Home remedies for uti- 15 Best home remedies for uti in 2020

Home remedies for uti

Uti is one of the most irritating issues of the human body, especially for women. I have a reason for saying that because women have high chances of UTI problems. And the survey also says the same thing. Naturally, women have this problem more than men. Behind the UTI problem, somewhere, we are the culprits. Many times we don’t obey the rules or don’t follow the margins. Because of our irresponsibility, we suffer from this problem. Some people take proper medicine regularly or accept medical treatment from certified doctors. But apart from the drugs, we should pay heed to the home remedies for uti. 


What is UTI: 

 Uti means urinary tract infection. It is one kind of disease in our urinary system. Our urinary system is big enough. There are many parts of our urinary system. The infection causes in our kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra. This problem can happen to anyone. But significantly, women are affected by the disorder mostly. The survey also says that women are the worst victim of this problem. There is another survey about men. 1 in 10 men get this UTI problem in their lifetime. So we can think that the UTI problem is infrequent among men or boys. 

After a lot of prevention, women couldn’t escape this problem. Most women have to bear the pain in their lifetime.

 Especially pregnant women have to pay this much. This thing is so pathetic for a pregnant woman to handle this. Here we come to the symptoms of UTI problems. When you are going to pee, you can have a burning feeling while peeing. That’s a severe symptom and a harsh feeling to feel. There are more reasons; You will feel or intend to pee now and then. And then a little amount will come out when you do. The pee would be cloudy, dark, and bloody in colour. 

And then the pee would smell different from regular days.


 As the UTI problem affects the body, the person gets weak. They can’t move properly and can’t do their work like always. Usually, their body shakes in this problem. Uti patients may have fever and chills. Fever is one of the most muscular symptoms of the UTI problem. Colds are one sign that says that the UTI problem has reached the kidneys or the bladders. If the UTI problem comes from the kidney or bladder, that would be very problematic and pathetic. 

Types of UTI:

Infections are of many types. Different types of diseases have various symptoms and treatments. The difference depends on the symptoms. Our urinary system has many parts. It is divided into many sections. The infection name is based on the region where the infection occurs. There are three types of disease. 

1.Cystitis: It happens in the bladder. When you feel like pee, again and again, it is cystitis UTI. Then you get hurt while pee and feel badly lower belly pain that is cystitis UTI.

2.pyelonephritis: This kind of UTI problem happens in the kidneys. And this is quite dangerous. It is more harmful than other types of UTI problems. It can cause many issues like fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and severe pain in the upper back. These things are not suitable for your health.  

3.Urethretis: This kind of UTI problem causes burning while you pee. Sometimes it is hazardous for the patient. It causes discharge while peeing. 


Causes of uti: 

There is always a reason for every problem. So here it is. There are also some reasons for women’s UTI problems. Some reasons are produced naturally; some reasons are created because of women’s unconsciousness. Let us talk about natural reasons and practical reasons. So the first reason is women’s unconsciousness. Doctors always tell women to wash appropriately and wipe from front to back after using the bathroom. It is one of the most significant reasons for urinary tract infection. Doctors always warn women to take care of hygiene after using the restroom. Especially for pregnant women, this is a significant issue.

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They have to take special care of that time. And then come to the next reason. There is a tube that carries pee from the bladder to the outside of the body. And it is called the urethra. The urethra is close to the anus. Anus means our large intestine. From this large intestine, various bacteria such as E.coli can sometimes get out of the anus and get into the urethra. From the urethra, the bacteria can travel to the bladder and can damage the kidneys. Women have a shorter urethra than men. That’s the thing that makes women infected faster. That’s why women get UTI problems more than men.


Having too much sex can increase the chances of getting a UTI. Some UTI reasons are natural. Some women get UTI problems because of their genes. The shape of their urinary tract is a biological reason for UTI. Many women have diabetes in their life. Women have weak immune systems who have diabetes; those women have a risk for suffering from UTI. There are causes of UTI. Hormone changes cause UTI problems. Sometimes kidney stones, stroke, and spinal cord injury cause UTI problems a lot.   


Home remedies for uti part 1: 

Every person has some problem with their health. So the UTI problem is one kind of urinary problem. Urinary tract infection. Sometimes the patient gets so weak that they can’t move and can’t go to the doctor or take suggestions from the doctor. So home remedies are the best option. We can prevent UTI problems with this. So I have told you earlier that drinking a lot of fluid can increase UTI, but only before going to bed. Because this results in frequent urination, But drinking water can decrease the problem of UTI. Water keeps the metabolism straight. Water can treat UTI.



