Life After a DUI: 5 Ways to Get Your Life Back After a DUI

Life After a DUI: 5 Ways to Get Your Life Back After a DUI

One out of every three people will be involved in a drunk driving accident in their lifetimes.

If you’ve recently been charged with drunk driving, you might have found resuming your life after a DUI can be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help give you some direction.

So let’s get started.

1. Find Addiction Treatment

Drinking—or drugs—is what got you into this situation in the first place. Even if it was only a “one-time thing”, you should stay away from your drink or drug of choice. Continuing to drink or use won’t help your case.

Depending on your personal circumstances, you might want to find an addiction treatment program. This might not be the best fit for everyone, but you should at least consider seeing a counselor to help you work through some of the things that might have led to your DUI.

For some people, rehab or counseling might be mandated by a judge.

2. Get a Lawyer

You probably don’t have to worry about anything as serious as going to jail—unless this is one of many DUIs. But even if this is the first time you’ve gotten a DUI, you need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

If there were other people involved in the DUI, especially if you hurt someone, there are many other types of legal actions the victims or victims family can take against you. Hiring a lawyer will ensure you get the representation you need to be treated fairly in court.

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Make sure you find a DUI layer specifically (which might also be called a DWI lawyer). If you aren’t sure how to find one, do a quick Google search.

For example, if you live in San Antonio, typing the phrase, “DWI lawyer San Antonio“, should give you plenty of results.

3. Avoid Triggers

For many people, drinking is a social activity. Because of this, you might be able to recognize specific triggers that lead you to drink and, in turn, drive recklessly. (Talking to a counselor can also help you figure out your triggers).

Once you know your triggers, do your best to avoid them. This will keep you away from temptation and prevent you from getting another DUI.

4. Create New Hobbies

Since you have to start avoiding your triggers, you might need to find something new to do with your days. So pick something productive and fun that you enjoy doing.

For example, you can take up an instrument. You can volunteer. You can sign up and train for a marathon. If you want, you can even go back to school or get your dream job.

5. Get Support

Going through this process alone can be difficult, so find people who can support you, like your friends and family.

Telling them about your DUI might be embarrassing, and they might be upset at first. But at the end of the day, your family and friends love you and want what’s best for you.

They can help you navigate the DUI process, and help you get back into the swing of things when it’s over.

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Life After a DUI: How to Get Started

Life after a DUI is difficult but possible. But remember, staying away from the habits that led to your DUI takes a lifestyle change. You have to be prepared to put in the work.

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