The Best Quality Headphones Under $30 in 2020

Best Quality Headphones

To enjoy 100% of your music while traveling, it is better to have good headphones.

And as we will see, it is possible to find less than $30. Focus on the best reliable pair of headphones of the moment:

Apple Headphones: the best headphones on the market below € 30?

Earphones of the Apple brand have always been highly appreciated by the public because they were able to emit a sound of excellent quality. These Apple headphones are worthy heirs because these headphones have earphones that can provide superior sound quality. You will also appreciate their ergonomic design allowing comfortable wearing. Finally, these headphones will be used daily to make your calls and control your readers with integrated remote control.

The strong points

Sound Quality: The Apple brand has already proven its expertise in the art of designing devices that produce good sound. Its headphones benefit from the technical experiences acquired over the years to provide you with the highest quality sound possible.

With these headphones, you will enjoy a much richer and deeper sound, especially at the bass. The speakers present to optimize the sound power and apply to reduce losses to the maximum.

Design: In terms of design, we can say that the Apple brand knows its business. His products have always had a look that has left no one indifferent. And this is, of course, the case on these headphones with Lightning connector.

In addition to being aesthetic, their design is also quite ergonomic, since it adopts a shape that perfectly matches the geometry of the ear. They are very comfortable to wear and do not cause any particular discomfort, as could be the case with other earphones in this type.

Handsfree kit: In addition to making you enjoy high-quality sound while listening to your favorite music, these Apple headphones will also serve as a hands-free kit for your communications. They are equipped with a remote control that allows you to perform various operations, such as receiving or ending calls, adjust the volume, control the playback of your videos and audios, etc.

The Weak Points

Lack of compatibility: As is often the case with Apple brand products, you will not be able to use these headphones with other branded devices. This is because they are equipped with a Lightning connector, a type of connector that is not widespread and not used by other brands. You will not even be able to connect it to a Mac. You’ll just have to connect it to iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Sony MDR-XB50APB: the best quality/price ratio of the moment

Do you think there is little chance of finding quality headphones for less than 30 euros? Well these Sony MDR-XB50APB must be the rare piece that is the object of your desire. These in-ear headphones inherit all the experience of the great Sony brand in the art of designing quality audio equipment. Built-in X-Bass technology provides deeper bass without neglecting other frequencies.

The Strong Points

Extra Bass: These headphones will delight people who like to listen to music with serious bass sounds through the use of X-Bass technology. This model equipped with 12mm neodymium speakers has indeed a frequency response which is between 4 Hz and 24 kHz.

This means that with these Sony MDR-XB50APB you will have much deeper bass and an outstanding high-pitched sound. In addition, this larger sound range is perfectly balanced, thus avoiding that the bass is too present and detracts from the overall sound.

High-Performance Speakers: For people who like to listen to high-volume music without losing sound quality, you’ll appreciate the ultra-high sensitivity (106dB / mW) of these MDR-XB50APBs. Their 12 mm neodymium magnet transducers are powerful enough to push the volume into its final retrenchments without the purity of sound being altered.

Excellent value for money: The purchase of these MDR-XB50APB is an opportunity. In fact, it will be difficult for you to find headphones with better value for money on the market. For a more reasonable sum, you will be entitled to headphones made with quality materials, offering significant comfort and delivering a sound of very good quality.

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Comfortable: The design of these headphones has been specially designed so that you can wear them in the most comfortable way possible. In addition, they come with 4 pairs of hybrid silicone tips. By choosing the right size for your ears, you will benefit from a fully personalized and comfortable fit.

Smartphone compatible: These headphones are equipped with remote control and a microphone so you can use it as a hands-free kit. This remote control will also serve you to manage the reading of your music.

Best Quality Headphones

The Weak Points

Ergonomics of the remote control: Users have found that the presence of a single button on the remote control and the need to go through an application to be able to control the volume is not very practical. It would have been better to equip the remote control with some additional buttons to make it easier to use.

Sennheiser 505435: good cheap headphones (but reliable)

The Sennheiser 505435 is the most recommended headphones for music lovers looking for good mobile audio equipment for cheap. Despite its low price and simplistic but effective design, you will be surprised by the sound delivered: it is rich and balanced, and the bass is optimized through the use of the Sennheiser Bass-driven system. Their design reminiscent of headphones from the 90s not only gives them a good vintage look but also makes them comfortable to wear, which will appeal to people who do not support modern headphones.

The Strong Points

Bass-driven: We are all aware of Sennheiser’s ability to produce very good headphones. In addition, many audio professionals do not hesitate to use brand materials. With these Sennheiser 505435, you will benefit from all the know-how of the firm. The stereo image is more immersive because it is here much richer and more spatialized. The bass has been optimized and boosted, using the Bass-driven system.

