How to Write an A+ Essay: 10 Tips for Smarter Studying

How to Write an A+ Essay: 10 Tips for Smarter Studying

There are hundreds of guides related to this topic, so we will try to get this one a little bit more fun and realistic, not to bore you. However, some of these pieces of advice are pretty common, still, you should not neglect them.

Little Black Book for Insights

The idea of a little black book comes from Hollywood scenarists. They teach that you always have to have a small notebook and a pen using which you write down ideas, references, allusions once they get into your mind. It can be also very useful for essays, you can use

Pay Attention in Class

Yes, exactly, it is that boring advice which we’ve announced from the very beginning. If you don’t listen well in class, you won’t be able to write quality papers. Professors give lots of hints of how they see a perfect paper on a particular subject, and later that get very surprised or even angry if you don’t follow their tips at least partly. Of course, you may think that professors say nothing new and you can find all the guidelines online. It would be true if professors were robots, but they are not. They want you to be attentive to their opinion, first of all, handbook goes second.

Respect Your Handbook

Once you’ve made sure you don’t daydream while your professor explains essay writing to you, turn your attention to a handbook. Students have initial irritation with rigid explanations is handbooks and textbooks. Yes, they are not as fun as blogs, but still, they are instrumental, and if you haven’t read your handbook related to essay writing, you should not even waste time on this post.

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Read Footnotes

Professors love to use footnotes to write exam questions and they also appreciate when you use information from footnotes in your essays. It is not logical, of honestly, but it is how the academic world works, our friend.

Write Daily

Even if you have plenty of time to deal with your essay, start as early as you can and make sure you write daily. When you do something on a daily basis, you give a serious fight to procrastination that can, sometimes, become a disaster for student’s productivity. Also, writing daily, you will get used to the process, and better see mistakes in your writing, finding sources easier, think faster.

Start a Blog

If you are not truly inclined to writing essays every day, it is better to start a blog on something that genuinely interests you and keep writing. We can’t promise that your blog will become popular, and you will get lots of money out of it, but chances are, you will start writing better and better. Also, if you write about something that makes you excited, you will start treating writing itself as a much more pleasant activity.

Read More Than You Write

There are writers who were writing with many mistakes, writers not good in the English language published in English thanks to editors. There were famous writing who hated writing as a process. But it is a safe bet to say that most of the writers are or were fond of reading and it helped them significantly. Find the style that is the most applicable to your choice. Don’t force yourself to read about Anna Karenina, if you would better read about Lord of the Rings.

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Use Online Services

There are all sets of writing service which can make your life so much better. Online write my essay for me services for emergencies, citation generators to save you the time you would waste on digging in MLA or APA manuals, plagiarism checkers, grammar and style checkers. General proofreaders, tutoring websites, websites with synonyms, etc. Make a small collection of the listed ones and keep it close.

Face Your Writing Demons

There is always something that doesn’t let you move forward in writing. When you feel like quitting working on your essay, write down what you feel and think in a particular moment. Just two minutes each time, and soon you will be able to face and defeat some of your writing demons.

Track Time and Master Planning

An ability to work in strict accordance with a plan is priceless. It doesn’t come with entering college, so you should work hard on developing it. Use time trackers and productivity-boosting apps to increase your writing efficiency.

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