where you face another player directly online. There are really few games as addictive as this one. Especially since Supercell, the company behind the game keeps creating new cards. We can compose original decks to fight our enemies. In addition, there are games in teams or rather in “clan”, really great. It does not cost anything to try, and I think you will not regret the experience.


Pokemon Go:

Even if some players start to get tired, Pokémon Go remains one of the best games of the moment. Hunt little magic beings are now possible in real life. For this, you need a smartphone and tPokemon Gohe application Pokémon Go. We walk and the street in search of Pokémon ever rarer. It is augmented reality, that is to say, we see the Pokémon in real life thanks to the camera of our iPhone. If you are near the water, to a beach or a waterfall then you will find water-type Pokémon, if you are in the mountains or in the desert, then it will be fire or ice type Pokémon, etc. It will be necessary to train them and help them to evolve, then to make some fights by means of areas which are necessarily close to you.