How to Clean Sperrys At Home

how to clean sperrys at home

Have you ever noticed that your shoes become dirty when you go to the beach in no time? Now, you have to go home and clean them again. But in the end, you find that the dirt is not removed, especially from Sperry’s shoes. Is there any best way to clean your shoes with less time and effort? How to clean sperrys at home by using valuable tips?

Boat shoes, also known as sperrys, are famous among people who go places like the beach. A beach is where footwear can no longer look neat and clean, especially when you wear boat shoes. It gets dirty quickly and takes time to remove dirt until you do not use some solution.

So, to make our shoes neat and give the original form back, we need to clean them. Let’s try our 20 simple ways to decide which is best for you.

How to Clean Sperrys in 20 Simple Ways

Here are the 20 simple ways to clean Sperry:

1. Eraser Shaving

Cleaning shoes is not easy, especially when they get dirty. So for cleaning purposes, you can use eraser shaving, which is first on our list. It helps to remove dirt from your sperrys shoes and make them more attractive and natural.

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But how to clean sperrys by using eraser shaving? You have to rub it on your shoes directly. It helps to maintain the originality of your sperrys without damaging them.

2. Wax

Do you have a boat shoe and want to clean it? But you don’t know which one is best for your shoe. If you have questions like these, then you can use wax. You have to apply paste wax and wait for it to clean dirt from your boat shoes and restore their natural colour and shine.

how to clean sperrys at home
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3. Oil

We use different kinds of oils for different purposes, and here are some used to clean shoes as well. But which one is used to clean sperrys shoes? Cooking oil is used to clean sperrys shoes. You must use it directly on the shoe’s surface and leave it for at least 7 to 8 hours. After that, you need to clean it off by using cloth, especially soft cloth.

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If you are still confused about which type of cooking oil you need, go with any cooking oil.

4. Toothpaste (Flavour)

Toothpaste is one of those options used to remove stains from shoes without much effort. The best part is that it is easy to use and does not take much time. But it isn’t easy if you don’t know how to clean sperrys with toothpaste.

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So what you have to do is, you need to apply toothpaste on the soles and then scrub it gently. Then wait for some time and wash off with running water. But before washing off, you must confirm that all the stains are no longer visible.

5. Metal Polish

Shoes like boats have cleaning problems that can not be dealt with efficiently until we do something about this. But what can we do, especially when it has scrape marks? There are many ways, but metal polish is one of the best.

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You must combine water and metal polish with equal proportions, then apply the mixture on the shoe’s surface and brush it with a toothbrush. After that, you have to use a soft cloth to clean the shoe’s surface and wait a few moments to show its original look.

6. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is the next option to clean boat shoes. It helps to maintain the shine by polishing the surface and also helps to remove unwanted scratches. But first, you need to decide which one to use. If you have no idea, you can use Vaseline, suitable for cleaning and covering the scratches. It also helps to maintain the shine of your boat shoes.

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But how to use petroleum jelly on boat shoes? First, you need to put petroleum jelly on the outer part of the sperrys. Second, use a towel or something like that to remove the grease. Third, leave them for a few moments in the air. Your shoes are ready to wear again.

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7. Dry Cloth

Do you know that sperrys or boat shoes are easy to clean using a dry material? Whenever we think about a dry material, a microfiber towel comes first in our minds. But why microfiber towels? This is because the strains and scrapes can easily be removed with the help of microfiber towels.

how to clean sperrys at home
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8. Dish Soap

We all know what the primary use of dish soap in daily life is. It is used to clean dishes and remove stubborn dirt from them. But did you know that dish soap is also used to clean boat shoes? Sperrys can easily be cleaned with dish soap.

You have to add water to the dish soap and mix it well. After that, use a brush to scrub the surface of the shoes and then wash them off with running water.

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But the question is, why do we need to use dish soap? It is because dish soap has the property to take oil and stains out of the surface of the shoes. So, it is a good option for stubborn grease stains.

9. Lemon Juice

Boat shoes become difficult to clean if there are hard stains available. Hard stains are a collection of complex chemical bonds that are difficult to break. It requires energy and an agent to break it into small particles. For that purpose, you have to use an agent like lemon juice which has the property to break down complex bonds into simple bonds.

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Lemon juice can easily remove the stains and make your shoe stain-free again. But how to clean sperrys by using lemon juice at home. You need fresh lemon juice and a cotton ball for that purpose. After that, apply it on the stained part and scrub for almost 5 to 10 minutes, then wash it off with running water.

