iPod touch 1st generation: is it worth the hype or just a hoax?

iPod touch 1st generation


Why would you need an iPod touch 1st generation? Everybody knows the flex of an iPhone mirror selfie.Obviously, that logo has a respective fanbase. But if you don’t have the money what happens then? Or you don’t want to waste half of your day on social media. But would love to indulge on your favourite Rihanna song and facetime your girlfriend stuck in this lockdown? Or simply you don’t want the Internet to take complete charge of your kid yet. No worries, Apple has got you covered. They represent the iPod touch 1st generation to give you an extraordinary experience without much of cost, both money and time. So let’s get to know about this game changer in brief.

What Is an iPod?

We introduced iPod as a music and multimedia player for better user experience with sound and picture quality. It was also compatible with MAC and PC. Officially iTunes software was used to maintain the playlist. It was launched first 18 years ago, on 23rd September of 2001. Creating history, they sold 390 million units until December 2014. This ” walkman of the twenty-first century ” dominated the 90% market of hard-drive-based players and 70% of all types. After this successful engineering venture, with several up-gradation as classic, nano and shuffle, we introduced the iPod touch 1st generation to the world. Let’s get to know about the specifications of iPod touch 1st generation for a better understanding.

Basics OF iPod Touch 1st Generation 

Here is the basic makeup iPod touch 1st generation by Apple and manufactured by Foxconn. Obviously, before buying something you need to be sure of what you’re signing up for. These will help you to get a better insight.iPod touch 1st generation was launched back in September 2007. It was the first iPod to get a sleek design ( 8 mm) with touch screen and multi-user interface. Also, 

Screen : 3.5″ TFT

Native resolution : 320*480 ( 163 PPI) 

Screen to body ratio: 3:2

OS : ios 1.0 ( preinstalled) , maximum 3.1.3

Processor: Samsung ARM processor, though it shifted to their processing system in further updates.

Memory: 128 MB RAM

Storage: It was launched in 2 necessary storage variety of 8 GB and 16 GB in 2007. But 32gb storage was added to the line in 2008. 

Battery:iPod touch 1st generation is supported by lithium-ion batteries that give an

Audio time: 22 hours and 

Video playback time: 5 hours. 

Connectivity : wifi only ( 802.11 g/b) 

Support: USB transfer and charging via the headphone jack. But to share a video, you need an ” Apple authentication ” chip included device. We use a lighting cable. . 

Upgradability: No physical up-gradation is possible. Authorized personnel advise buying a newer version. 

External speaker: not available 

Exterior finish: black front, chrome black. 

Exchange value : 299 $ (8gb) 

399$ (16 gb)


Advantages Of iPod Touch 1st Generation 

We live in a world full of options,and competition. So if someone brings up a product on the market already having a fair amount of alternatives, the first thing clicks us, “why”? What are the exclusive qualities this brand is offering? Why should you invest here?  To help you with the query, these might help : 


iPods were designed to give users a better experience of music, sound and colours. So they enjoy a little better screen having 163 megapixels per inch on the contrary of 160 megapixels on iPhones. 

Though the iPod touch 1st generation bass is not quite robust.  You can store as much as 1000 songs. 

It basically can be used as an essential iPhone. It lacks some necessary and essential software and hardware options, but you can get most of the job done nicely.

The best part, it is within budget. So being in the club has never been this easy. Steve jobs have quoted this as ” a training wheel for the iPhone “. We all know ios interface can be pretty confusing and tough to adapt for newbies and elders. That could be a better option. Kids growing up listening to Linkin park on an iPod are more likely to love the iPhone when they grow up.

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If you are a professional and have been wasting half the day on the Internet doing nothing productive, this is for you. Getting rid of Internet addiction is severe. Having a phone with one-click access to the world makes it more challenging. But if we try complete isolation, boredom takes over us every time. the iPod touch 1st generation can solve it. You’re getting music, favourite photos, videos without any external disturbance. What more perfect leisure needs! Though you can’t use cellular data, you can facetime whoever you want over the wifi.

Disadvantages Of iPod Touch 1st Generation 

There’s no doubt Apple has put down the best creation line over the years. But obviously, there is some backdrop even in this technology. It can’t be ignored. For a fair review, it is imperative to know both the pros and cons. So, below stated facts are some disadvantages of

iPod touches 1st generation that you might want to recheck before jumping in :

It doesn’t come with any camera ( front or back). So in this era of click and post, this thing ain’t handy. But you can store your precious images via USB.

iPod touch 1st generation Doesn’t use cellular data. So if you’re out somewhere public, ought to use the unsafe wifi connection to stay connected. 

.It was created for a better screen experience, but for today the resolution is a bit outdated. 

.It doesn’t have any inbuilt 

iPod touch 1st generation lacks a touch id that denies faster access. 

No face id. It means less specific security protocol. 

Also, it doesn’t have the 3D touch for real-time synchronization. 

No GPS. It can’t help you with the viewfinder.

Last but not least, how much we try to ignore, we live in a world where being connected means a lot. Not only chit chat or photo sharing, likes, comments. These social media influences millions to have a newer, better life and sometimes help with income and popularity, living the best experience too. But the iPod touch 1st generation lacks inbuilt support to connect to any of the apps mentioned. A great example of a two-edged sword if we say right?

