Why You Should Service Your Fireplace

fireplace servicing tips

A fireplace is one of the major comfort highlights of any home. However, it is important to keep it in good condition by having it serviced regularly. Servicing a fireplace comes with many benefits, but it ultimately keeps it fully functional all year long.

Many years of constant use of a fireplace could get it clogged or make it operate at a lesser capacity due to poor maintenance issues. However, as a fireplace owner, understanding the importance of servicing would help to reduce the risks of damaging one.

Hence, it is important to understand why fireplace servicing should be a priority in every home. Below are a few reasons why:

fireplace servicing

Helps save Money

A constant build-up of ash over the years tends to damage the fireplace. This happens when the soot from burnt wood gets a little moist during spring, causing the corrosion of damper frames and steel fireboxes. These could become potential triggers for fire hazards in the future. Fire hazards could permanently damage your fireplace and other valuable items in your home. However, with a proper servicing habit, you will save a lot of money that could have been spent on fixing damages.

Reduces Ash Odor

When ash accumulates for an extended period in your fireplace, it tends to cause a pungent smell in your home. This can be very off-putting and difficult to remove from clothes and other items especially during summer. Constant servicing allows you to ensure that you do not run the risk of smelling like soot all day long.

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Better Air Quality

When your fireplace is not cleaned out regularly, the quality of air in your home is likely to deteriorate. The rule of thumb here is to pay attention to how the air in your home smells. The moment it begins to smell like burnt wood, then it is likely harmful to consumption and you are better off servicing your fireplace as soon as possible

Prevents Chimney Fires

The flue is an integral part of any fireplace. However, it can be easily damaged when the fireplace is not properly maintained due to drastic temperature changes. A few things you should be concerned about while inspecting your flue are glazed creosote, open mortar joints and cracks. These things can lead to the permanent damage of your flue, which when left unchecked could cause chimney fires. However, this can be avoided when a fireplace owner ensures that his fireplace is constantly serviced.

Prevents Health Hazards

When a fireplace is poorly maintained then it becomes very dangerous to the health of everyone in the home. The poor quality of air and other harmful substances can lead to health complications. Nonetheless, this can be avoided when the fireplace is scheduled for constant maintenance checks.

Just like most appliances in every home, fireplaces also require a certain level of care and attention to function optimally. As a fireplace owner, it is important to conduct routine inspections of the fireplace in order to know when to schedule the next servicing operation.

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