7 iPhone free apps download : That Are Worth A Try

iPhone free apps download

With thousands of iPhone free apps download available on the app store. It gets quite challenging to choose the best ones out of all. That can also be as productive as you may like. Obviously, you want to choose the right ones that can make your iPhone X experience worthwhile. And, when choosing some new apps, you’d want to be safe by going for the free options. So, here we’ve listed top 7 iPhone free apps download that you should try this year and make the most of your iPhone experience.

1. Clarity Money:

It’s a free iPhone app which is the best manager for your personal finances. With Clarity Money, you get clear insights into your finances and will be able to save money, spend it smartly, plan the budget and track all your spending along with many other things that it allows you to do right from your iPhone.

It’s really easy to use and just requires you to link the app to your bank accounts and cards while it does all the analysis for your spending habits and identifies opportunities where you can be able to save a buck. Besides, it also alerts you about any subscriptions that you may not already be using and allows you to set up a budget for keeping track of where your money is going. You can also set your savings goals within the app and simply set up your instructions for the app to put a particular amount from your account into savings.

2. Buffer:

iPhone free apps download

It’s a wonderful app of listed 7 iPhone free apps download, that allows users to post or share pages easily to different accounts on social media at preset schedules. Remember, however, the free version only gives you access to just one account for each social network.

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So, it really is a fantastic app for business and media types who usually use analytics for finding out the best times for

 publishing their Facebook updates and tweets on Twitter. Several solid posting times can be set up and your updates get in the queue automatically for next window.

3. Find My Friends:

The app is great for actually stalking your friends. Well, it received a make-over after iOS 7 was released and you get it automatically if your device is on iOS 9 or above. So, if you want to keep a check on your friends or, maybe, whereabouts of your wife or just want to ensure that you never find yourself and your dad partying at the same famous pub downtown, you’d definitely find this app a great tool for yourself. It comes completely for free and you can download it anytime on your device. But if you’re on the latest iOS versions then just don’t worry, the app is already there and you can find it in iPhone free apps download Apps section to start using right away.

4. Cloak VPN:

If you are in a habit to use Wi-Fi at public places even after knowing the potential risks, you should better have Cloak VPN to back you. It keeps you protected against any potential Cyber attacks. It also keeps you safe when you browse through unsecured websites. Even though it comes for free, you can also upgrade to a paid version for $2.99 monthly subscription at least.

5. 1Blocker:

It’s a perfect ad blocker app for your new iPhone and every Safari user should go for it as their first priority. The app takes advantage of the ad blocker features in iOS and doesn’t feature anything like ‘acceptable ads’. There are around 50000 blocker rules, that are built into this wonderful app and can be helpful in blocking ads and offering a quicker browsing experience. All your settings can be synced over to iCloud. Its really very good app of top listed 7 iPhone free apps download.


If you want something to relax in your leisure time, go to Lake. It’s a coloring book app that works for kids as well as adults. There are free illustrations in the app that allow users to color every day. New illustrations can be unlocked and colored with different coloring tools such as a watercolor brush.


If you want an alternative to the popular WhatsApp messaging application that gives you even better features, Signal should be your choice. It’s a free app that offers a perfect all-in-one solution for your messaging needs with end-to-end encryption. The app allows you to do everything be it making voice calls, sending media attachments or anything else you may like.

So, pick one of these great iPhone free apps downloads and make the most of your latest iPhone X this year!

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