How to Get Toddler to Stay in Bed in 5 Interesting Ways

how to get toddler to stay in bed

If you are a parent, you already know that toddlers play more and sleep less, and they sometimes skip nap time which can irritate them. And because of the irritation, they scream in the middle of the night. Such a problem can cause trouble for you too. So, it’s better to deal with it. But how? For that, you have to read the detailed information on how to get toddler to stay in bed at night time. Through that, you will learn many things about toddlers and how to make them bed lovers. 

How to Get Toddler to Stay in Bed For a Longer Time

Do you know how to get toddler to stay in bed? If not, then read the below-mentioned five options one by one. With that, get an idea about how you can teach them other interesting things along with healthy or bad sleeping habits.

1. Give Something which Comforts Them

If you are planning to make your toddler stay in bed all alone, you should give them something that can comfort them. That is necessary because they can be afraid of things like being the only one in the room. 

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So, to comfort them, you can give them something like toys. Why toys? Toys can be a best friend when no one is around. And with them, your toddler will feel more comfortable. Apart from toys, you can also give them white noise. This toddler-friendly product is made to make them busy most of the time. 

2. Make Their Room and Bed Fun and Interesting

Toddlers can easily feel irritated if they find nothing which they can call fun and interesting. And providing them with something like that can also become a hectic task for parents. So if you do not know how to get a toddler to stay in bed for a longer time, you try to buy a new bed with animal or cartoon designs. These kinds of designs attract their attention more often. And the most important thing, before you buy the bed, do not forget to check the quality of the bed and its comfort. 

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Apart from that, you can also buy some new blankets, and the pattern must be the same cartoon or animal or any kind of thing which they like. And you can also find some pajamas if they do not like the old ones anymore.

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You can paint the wall with cartoonist characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. Also, you can decorate their rooms with their favorite stuff.

3. Make a Schedule For Your Toddler

After giving them toys and all and changing the look of their rooms and bed, they still are not staying on the bed. Maybe you have not made a schedule for them yet. If you already made that, you need to check the schedule again and make changes according to the needs. For example, if your toddler is not sleeping at night, that may be because they are not feeling tired anymore. We can also say that they have already fulfilled the daily nap time. So, it’s better to make a schedule that includes daily routines, even their nap time. 

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4. Try to Sleep with Your Toddler

When a child’s age is under or above 2 years, they usually feel fear and anxiety and face difficulty in sleeping at night time. Sometimes, they cry all night because of irritation. So, it’s better to sleep with them. That way, they will feel comfortable and also be able to sleep peacefully. 

how to get toddler to stay in bed
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5. Teach Them Sleeping is Not a Bad Habit

Toddlers learn many things from their surroundings, and this is because of the growth hormones. They catch things very fast, and if someone teaches them sleeping is a bad habit, they start to skip it. This is not the only thing they learn; there are many things to consider. However, the most important one is when you punish them for their bad behavior at night time and force them to follow healthy sleeping habits. It leaves a negative impression on them. They can even try to skip the schedule you made for them.

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So, try to stop punishing them; instead of that, you can take their toys or something precious for them. And tell them they will get it back when they sleep and wake up as per their schedule. Also, try to tell them that in a more polite way.

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Moreover, you can also correct them about sleeping as a bad habit by giving them some positive examples. You can even tell them sleeping strengthens the body, which helps fight against germs.


Through the article, we learned five major things about how to get toddler to stay in bed for a longer time. For instance, setting up a bedtime routine and developing a conducive sleep environment are essential strategies to encourage toddlers to stay in bed.

By implementing consistent and predictable customs, like reading a story or having a plunge bath, the progenitor can signal to their child that it’s time to tail off and prepare for sleep. Additionally, ensuring that the bedroom is comfortable, dark, and free from interference can help minimize the plausibility of the child getting out of bed. It’s the foremost thing to address any trepidation that may be contributing to the toddler’s resistance to staying in bed and provide reassurance and comfort when needed.

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