Despite having some disadvantagesiPod touch outweighed it successfully. The first generation got discontinued in 2010.


Wait, iPod OR iPad? 

Apple drops its product line with unique everything. Be it custom colour, screen size or logo and operating system. But most importantly, they’ve created a brand name. Every gadget of Apple starts up with it. Be it iPad, iPhone or iPad. So what is this iPad thing now? Ipad is basically the tablet computer version. It is an iPod and many more. 

The more updated version we can say. It has both wi- fi and cellular connectivity which was a significant backdrop of iPods. Plus it gives you Bluetooth tech, GPS monitoring and basic iPhone features. All in one. But it’s more massive, heavier and more costly. So if you are confused between these two tight lines, I hope these data will help you to make a decision. Both are obviously different in their actions and purpose. It depends on your demand, whether you need a full pack performance or prefers a more specific option for each.

iPhone 1st Generation  VS iPod Touch 1st Generation 

Well, technically, this comparison doesn’t stand much of a chance. Because beforehand we already said,iPods are limited support. More of a classic choice for leisure and hobby. On the other side, iPhones are a compact eligibility of modern life. .The small metal body has got you covered in all aspects. Be it calling, texting, web surf, social media swag maintenance or project handling. the iPhone has it all. But here, the cost is a significant issue. 

Therefore, iPhones ain’t cheap. Nor it’s easy to adapt with the continuously upgrading next-gen technology. Already we know the basic features of iPod 1st generation. If we compare the specifications of the iPhone released in the same year, 2007 it’d be easier to get a clear view. To know what exactly we want for our dollars. Meanwhile, if it is worth it or not. So let’s jump into this:

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 iPhone 1 Offers You

The iPhone 1 / 1 st generation also came out in 2007. With this ” apple reinvented phone “. Though Apple discontinued it the next year, in 2008 and support ended in 2010. It was a piece of art. The device offered,

OS: iPhone os 1.0, last supported 3.1.3

Storage: 4/8/16 GB flash memory.

Battery:1400 mAH

Input: multi-touch interface


Proximity sensor


Display: 320*480 resolution in an LCD monitor with 163 PPI.

Connectivity: cellular network, 2G. Which in their successors is upgraded in subsequent 3G and 4G. 

. Wifi

. Bluetooth

. USB 

Who Won This Tug Of War? 

The iPhone brought a new era in the cell phone world. With a multi touch screen interface, it rendered the user to type something directly on the screen. It was in a time where stylus pen, keyboard and mouse were the norm. sThis helped Apple to take over the market within no time. The market price for iPhone 1 with four GB storage was 499$ and eight GB for 599$.

That’s why the price comes with a massive range of benefits and newer facilities. Also, It can provide a better communication and productivity limit. So if budget isn’t a problem and you’re an adult, here is not much of a contradiction. In a nutshell,  the iPhone first clearly wins over iPod touch 1st generation.

So now comes the question, why, and howiPod is sustaining the market rush throughout the years? A bit analysis on marketing strategy reviews would help to know more about this.

How iPod Touch 1st Generation Maintained Market Acceptability? 

You’ll be thinking how this device from the past, and it’s upgrading version, kept coming out. How did these iPod touch 1st generation take over the market solely? Here comes the answer, ” the insight of apple business policy and specific demographic values “.

Obviously, we can say that the biggest target of iPod touch 1st generation is youth.13 years ago this portable, dedicated music player was the coolest of accessories. It was kind of a status symbol for everyone.

Then comes the underage consumers. Children, school going kids. Who right now doesn’t need an iPhone or careful parents. Who doesn’t want their kids to get access to the whole Internet, destroying childhood? What could be more suitable to balance than a brand new iPod touch 1st generation?

On further generations, iPod touch has access to several hooking games. You can access it all with just a small monthly payment.

Need a controller for Apple tv?iPod touch has your back.

You’re a newbie ios app developer. But you are confused about how to test-run it before publishing? Everybody knows you got a MAC for it. But the fact here is, you don’t have enough money to invest in an iPhone or MacBook? 

Get an iPod touch. Just on 199$, you’re getting a fantastic interface. Good luck with your new slaying app.

These and several factors are keeping it going years after years. So with all, it’s a lack in, and backdrops this iPod touch 1st generation is worth the hype.

Fun Fact 

Did you know iPod launched a special edition of its fourth generation? The theme was’ how to dismantle an atomic bomb ” by the Irish rock band “U2”. It had black cover with a red wheel. The signature of four members of the band was engraved.


  1. Are iPods still in production? 

Answer: yes,iPod touch 7th generation is still in production.


  1. Does the iPod touch 1st generation have a camera? 

Answer: no, it doesn’t come with a built-in camera.


  1. iPod touch 1st generation upgradable? 

Answer: No, iPod touch 1st generation isn’t physically upgradeable, nor supported. Apple suggests a newer version.  


  1. iPod touch 1st generation compatible in 2020? 

Answer: As a matter of fact, no. iPod touch 1st generation isn’t compatible now. But newer generations obviously are.



Long story short. From this whole discussion we’ve known several factors about the iPod touch 1st generation. Which has helped a large number of consumers to stay connected. Also it acted as their first step toward technology and counting more. So this apple legacy is definitely worth the hype. 


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