5 MAME Games That Are Popular Even Today

5 MAME Games That Are Popular Even Today

A few decades back you had to go to the arcade to play the latest and the most desirable games. Nowadays you can do it from your home, using any PC or even a smartphone. We can add that MAME games were special and highly appealing. If you want to play them on your device, you can download MAME ROMs from Gamulator and enjoy. But, which games you should play? The answer is below.

     1. Pac Man

5 MAME Games That Are Popular Even Today

Pac Man came from the 80s and it has been the best game for millions of people all over the world. It was a sensation in Japan and the United States while other parts of the globe followed. Being able to outsmart the ghosts and to collect all the dots were simple yet impossible missions for some of us. If you want to complete the game today, be free to download it and play as long as you want.

     2. 005

5 MAME Games That Are Popular Even Today

The name comes from the similarity with the 007 James Bond franchise. In 005 you control a spy who must use all kinds of items and objects to hide from bad guys. Furthermore, he has a gas canister which can be used to defeat some enemies. The list of possibilities is impressive in the lack of a better word and you can spend weeks playing the game. It was released in 1981 and it is simply known as one of the best Sega games of all times.

     3. Donkey Kong

5 MAME Games That Are Popular Even Today

This is another game that is so popular or better said has been popular that we don’t have to explain it. In the game, you had to defeat Donkey Kong who is in his angry phase. The original game was more a puzzle development than any other and we believe it is the one you should play today.

     4. Metal Slug 2

5 MAME Games That Are Popular Even Today

This game was available since the late 80s and it was really popular in the early 90s. The best way to explain it is to compare it to the Contra. You were able to control a character and to shoot using various weapons. The game is in simple form but loaded with action and all kinds of possibilities. We must add that the graphics and sounds were impressive for that period of time and they made this game spectacular, even today. Let’s not forget that this game was expensive back in a day so it was literally unavailable for most gamers, even the hardcore ones.

     5. Contra

5 MAME Games That Are Popular Even Today

Obviously, we must mention Contra. The game was extremely popular in arcades all over the world, due to a simple reason. You were able to shoot, move fast and use all kinds of weapons to defeat all kinds of enemies. The music and noises were loud and the pace of the game was extremely fast. All of this made the game special and one of a kind back in a day.


These games were so popular back in a day and so rare that many of us were unable to play. Today they can be played within seconds and you can play all 5 of them on any device such as smartphone, tablet or a PC. In average you will need 5 minutes to start playing any of these games and to have a great time.

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