What is Zopiclone?

What is Zopiclone

What is Zopiclone:- Zopiclone 7.5mg is a medication used for the treatment of insomnia. This therapeutic was first developed and created by Rhône-Poulenc S.A, which is a pharmaceutical company now part of the Sanofi-Aventis team. This development was made in 1986, a time during which a successor to benzodiazepines was being sought after.

These sleeping tablets are not commercially available in the United States, but can be obtained using a prescription in the U.S, Japan, Brazil and some European countries as well. Online pharmacies normally offer easier access, as they may comply or be subject to differing regulation to land based operations.

Insomnia is one of the most prevalent sleeping disorders affecting Americans for example, every year. Acute insomnia can last anywhere from one night per week to a few weeks, but chronic insomnia can last much longer. Those with chronic insomnia normally have difficulties sleeping at least three nights a week, for up to three months. Surprisingly, approximately 95% of Americans have reported that they have experienced the symptoms of insomnia at some point of their lives. 

Zopiclone tablets can help those with insomnia manage these symptoms by acting as both a sedative and hypnotic medicine as well. It has been found useful in assisting the reduction of sleep onset latency. This is the time it takes for a person to transition from wakefulness to sleep.

In addition, these tablets can aid in increasing the total sleep time of an individual, per night. Middle-of-the-night awakenings can, furthermore, be treated with these sleeping pills as there are low dosage formulations of the sleep aid available, specifically for the treatment of nocturnal awakenings. 

Is Zopiclone a Non-benzodiazepine?

Non-benzodiazepines, such as zopiclone 7.5mg, are different from the usual benzodiazepine medicines as they are structurally designed to have a different chemical form. They are, however, similar to benzodiazepines in their:

  •         Therapeutic benefits
  •         Potential side effects
  •         Potential risks

These non-benzodiazepine sleep aids are classified as sedatives and hypnotics. Sedatives are generally referred to as tranquilizers, as they decrease the activity of neurons in the brain by reducing the levels of excitation and irritation of the patient. This is known as a tranquilising or depressing function on the central nervous system (CNS).

Hypnotics also cause a depression of the CNS by relaxing the mind and inducing the feelings of sleep.

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Colloquially, these classes of psychoactive substances are referred to as “Z-drugs”. This is because, more-often-than-not, the names of these sleep medicines begin with the letter. “Z”.

How Does Zopiclone Work?

  •         The sedative and hypnotic properties of this medication are brought about through the depression of the CNS. This is accomplished by the therapeutic binding or attaching to the receptors of GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid.
  •         GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that blocks impulses between the brain and nerve cells. They are located all through the CNS and, by blocking the transmission of these chemical messages, can induce feelings of relaxation. 
  •         Non-benzodiazepines were initially created as a successor to benzodiazepine medications. They are thought to be much more selective than benzodiazepines in producing relief from anxiety, with little or no anterograde amnesia or anti-convulsant effects. These effects make them more precise than the older benzodiazepine anxiolytic tablets.
  •         In a study, conducted by Wagner and Wagner (2000), the safety and efficacy of non-benzodiazepines were analysed in relation to their hypnotic properties. These researchers have reported that non-benzodiazepines may be considered safer alternatives to benzodiazepines as they cause minimal respiratory depression. Furthermore, zopiclone was recommended for the long-term treatment of insomnia as these therapeutics have low abuse potentials, and those who use them were shown to not develop rapid tolerance to the medication.

Zopiclone Dosing Guidelines

  •         There are two available strengths of this medication; namely, 3,75mg and 7.5mg.
  •         The 7.5mg tablet is the standard dosage used by those with insomnia for the management of said symptoms. These tablets are to be taken an hour prior to retiring to bed, which gives the medication sufficient time to work in the body.
  •         These sleeping pills are to be administered in the conventional manner, which is with a drink of water. The tablet should be swallowed in whole form and not crushed, chewed or broken.
  •         Zopiclone 7.5mg is the usual dose administered for those who wish to sleep uninterrupted, throughout the night. It is also administered to lessen the time it takes to fall asleep, once one has retired to bed.
  •         The 3.75mg dosages of this sleep aid are particularly efficient for the treatment of nocturnal awakenings.
  •         Although, the average person wakes up at least six to seven times per night, there are those who experience these occurrences with much more frequency and severity too. Those who suffer from middle-of-the-night awakenings find it difficult to transition back to sleep once they have awoken during the night.
  •         Using 3.75mg of this sleep medicine can help relieve those nocturnal awakenings. These tablets are only to be sued if you have adequate time (at least 4 hours) remaining to sleep before you have to awaken in the morning.
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How Long Does it Take For Zopiclone to Leave the Body?

The elimination time of a therapeutic is associated with its ‘half-life’. This is the duration of time it takes for half of the medication to be removed by the body.

The average half-life of this sleep aid is approximately 5 hours, and the medicine is thought to not remain in the body for longer than 12 hours. However, there are incidences where those who have taken a 7.5mg dosage have reported adverse sedative effects, the morning following the administered dosage.

These prolonged therapeutic effects are more prevalent in women than men because females typically have lower body weights. Additionally, it has been suggested that women have slower gastrointestinal activity than men, as well as other physiological differences.

In the event that you experience excessive sedative effects the morning after you have taken zopiclone, it is advised to not engage in any activity which will require mental cognition. This includes driving or operating any heavy machinery.

For additional adverse events relating to the use of these sleeping pills, you can consult the website of a credible online pharmacy. These platforms are able to provide insightful information relating to the use of these pills, as well as tools to buy zopiclone online.







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