Ergonomic: Many people do not support in-ear headphones. Indeed, if they are poorly appointed, they can exert pressure inside the ear can cause pain after prolonged wear. With these Sennheiser 505435, you will not have that kind of worry, because they adopt the form of conventional earphones, with a pair of foam pads, and no tips entering deeply into the ears.

Thus, you can wear them longer without fear of having your eardrums ache after several hours of listening. The connection cable is symmetrical and has a sufficiently long length to allow you to enjoy greater freedom of movement.

Design: Sennheiser opts here for simplicity and efficiency. The style is rather clean and classic and should please the greatest number. The fantasy is found more in terms of its color that brings more dynamism and does not go unnoticed. These Sennheiser 505435 will please people who want to have headphones design and not too flashy.

Good earphones at low prices: Sennheiser proves that it is possible to make headphones design and performance without putting them on the market at high prices. Indeed, finding headphones with so many qualities at such an affordable price may not be easy.

The Weak Points

Not suitable for mobile communication: You can connect these Sennheiser 505435 to your smartphone to listen to your favorite music if your device has a 3.5mm jack. However, it will not be possible to use it as a hands-free kit, because they do not have a microphone or remote control to receive calls.

Earphones: how does it work?

We all know what headphones are, and we use them almost every day. But would we be able to explain how they work? Here are some technical explanations of how our headphones work.

The Operating Mode of The Headphones

The operating mode of the headphones is quite similar to that of a loudspeaker: the music modulates an electric current that will be transmitted to a small copper coil surrounding a magnet via a double wire. Current variations are produced inside this coil, which permanently modifies the electromagnetic field. These variations cause a movement and a vibration of the magnet according to the rhythm of the music.

A round plastic membrane glued to the magnet then sets the surrounding air in motion, which produces the sound. This membrane is ultra sensitive and must be protected against the infiltration of dust and other dirt that may damage it or affect its proper functioning. The protective role of the membrane is ensured by a fine wire mesh that can be seen from the outside.

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Electrical Specifications

In the cord common to both earpieces, there are three wires: the first wire (ground) is connected to the two earphones. The second wire goes to the left earphone and the third to the right (or vice versa), which allows obtaining a stereo sound.

On the electronic level, headphone performance is determined by their impedance (expressed in Ohm), and their power (in mill watts).

Earphones: how to choose?

The models of headphones on the market are in considerable numbers, with designs, performances, and prices very varied. However, they are not necessarily all worthy of interest. To acquire earphones capable of meeting your requirements, you must first consider several important criteria: the quality of the sound they emit, the fact that they work in wired or wireless mode, the ability to use them for communication, and finally their design.

The sound quality

Good quality headphones should be able to make you enjoy high-quality sound, and this is always the case, whether you use headphones or earphones. However, this quality can vary considerably depending on the models, brands, and technologies used.

The most common headphones have a frequency response that generally oscillates between 15 and 25,000 Hz, the norm for a Hi-Fi sound. A model is considered to be really efficient when it goes from 5 to 40,000 Hz, or a wider spectrum of sound, with maximum precision across the spectrum. Always with the goal of having the purest sound possible, some brands now equip their headphones with an integrated active noise reducer. The sound will not be altered by external noises.

Earphones with or without wire

Nowadays, electronics manufacturers tend to decline their products in wireless mode. This is also the case for headphones. Indeed, you can now find on the market Bluetooth wireless headphones. They have the advantage of being less bulky since you will not be bothered by cables connected to your player or smartphone. These headphones will do well for athletes who enjoy listening to music and do not want to be bothered by bulky cables during their physical activity.

However, wired earphones are still well and truly present on the market, and are not yet ready to disappear. The vast majority is equipped with a 3.5mm mini-jack cable for maximum compatibility with different players and audio devices. It is important that the cable is of good quality for the good content of the sound signal. The fragile cable also means a shorter life for your headphones.

Presence of remote control and microphone

Our smartphones are now devices that we cannot do without every day. Of course, they all have an app to play music and videos, but we must not forget that their primary function is communication. It would be more interesting to buy earphones that can serve as a hands-free kit. They must be equipped with a microphone and remote control.

For better ergonomics of use, opt for headphones with remote control with the necessary buttons to manage calls, adjust the volume, move to the next song, etc.


Headphones are following a certain trend, and brands are applying to market models with worked designs. Then choose models with a look that looks like you (classic, elegant, sporty, etc.). However, remember that the performance of headphones premiums on their aesthetics.

The design also has a significant impact on the ergonomics of the product. The tip entering the ear must have a shape that allows good support without causing discomfort or pain to the eardrums. Do not neglect this point, because it would be a shame to have high-performance headphones that you can not bear to wear more than 30 minutes due to poor wearing comfort.

Brands offer several tips of different sizes to best fit the shape of your ears. These tips are usually silicone, but there is foam for the most fragile ears or memory material for maximum comfort and optimal insulation.

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