Things to do in Dauphin Island with Your Family

things to do in dauphin island

Picture yourself enjoying the perfect vacation where you can do a whole bunch of fun things at a destination that’s jam-packed with activities and places, each more engaging than the last. If you’re a fan of doing the most you can on a vacation to capture the best moments on camera. Let’s face it: vacations are made to be enjoyed as much as you possibly can. And, for that you can start with some amazing things to do in Dauphin Island because it is perfect place for vacation as well as for capture beautiful sites.

Even if it means enjoying a cup of coffee at a favorite cafe down the street or halfway across the globe. And what makes vacation better than having someone to share those moments with? That person could be anyone: your travel friend, best friend, partner, whole family, cousin, sibling, grandparent, your own family and kids, pets, or even yourself. But what matters more is that you’re making the most of it at a destination that fits your purpose.

In this blog, we shall explore the different things to do in Dauphin Island that, to some sources, it is a gem. After this, you shall surely get an insight into the reasons why you should choose Dauphin Island for your vacation.

Where is Dauphin Island?

Dauphin Island is an island in the Gulf of Mexico off the southwest coast of Alabama, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) south of Mobile. The island is about 15 miles (25 kilometers) long and is part of Mobile County.

It is described as the gem of Alabama with amazingly white sandy beaches, delightful weather, and clear skies that reflect in the clear blue waters. Dauphin Island only gets better when you find out the beaches are also dog-friendly, so your pets don’t miss out on the fun.

Accessibility calls for going through Gordon Persons Bridge, a 3-mile concrete bridge from Alabama State Route 193, or via the Mobile Bay Ferry from Fort Morgan if you want to get to the Islands.

Fun fact: Dauphin Island is often mispronounced as Dolphin Island. And it does live up to the name as the marine is active, and dolphins can very often be spotted there.

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So if the kids here are on Dolphin Island by any chance, you need to say less and see them giddy up with delight.

Things to do in Dauphin Island:

Wouldn’t it be perfect to lay back and get a tan with a side of your favorite cold beverage? It is a classic vacation activity that every adult would love. Dauphin Island is known for its beaches and aquariums, among other such places that exude excitement. The beaches on Dauphin Island are stunning. The bright white sand on a sunny day will take your breath away. If you’ve never been to Alabama, you’re in for a treat!

There are 7 miles of public beaches along with a few different access points and areas to park. Kids, too, don’t take advantage of their share of the fun. They love beaches! The warm sand, the cool sea water, shell hunting, sand castle building, beach ball! What more could they possibly need?

Besides beaches, exciting explorable spots like aquariums will surely exhilarate them. 

For they are a full package of fun and relaxation that everyone in your family and friend group will love. The beaches, from east to west, are worthy spots for you to spend some time basking in the sunlight.

Dauphin Island is the perfect destination that offers relaxation and fun-filled activities that are fit for each and everyone in the family. Bask in the exquisite view of the horizon whereby sunset the view is unbeatable and worth watching after a long day. 

Find the perfect vacation to hit in the list down below!

Dauphin Beaches:

The best beach is Dauphin Beach. Hands down. Many visitors pay to park and walk along the pier out towards miles of beautiful sugar sand beach. The water is clear, and the beach is pet-friendly. Your pet could certainly use some time out of the house. Give them a sight to remember.

beautiful beaches

On the wide open beaches, there is so much space to spread out while spending a day there. This beach area is a must for your Dauphin Island bucket list.

1. The East End Beach:

Entering the east-end beach, you’ll love the sight of the majestic sand dunes home to turtles, sea birds, and more on Dauphin Island. Going there in November would be the perfect time to see the sea turtles and engage in bird-watching 

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This part of the beach is accessible from Dauphin Island Campground and Audubon Bird Sanctuary Trails. It is dog-friendly, allowing visitors to enjoy a day at the beach with their furry family members.

things to do in dauphin island

2. The West End Beach:

West End Beach, near popular island residential areas, offers white-sand beaches and Gulf of Mexico blue waters. Visitors must pay for parking and cannot bring dogs. There is no development after parking.

fun places to visit with children

3. Estuarium Sea Lab: 

This is the knowledge-gaining part of the Dauphin where, besides having its own historical significance, the place has ongoing scientific research will real scientists there. You and the kids could be lucky to see them live at work, which is very inspiring to many of us alike. In and around the beautiful places, you can engage in learning about marine, research “and” ecological elaborations for the visitors. Quite eye-opening, to say the least.

things to do in dauphin island

4. Sea Lab Aquarium: 

The Sea Lab features a public aquarium with 31 species of wildlife, an exhibit hall, and a sting-ray touch pool. This is a sweet spot in Dauphin Island, for it offers a closer look at the marine life. Close enough for us to touch and feel connected to the animals of the sea. Kids and adults alike will love coming here, and it’s certainly worth the pay as well.


With the said places to explore on Dauphin Island and a whole lot more, enjoy an exciting vacation to Alabama, including a visit to Dauphin Island, a hidden gem, and make plans to return for another Gulf Coast road trip.

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