Top 10 Oldest NBA Player in the History of NBA

oldest NBA player to look at once in a lifetime

The National Basketball Association is known for their players. Not only the youngest but also the oldest players who are no longer part of the basketball game. But still, they are important for NBA fans because of their fantastic performance throughout their NBA career. So, we are going to talk about who are those players that come in the list of the top 10 oldest NBA player and made history.

Top 10 Oldest NBA Player in the History of NBA

Nicholas J. Hickey

When we are talking about the top 10 oldest NBA player in the history of the NBA, then how can we forget Nicholas Hickey? Nat Hickey is the first NBA player who made this history by playing for the Providence Steamrollers. He played for them around 1948 when he was 45 years old. 

Nicholas Hickey was born on January 30, 1902, and died on September 16, 1979. His journey as a basketball player is still memorable for many of us. And we can’t forget the moment he created for us and the contribution he made through teams like the American Basketball League. 

Nicholas J. Hickey during NBA championship
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Moreover, he got the nickname “Nat” Hickey, and this is because of his outstanding performance in NBA games. Nat’s career began as a basketball player. However, he also played baseball and got famous in this field too. 

Robert Lee Parish

Do you know that there is a basketball player who played a record of 1161 games in his NBA career? If you don’t have any clue, then I would like to tell you the name of this fantastic player. Robert Lee Parish, also known as Robert Parish had created history by playing a total of 1161 games. Not only that, but he also played 21 seasons throughout his career, which is also a record.

One of the oldest NBA player "Robert Parish"
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Moreover, Robert is still a placeholder among those who are considered strong defenders. He didn’t stop here and created records over records. In which, he created another record of the top 10 oldest NBA players in the history of the NBA. This is also an achievement for him.

Kevin Alvin Willis

Have you ever heard about the NBA player who created a record of 16000+ career points throughout his career? Kevin is one of those players who reached out to make this record through their outstanding performance in the National Basketball Association. This is not the only record he created but; he also created the record of most games not part of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He also received the title of the NBA Eastern Conference All-Star.

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Kevin Willis during one of the NBA tournaments.
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Kevin Willis is a well-known name among NBA fans, thanks to his 23 years of journey. He opened the path for those who are above 7 feet in height and want to become a basketball player. Because it is not possible to maintain a basketball career when you have a height like this. But he made it clear through his 21 seasons in NBA history. 

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Do you know the NBA player who is known as Lew Alcindor? No, clue? Alright. Kareem Abdul Jabbar was an NBA player who got this titular name because of his contribution to achieving the 71 consecutive wins for Power Memorial Academy. This is not enough to decide his performance, and all thanks to his excellent records. Such as he was a part of those ten players who played more than 20 NBA seasons. His contribution to the teams such as Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers.

one of the oldest NBA player in the history of basketball
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Apart from that, Kareem is a part of the top 10 oldest NBA player in the history of the NBA, along with a record of 6 times NBA MVP and ninety times National Basketball Association All-Star. However, his records are still considered unbeatable for young NBA players who are aiming to travel the long NBA journey.

Karl Anthony Malone

Have you ever known that Karl got a titular name, “the Mailman”? Karl is a well-known professional basketball player, and he made various records. He became two times NBA MVP and fourteen times National Basketball Association All-Star. In his NBA career, made a remarkable record of 36000+ points. For that, Karl received third rank on the list of NBA best players. Moreover, he was honoured with the 75th place in the Anniversary Team. 

Karl after a session break
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Emanuel David Maccari 

David is a well known player who was one of the top players in “Euro League” for his performance. He is one of those players who won this European basketball league. This is a big achievement for him and to become a part of the Big Three along with Tony Parker and Tim Duncan.

One of the oldest NBA player Emanuel took retirement from all formats of basketball

During his 23 years of journey, he won the National Basket Association Championship four times.  Even though he has made so many records, he is still considered one of top 10 NBA players who played for a long time for their respective team.

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Charles Oakley

If you are a fan of the NBA, then you already know who Charles Oakley is. Oakley is one of those players who have played more than 18 NBA seasons throughout their basketball career. But the fantastic thing about him is that he is known for his position as a power forward and achieved a title of one of the best defensive and rebounders in the history of the NBA.

Charles sharing a moment where he lost a dunk points
Image Credits: Basketball Network

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Do you know that Michael Jordan is the first player who retired more than two times and came back? Michael retired for the first time in 1993 and came back in 1995. Then he retired for the second time in 1999 and came back again in 2001. However, he gave three consecutive leading reasons to be part of the NBA championship after returning from his first and second retirement.

Michael Jordan is one of the oldest nba player who received three peat.
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Moreover, Michael received a three-peat for his undefeated three consecutive wins for the Bulls in 1991, 1992 and 1993. Three-peat is a rare achievement, especially for him to outclass others during that time.

Timothy Theodore Duncan

Duncan is one of those players who is known for their position as a power forward. He received a titular name for his performance as a power forward, “the Big Fundamental”. Not only that, but he is also one of those players who played for more than 18 years for the San Antonio Spurs.

Timothy showing the nba championship trophy in one of his official photoshoot
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However, his achievements never end here because he is the only player who got the title of All-Defensive and All-NBA Teams member for thirteen consecutive seasons.

Jason Eugene Terry

Last but not least, Jason is also a part of the top 10 NBA players who have played for more than 18 seasons. Because of his position as a combo guard, he is also known as The Jet.

Jason after a beautiful dunk.
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Through this article, we have provided you with the list of the top 10 oldest NBA player who has made it through their performance, achievement, wins, points and also for playing a long time in particular. There is no doubt that they are the oldest players in the history of the NBA, but still, their records made us remember them even though they are no longer a part of the NBA.

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