How to Get Help With Money When Starting a Business

how to get help with money

Many people dream of starting a business and making profits. However, before your business starts generating profits, you must find a way to finance its birth.

Finding money to finance a business is never easy, especially when you’re looking for startup funds. Here’s a list of how to get help with money to raise funds for your new business.

Friends and Family

Borrowing from family members or personal friends is a popular funding option for how to get help with money for your business. Needless to say, friends and family members are easier to persuade than anonymous lenders.

They are more likely to overlook your credit score and current account balances when deciding to fund your business. They’re also less likely to impose high-interest rates or stringent repayment terms.

To avoid misunderstandings over money, ensure that you write out all the terms of the loan. That includes the total amount borrowed, the timetable for repayment, and the amount of interest charged.

Banks and Credit Unions

Small business bank loans aren’t always guaranteed. Most banks want an excellent credit score and firm business plans to approve loans. Other banks may require that you invest some cash as proof of commitment to making your business work.

You can improve your chances by seeking out a bank that provides Small Business administration (SBA)-guaranteed loans. Your best bet is a bank that’s familiar with your banking history or one that’s known for lending to new businesses.

Crowdfunding and Crowdlending

If you don’t want to wait to start asking how to get help with money for your new business, start now. Crowdfunding sites are a stepping stone to raising funds from individual supporters across the internet.

You can set up a campaign and quote the target amount— you may or may not create perks for contributors who commit a certain amount of cash. Then, generate money for the campaign over a specific period. Keep in mind that some sites only allow you to access the funds once you attain your goal, while others let you collect whatever amount you’ve raised.


Crowdlending is a variation of crowdfunding. In this model, however, individuals who finance your startup expect a refund of their money. Both models good ideas for business funding options.

Government Grant Programs

This tip on how to get help with money for a startup is often regarded as one of the best sources of money to fund a startup. Unfortunately, a lot of starting businesses don’t qualify.

Government grants are typically provided to particular businesses the government wants to encourage. Providing efficient renewable energy, for example, is a priority for most governments. Startups that focus on renewable energy technologies are in a better position for government funding than others.

Corporate Programs

Some established companies offer financial support to small businesses. Go for corporations that provide programs that support startups. Select programs that support businesses by giving low-interest loans.

Some programs focus on funding companies that might not qualify for bank loans.

Pitch an Angel Investor

While it’s quite difficult to impress an investor to the point of financing a young company, it’s not impossible. If you have the right idea and a feasible business plan, there’s a chance.

When pitching an angel investor, avoid jargon and always have an exit strategy. You also need to show expert knowledge of the market you’re about to conquer and back it up with a game plan.

A majority of angel investors are successful in specific industries and are looking for opportunities with the sectors. Some of these angel investors might not only fund your startup but may also be willing to help by providing guidance based on their experience.

To win over an angel investor, you should assess the market, know your competition, and have sales plans. Don’t be a fad-follower. Angels can spot the difference between a person who wants to cash in on the latest trend and those who are passionate about an idea.

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To help ease investors’ fears, enhance your credibility by including a highly experienced advisor on your management team. Plus, don’t forget to keep in touch. Keeping an angel in the loop on major developments, such as a big sale is an excellent way to start.

Venture Capital

If your young business needs serious funding, finding a venture capital firm to fund you is worthy of your consideration. While venture capital firms often demand firm and in-depth business plans, they are more likely to give you large sums of money.

Venture capitalists directly invest in new businesses in return for equity stakes in the company. They generally invest in several different companies for their clients and hope to profit from them to repay the amounts invested by the clients.

Most venture capital firms tend to be selective, investing only in startups that demonstrate the ability to generate profits. To attract venture capitalists, make your business stand out from the crowd. Also, keep in mind that venture capitalists expect a significant return starting from their initial investments.

Economic Development Programs

There are many different development loan programs, but uncovering one you can tap might be an enterprise in itself. Some even require you to provide a special certificate to qualify.

If you’re a woman, for example, you may want to get your startup certified as a woman-owned company. Certified veterans might also qualify for economic development loans. If you’re from a minority group and the principal owner, you should try to qualify for a special loan.

Take time to search for programs that work best for you and your situation.

Looking for Ways on How to Get Help With Money for Your Business?

Finding the funds needed to start a new business takes serious effort and planning. Fortunately, there exist numerous sources of financial resources, which are attractive to prospective business owners.

Besides, many successful startups are financed with money obtained from various sources. This guide on how to get help with money can be a great starting point for getting your business funded.

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