How To Be A Great Salesman For Your Own Products: Insider Business Tips For Rookies

How To Be A Great Salesman For Your Own Products: Insider Business Tips For Rookies

With more than 28.8 million small businesses located in America, making your small business stand out from the rest of the competition can be difficult. This can be especially true if you’re not a great salesman and struggle to find ways to promote your own products.

Having the added pressure of knowing that more than two-thirds of all small businesses survive for less than two years, it can be stressful trying to make sure that your business stays afloat and stands out from your competitors.

But, learning how to be a great salesman is one of the largest keys to ensuring the success of your business. That’s why today, we have this complete guide on how to become a great salesman so you can start raking in the sales your business deserves!

How To Be A Great Salesman

So, what exactly does it take to develop sales leader skills and become an amazing salesman?

Realize That Sales Are A Process

No, the salespeople that you used to work with (or currently still do) aren’t born with a special ability that you weren’t born with. Broken down to it’s the simplest form, sales is a technology and science.

Part of the process includes learning new strategies for speaking with potential customers, understand what your products offer to different types of customers, and how to advertise your product to fit those different client’s needs.

If you’ve been looking at the process of making sales as an art and not a process, you’ve been missing out.

Make Sure To Stay Disciplined

Another key part of being a good salesman is to make sure that you stay disciplined. There are going to be some instances where you will need to go above and beyond the call of duty to close a sale. Learning how to be a better salesman includes learning how to develop a focused and disciplined with your work.

Improve Your Listening Skills

Being a good salesman isn’t about talking about how great your products are. A successful salesman is a great listener and is constantly engaged with their customers.

When looking to potentially sell to a new buyer, listening and engaging with a customer to build upon a deep and meaningful conversation will help to build a solid relationship between you and potential buyers. Of course, this is going to be one of the hardest skills to develop, as it’s a natural instinct to want to talk about great your product is rather than listening to what your buyer has to say.

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But, listening to what your buyer has to say will help you to discover new information or problems that your customer is experiencing, which will allow you to provide your customer with a better position for your product!

Personalization Matters

No, we’re not saying that you have to take the time to find a way to personalize your product to each individual client. Instead, take time to find ways to personalize the way that you’re speaking to your customers.

Don’t follow along with a script that approaches customers with a one-size-fits-all answer. One of the easiest steps that you can take towards becoming a great salesman is to find a way to learn as much as you can about your potential clients.

Once you learn all that you possibly can about your potential clients, you can customize your message to help encourage customers to realize that your product is the best solution for their needs or problems.

Take Care of Yourself

In order to be the best salesman that you can possibly be, you need to realize that it’s important to take care of yourself. Making sure that you’re getting enough sleep every night, staying hydrated, exercising, eating healthy meals, and taking brain breaks all help you to become a better salesman.

If you don’t take proper care of yourself and ensure that you’re getting enough rest, you’ll have a hard time focusing and staying motivated. After all, when you’re looking to become a better salesman, making sure that you have your focus and motivation is an absolute essential.

Practice Being Enthusiastic

There are many salespeople that get caught in the trap of thinking that they have to be cheerful, which often ends up backfiring on them, as it often comes off as insincere.

Being cheerful and being enthusiastic aren’t the same thing. Coming across as an enthusiastic salesman means coming across with confidence and attentiveness. Not only does this help to make you come across as more genuine and honest, it can really help to transform the buying experience for your client.

Believe In What You’re Selling

Even if you’ve convinced yourself that you’ll never have any chance of ever being a good salesman, ask yourself this question:

Would you buy the product that you’re selling?

When you’re passionate about a product, it’s a lot easier to sell it. Effective salespeople believe in the products that they’re selling and truly believe in the value of their product.

Are you not 100% in love with what you’re selling? That’s okay! Take some time to find and read through some positive and informative reviews or testimonials from customers.

Finding out how your product has influenced or changed the lives of other people is certainly motivating and can help to enforce your passion for the product that you’re trying to sell. Not to mention that you could always use the reviews and/or testimonials that you’ve found to show potential customers that are on the fence about buying your product!

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Don’t Forget To Build Personal Relationships

You’ve probably already heard this before, but personal relationships can really help to improve your game as a salesman.

Remembering people’s names, important dates, or hobbies that your potential customer has really helps you to connect with them on a personal level. Keep in mind that as a salesman, building relationships helps you to build your capital.

Rejection Doesn’t Equal Failure

Every day isn’t going to be a win and that’s okay! There are going to be some buyers that don’t like you and not every deal is going to close the way you wanted it to.

That’s just what comes with the job.

While it’s definitely frustrating to have a day (or even a week) filled with rejections, understand that rejection is part of your job. Don’t let a rejection or a handful of rejections hold you back and take up all of your focus.

Instead of harping on why you haven’t successfully landed a new client or closed any deals, take time to examine what went wrong in the deal. If you’re able to, ask for the opinions of other salespeople on your team about how you could have improved or stepped up your game with a specific sale.

Most importantly, make sure that you’re always moving forward and working towards finding ways to improve your work as a salesman!

Shadow Other Salespeople

Still not sure how you can work towards being a better salesman? If possible, take some time to shadow your peers. Find a salesperson in the company that you look up to or is the highest performing salesperson in the office and see if you could shadow them while they’re making calls or writing e-mails.

Learning from the people that you work with or work around is a great way to learn how to sell products in your own business!

Freshen Up Your People Skills

If you struggle with small talk, you need to take some time to freshen up your people skills. A crucial part of learning how to be a great salesman is ensuring that you’re confident in your people skills.

Pay attention to the things that make people laugh, the topics that make people uncomfortable, the body language that you display that makes people feel comfortable and at ease.

Whether you’re throwing a party or you plan on attending a conference or some sort of networking event, work on finding ways to connect with people. If a professional setting feels like too much stress, you can go to restaurants or bars to start working towards strengthening your people skills!

Wrapping It Up

There are many different factors that go into learning how to be a great salesman, but it’s entirely possible to improve your sales game!

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