Running a business is never easy. There are so many things that need to be carried out swiftly. Often, we need to outsource our tasks. There are various outsourcing models you can choose from. One such model is the IT Staff Augmentation. It is a possibility that you must’ve heard about this model. It is natural to be unsure about what this model entails. We are here to help you understand it better.

What is understood by IT Staff Augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing model. This model was designed to allow the organizations to augment their existing in-house development team by hiring external developers that have the required skill set. This outsourcing allows you to quickly scale up or down your team. It lets you have highly qualified temporary employees instead of permanent ones. The developers who join your time as IT staff augmentation partners become a part of the in-house development team. They will be there by your side and will cooperate with onsite projects. If there are any additional remote development teams or hybrid teams, they will there by your side. This is usually for a short period.

Why should you consider IT Staff Augmentation?

When there are specific skill gaps in the in-house development team, it is suggested to avail of IT Staff augmentation services. This will help to bring down the costs that arise in recruitment, payroll and project implementation. IT Staff Augmentation allows you to expand or decrease the team as per your liking. This is done quickly as it is easier to terminate this partnership. There are no geographical restrictions, you can hire skilled professionals from any part of the world. IT staff augmentation allows you to have access to a wide range of professionals.

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What are some of its disadvantages?

Along with advantages, everything also has its set of disadvantages, and this method of outsourcing is no different. A significant amount of time is needed for gaining the contextual knowledge needed to carry out the project. With this method of outsourcing, there is an increased dependency on the third-party organization for talent, communication and coordination risks. If looking for long-term projects or skills needed on an ongoing basis, IT Staff Augmentation might not be the way to go. This would be a better deal when you have a team of dedicated professionals who are carrying out the task.

Is there a difference between IT Staff Augmentation and managed services?

IT Staff augmentation is an outsourcing service in which specific tasks and functions are outsourced. In the managed services model the entire problem and solution are outsourced to a third-party vendor. Using a staff augmentation model allows the process to be under your control. It can rapidly scale up and down specific functions. Whereas in the case of managed services, there is external control over the non-core systems. It is an excellent choice for handling processes over the long term.

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