10. Baking Soda

Baking soda is considered one of the best options for cleaning boat shoes in just 15 minutes. But what you have to do to clean your shoes is you have to take water and baking soda as the primary cleaning agent. Then, mix them well until they become a thick paste. Apply the paste directly on the surface and wait 15 to 20 minutes. After that, you must scrub the stained areas with a brush before washing them off with fresh water.

how to clean sperrys at home
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11. Alcohol

If you are looking for an option to remove scrape marks from your sperrys then Alcohol is the best option to make it possible. You can use it anytime without worrying about the result because it can remove all scrape marks in just one round.

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But it is useless if you don’t follow the secret tips, so what are the secret tips and how to clean sperrys by using these secret tips? The secret tip is to take dish soap and Alcohol out equally in a container, then apply them on the stained parts. Scrub all the areas gently with a toothbrush, then wait some time. Now rinse it off with water and wait till it becomes dry again. After that, apply the shoe polish on the surface and see the shine of your boat shoes.

12. Ammonia

Ammonia is one of the best options to remove tough stains from boat shoes. All you have to do is take out one teaspoon of detergent, water and three tablespoons of white vinegar. Add them to a container and mix them until the solution becomes slightly thick. Now scrub the solution on sperrys surface with a toothbrush, then wash it off with running water or freshwater.

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13. WD-40

As we all know that dark coloured leather is used to make sperrys. So, we can use another option that is good for removing stains. It is mainly used to see quick results because it does not take much time. You have to spray WD-40 on the stained parts and wait for a few minutes, then clean it off with a piece of old cloth.

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14. Milk

If you are one of those people who are looking for how to clean sperrys with milk, then this option is made for you. Milk is counted as one of the best options to remove dirt, stains, and dust. It can be used to clean sperrys with minimum effort. All you have to do is to dip cotton balls in milk and then scrub it on areas where you see stains. After that, you need to rinse it off with running water.

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If you find that the tough stains are still there and easily visible to you, then you have to use dishwashing liquid. It is an excellent agent to remove all the remaining stains in a day. So what you have to do to clean your boat shoes is. You need to put powder over the applied place of dishwashing liquid and wait for a few minutes. Now then you have to clean it off with an old cloth.

15. Toothpaste (White)

Toothpaste, especially white ones, is an excellent option to see results quickly. You must apply it on your sperrys surface and rub it gently until scrape or scratch marks are gone.

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Remember that you need to apply it directly on the outer part, not the inner parts of the sperrys.

16. Vinegar

When we are talking about cleaning boat shoes, how can we forget vinegar? Vinegar is considered one of the most reliable options for cleaning dirt and stains. It works the same as dishwashing liquid and removes stain grease from the soles of sperrys.

how to clean sperrys at home
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17. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent which is used to clean dirt easily. It removes the effects of dirt by reacting in the solution. Not only that, but it is also beneficial for stains as well. 

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Suppose you are familiar with hydrogen peroxide and looking for how to clean sperrys with the help of hydrogen peroxide. Then, all you have to do is spray the solution on the outer surface of sperrys and wait for a minute. After that, clean it off with a piece of old cloth.

18. Hairdryer

Hairdryer is the best option for your old boat shoes because it can remove stains from the sole. It works mainly on hard stains and makes your shoes new again.

how to clean sperrys at home
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You have to heat the stained parts with a hairdryer and then clean it off with a piece of old or damp cloth for a better result. Now you will find your old boat shoes look neat and clean again.

19. Rubbing Alcohol

Whenever we find the outer part of sperrys dirtier than before, we use rubbing Alcohol to clean it off. Rubbing Alcohol helps to remove dirt from the surface through sanitation. It also helps to remove oily stains from that. Even though it does not look that much effective, it is one of those questions to give you an answer to how to clean sperrys with sanitation.

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You need to take a cotton ball and dip it in a rubbing alcohol solution, then apply it directly on the stained parts for a better result. After that, rub it gently and clean it off with a piece of old cloth.

20. Water

The last one and the most common option is water. We all know that water has the property to clean dirt and remove oily stains from the object. But it requires a cleaning agent such as soap and detergent to remove them from your old or new sperrys.

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You have to take water in a container and then add detergent or soap solution to it and mix well. Then wait for a moment and put your sperrys in it and gently scrub it with a toothbrush. This way, you will find a better result with water.


Whenever you find your sperrys dirty, you can clean them off with our 20 different ways of how to clean sperrys without any expensive methods. Try these simple ways at home to make your old boat shoes new again.

If you want to use other methods, such as expensive and time-consuming methods, you can use them too. But it requires too much effort. So we have made it simple for you by providing our simple, cheap, time and effort-less options. You can use them anytime without worrying about the result that much.

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