Are Caffeine Dreams Real? How Coffee Affects Sleep

Are Caffeine Dreams Real? How Coffee Affects Sleep

Does it take you a while to fall asleep? Do you often have vivid and crazy dreams that make it difficult to stay asleep? Do you often wake up feeling unrested?

Do you drink coffee before bed?

Though you may find that a warm beverage before bedtime helps you relax, that coffee might be keeping you awake and causing wild dreams.

Read on to learn all about drinking coffee at night and caffeine dreams!

Coffee’s Effect on the Body

The caffeine you find in coffee makes us more alert by blocking the sleep-inducing chemical adenosine. Fifteen minutes to an hour after having your morning cup of coffee, the caffeine will be available to your brain, giving you a jolt of alertness.

Caffeine can help wake you up in the morning, but if ingested during the six hours leading up to your bedtime, it could be keeping you awake and causing caffeine dreams.

Side Effects of Drinking Coffee at Night

Drinking caffeinated beverages like coffee before you go to bed might make it difficult to fall asleep. The caffeine keeps you alert when you need to be resting.

Since your body is stimulated when drinking coffee, it makes sense that your brain is, too. If you drink coffee at night, your brain is going to be buzzing with activity that may result in some vivid and crazy dreams!

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These dreams might be entertaining, but they might be stressful or scary, causing you to wake up and further harming your sleep schedule.

Taming Your Caffeine Dreams

If you’re tired (literally) of caffeine dreams, there are a few things you can do to achieve a deeper sleep. Try one of the following:

Practice Meditation

Meditation allows you to clear your mind and relax by focusing on your body and forgetting about everything else. As an added bonus, meditating can help reduce stress!

Get a New Mattress

Nothing will lull you to sleep faster than a comfortable new mattress and some cozy blankets. Check out The Mattress Nerd to compare the cost and quality of several different mattresses.

Forgo Screen Time

Staring at a bright screen in the hours leading up to your bedtime might have your brain firing on all cylinders when you want it to rest. Switch to reading a book before going to sleep.

Cut Caffeine

Of course, you can always avoid eating and drinking caffeine in the hours leading up to your bedtime. There’s a time for entertaining dreams, but a work night isn’t always one of them!

A Strategy for Coffee at Night

If you’re interested in dreams and deciphering their meanings or simply want to be entertained in your sleep, chug that coffee before bed and get ready for some wild caffeine dreams! Just be sure you can afford to lose some sleep.

If you’re looking for a deeper sleep that comes more quickly, switch to decaf.

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