How to wipe an iPhone- A Complete Guide to Wipe All of Your Data

how to wipe an iphone

iPhone is an essential device how to wipe an iphone in our life. We store everything from daily building information to our pictures, relevant notes on our iPhone. However, sometimes we need to delete all types of data on the iPhone for personal reasons. For example, you can sell your iPhone or give it to a repair shop.

How do you delete all data from your iPhone? If you are an experienced Apple user, you may be able to do this very quickly. If you have no idea about this, we will guide you in detail how you can delete all the data on your mobile.

Still, beginners often resort to the tedious procedure of manually destroying the most critical data. To avoid such a routine activity, we offer instructions for deleting all content uploaded by the user to the iPhone or iPad during operation.


On the off chance that just because you will delete all information from your iPhone or iPad, at that point cautiously consider the suggestions depicted in this passage, so let’s start

Above all else, ensure that you recollect the login (E-mail) and secret word from your Apple ID. To do this, for instance, go to Settings → iTunes Store and App Store, log out of your record and reemerge it with a secret word. 

Also, you should provide reinforcement information to your PC or to the iCloud distributed storage (we depicted it in detail here). Something else, all data will be hopelessly lost. 

Another significant subtlety concerns the obsolete “opened” programming (or utilizing Turbo-SIM) the method of the iPhone, which you can’t reflash and delete using any means. 

Ensuring that all precautionary measures are taken, go straightforwardly to the cancellation of information.

Remove your personal information from your old device (photos, videos, contacts, etc.) 

Someone can completely erase all information from the iPhone and iPad directly from the iOS shell. It requires:

  1. Go to iCloud Settings and turn off Find My iPhone.
  2. 2. Go to the menu ” Settings → GeneralReset” ;
  3. 3. Select the ” Erase content and settings” item ;
  4. 4. Enter your lock screen password;
  5. 5. Confirm data deletion.

After that, the gadget will delight the owner with a pristine operating system.

How to wipe an iPhone

Another common reason for completely deleting data from an iPhone, in addition to selling and repairing it, is cleaning it from digital junk, for example, jailbreak tweaks that negatively affect the operation of the system. In this case, iOS recovery via iTunes is ideal. It is not so difficult to do:

  1. Download to your computer the latest version of iTunes and the newest firmware IPSW file for your model. You can find it and download it from the apple website.
  2. Disable Find My iPhone 

in iCloud settings;

  1. 3. You have to connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer using a cable and select it in iTunes after the device is detected;
  2. 4. Click on the icon that appears with the image of the iPhone (or iPad)
  3. 5. Go to the ” Overview ” section on the left side of the program. On the right, click on the ” Restore iPhone (iPad) ” button

More detailed instructions for restoring iPhone or iPad via iTunes with all explanations can be found one Apple website.

Delete all data from iPhone or iPad at once via iCloud (remotely)

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An iPhone or iPad can also be wiped remotely (for example, in the event of theft) using Apple’s iCloud cloud service. To do this, the ” Find iPhone” function must be active on the device, and the smartphone itself must be online. Further, it remains only to do the following:

  1. 1. Go to the website and log in with your Apple ID ;
  2. 2. Find your device using the Find iPhone web application ;
  3. Select the device in the drop-down menu ” All devices” and select ” Erase iPhone” , then confirm the deletion of data.

prepare your iPhone for sale

Now it’s time to say goodbye to the old iPhone, handing it over to the hands of a joyful buyer. You have to wipe your iPhone but how to wipe an iPhone?

But what is the right way to transfer the device to the wrong hands so that no one can use your data? I will be discussed today; we will see how to remove the iPhone from iTunes, properly clear the device from its data and erase information from the smartphone about your Apple ID.

The above steps are required when selling an iPhone. Not only are the rules of good manners, but they also save you the hassle of getting tons of action alerts from your old smartphone (especially if the person who bought it is very active).

The first step is to create the most recent backup of your device data. It is recommended to do this immediately before the sale or transfer of the iPhone since in a few days this very backup copy can “acquire” information. We wrote in detail about how to back up an iPhone using iTunes we explained later part of this article, but for completeness of the instructions, we will briefly describe this process.

If you store relevant data on your iPhone, then you need to keep a backup of your data. If you lose or break your iPhone without backing up, you may also lose your photos, contacts and message history. Backing up your phone prevents this data from being lost forever.


