Top 5 Mobile Tax Apps for 2020

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Did you know that nearly 90 percent of Americans pay a professional to file their taxes? This might not surprise you — after all, taxes are scary, right?

What might surprise you is to learn that, for many people, filing your taxes isn’t that complicated and doesn’t need to be scary at all! If you’re ready to save yourself some dough, consider filing your own taxes using one of these five awesome mobile tax apps.

1. TaxSlayer

The TaxSlayer app allows you to estimate your taxes using your paycheck, a W2 provided by your employer, or one created using a form W2 generator. You can also see how tax law changes impact your refund.

Once you’re ready, you can complete and file your taxes and track your refund with update notifications.

2. H&R Block Tax Prep and File App

The H&R Block app also allows you to prepare and file. It makes things easy by allowing you to import last year’s tax return from any source and take a photo of your W2.

You can also estimate your return, track your refund status, and get expert help if you need it.

3. Credit Karma Tax

Credit Karma Tax is built into the Credit Karma app. Credit Karma is different because they always allow you to file your Federal and State taxes for free, no matter what type of forms you need to file.

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You can import your previous year’s tax return from some platforms like TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct, and upload a photo of your W2. The app also features a customized checklist that allows you to track your deductions, tax credits, and refunds.

4. TaxAct Express

TaxAct Express is different from the other options because it comes in several versions including Free, Basic, Plus, and Premium. There’s also a separate product for freelancers.

Not sure which one you need? The app will help you decide!

This app allows you to prepare and file your return, track your refund, and upload a photo of your W2. It also has extra security with Touch ID or Facial ID and a chat feature that allows you to access live support if you need it.

5. Intuit TurboTax Mobile App

Last, but not least, is the Intuit Turbotax app. This is a mobile version of the popular software that many people use to file their taxes.

The extra features that come with this app include access to live help and an “ExpainWhy” feature that helps you understand your refund. The app also has a searchable database of 350 different deductions and credits to help you make sure you’re getting your maximum refund.

Mobile Tax Apps Not Cutting It? Go Straight to the IRS

If you run into problems using the apps above or you have a question they can’t seem to answer, don’t worry! The IRS actually has its own app, called IRS2Go. You can use it to get free tax help, make a payment, and check your refund status.

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Mobile tax apps are just one way that advances in technology are making our lives easier than ever! Spend some time browsing the rest of our blog posts for even more exciting tech tips.

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