So, backing up your iPhone is simple, and there are three methods you can use to back up your device. This article will walk you through using iTunes, Finder, and iPhone Backup Extractor to create iPhone or iCloud backups. The functionality is free in all of these apps.

Step 1.

Connect iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, you can download the latest version of the utility from the official Apple website.

Step 2.

Select iPhone in iTunes, go to the Info tab, check This PC and click Create a copy now.

Note: If you use to creating an iCloud backup, you can skip the previous step. Instead, on iPhone, go to Settings → iCloud → Details → Backup and click Back Up.

Step 3.

In the menu “File” → “Devices” click on “Move purchases “. 

By performing this operation, you will save all purchases (applications, games, music, movies, etc.) on your computer, which will allow you to restore all content in the future, in case of a failure.

Your iPhone has been fully backed up.

As you know, now you need to work with the iPhone, namely, to reset all settings and clear the device from downloaded content. But, we do not recommend manually deleting all photos, videos, contacts and applications, and is it necessary? IOS has a great auto-reset feature built in to help us in precisely this situation.

Reset All Data from iPhone

Attention! Make sure to back up your iPhone before resetting your data. 

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Step 1. Go to “Settings” → “General” → “Reset “.

Step 2. Click on the “Erase content and settings” button. Attention – to continue, you will need to enter a password for restrictions, of course, if you have set it.

Step 3. Confirm the reset and wait for the process to finish.

You may think we say the warnings, again and again. Remember you may lose all data forever! Remember to back up your iPhone before resetting your iPhone.

Also, do not delete contacts, documents, photos, calendars and other iCloud data if you are connected to an iCloud account. In this case, the content will be removed not only from this device, but also from the Apple cloud service, and therefore from all your other devices associated with one iCloud account. To prevent such an incident from happening, it is better to immediately log out of iCloud from your iPhone by going to the menu “Settings” → “iCloud” → “Delete account “.

Some users may need to unlink the iPhone from the Support Profile, but in the CIS countries, this is not very relevant at the moment, since the Apple Store has not yet been opened however if you want to say goodbye to the old device ultimately.

Well, that’s all. But, All that remains is to remove the SIM card from the phone, scrub the screen of your iPhone well with a rag, put documents and existing accessories in a box and go to sell.

wipe an iphone Backup

Even such a high-quality product as the iPhone is not immune to failures, so the desire to back up all data and applications of the device is quite reasonable. So, there are two different ways to create an iPhone backup – using iTunes and iCloud. We described how to use both methods in this manual.

The procedure of Back up iPhone with iTunes

Step 1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, you can download the latest version of the utility on the official Apple website.

Step 2. Select your iPhone (or other Apple mobile device) in the iTunes window.

Step 3. On the “Overview” tab, check the box “This computer “.

Step 4. Click “Back Up Now” to back up your device.

Step 5. In the menu “File” → “Devices” click on “Move purchases “. By performing this operation, you will save all purchases (applications, games, music, movies, etc.) on your computer, which will allow you to restore all content in the future, in case of a failure.

Restore iPhone from iTunes Backup

Step 1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.

Step 2. Also, Select your iPhone (or other Apple mobile device) in the iTunes window.

Step 3. On the “Overview” tab, click “Recover from backup” and select the Backup to which you want to restore your device. Wait for the restoration to complete.

How to back up iPhone using iCloud

Step 1. Go to “Settings” → “iCloud” on your mobile device.

Step 2. Select “Backup

Step 3. Activate the “Backup to iCloud “switch.

Step 4. Click “Create Backup “. Wait for the end of the operation.

Note that iPhones, iPads and iPod touch complement the iCloud Backup automatically when they are online. The locked, and connected to Wi-Fi. Thus, you don’t have to create an iCloud backup continually – the device itself is worried about it. From restoring from an iCloud backup you need to perform automatically as soon as you log into the device using your Apple ID account information.

Final Words of how to wipe an iphone:

I hope you got a complete overview, how to wipe an iPhone. Unfortunately, sometimes we become a hacking victim. it becomes essential to wipe off all of our data from the iPhone immediately. However, This article will help them in guiding how to wipe an iPhone. Also, it would help for those who sold his iPhone to someone and won’t erase all of your data.


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