Sometimes many women keep their pee when they need to go. That results in a dangerous situation. is the first step to UTI. That’s why they should go to the washroom when they need it. It keeps the urinary system clean and tidy. They can drink cranberry juice mainly to prevent the instant pain of UTI. Usually, all kinds of liquid can get relief from UTI, but cranberry juice has some exceptional quality to get relief from UTI. It is one of the best home remedies for UTI. Typically doctors give women antibiotics to get relief from the UTI, but there is an alternative to antibiotics. They are probiotics.



Women need to eat a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps the urinary system acidic, because of acidic the UTI gets weakened. Thus vitamin C cures the UTI problem. It is one of the best home remedies for uti.



Home remedies for uti part 2: 

So there are many home remedies for people who suffer from UTI. In the previous paragraph, we have talked about some home remedies. We will elaborate on some other home remedies for uti. Women have to wear cotton underwear from natural fibre to ensure that the urethra stays clean. Too tight undergarments block airflow; because of that, bacteria went into the urethra. Women don’t have to douche. They have to take care of that. In our urinary system, not only harmful bacteria but also there are good bacterias too. The good bacteria are for our good.


 Our urinary system prevents harmful bacteria, and good bacteria help our urinary system. Douche always gets away with all kinds of bacteria. For this, our good bacteria wash away. And this is very harmful to the urinary system. Sometimes the soap could be the reason for UTI. Then they suffer from UTI. Soaps that are full of the base can harm our skin. This thing creates infection in the urinary tract. Women have to avoid spermicides. Spermicides are one kind of birth control inserted into the vagina before sex to kill the sperm. Spermicides irritate. It also has a particular defect that it fails the natural bacterial protection in the urinary tract.

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 While UTI, using spermicides is prohibited. Heat in the private area is one of the best options for getting relief from the pain. Heat around the pelvic area for 15 minutes can make a big difference. For getting relief from the UTI women should eat more garlic. Garlic is a good way to develop the immune system. It prevents the UTI. Women should eat less sugar to prevent the UTI.       

Risk factor: 

Urinary tract infections are caused by microbes such as bacteria. The bacteria break the urinary system shield and harm the urinary tract. They can affect the kidney, bladder, ureters, urethra, and the tubes run between them. The kidney and the ureters are part of the upper urinary tract. The bladder and the urethra are the central part of the lower urinary tract. The upper urinary tract and lower urinary tract are the part of the urinary system. Most of the women suffer from UTI. 


Over 50 percent of women suffer from urinary tract infections at least one in their lifetime. 20 or 30 percent of women experience recurrent urinary tract infections in their lifetime. Ordinarily, pregnant women don’t get UTIs, but when a pregnant woman suffers from UTI, they suffer a lot from this. It primarily affects the baby. It is because of changes in the body during pregnancy that affects the urinary system. 


As the UTI harms the pregnant and the infant, all the pregnant women are tested for the UTI using their urine. If the bacteria is in the tube which runs between the urethra and the bladder, it causes dangerous harm. Even if they have no symptoms, they all are treated with antibiotics and probiotics to prevent spread. 


Frequently asked questions on home remedies for uti:


Question-1: Can a UTI go on its own? 

Answer: A bladder infection can be cured on its own, but usually, UTI doesn’t go smoothly. For fixing UTI problems, the only relief is antibiotics. Antibiotics help to get rid of the instant pain. So it is not always possible to get rid of UTI problems.

 Question-2: What is the best thing to do during a urinary tract infection? 

Answer: The patient has to drink a lot of water. Water helps to dilute the urine and flush away the urine. The patient has to avoid drinks like coffee, alcohol, caffeine, soft drinks until the infection is cleared. 

Question-3: How to sleep with UTI? 

Answer: The patient has to maintain some protocols during UTI. She has to drink less fluid before going to bed. She has to use an incontinence pad or wear incontinence pants. It can partially prevent urinating in sleep. 

Question-4: Which food has to be avoided? 

Answer: The patient has to avoid junk and beverage, which can worsen the bladder or worsen the situation. Caffeinated coffees or sodas, soft drinks, alcohol, spicy food, acidic fruits. These foods can worsen pain and the situation.



The main thing is to relieve the pain of UTI. So for instant relief, we need to use home remedies for uti. The patient can not go to the doctor or take medicine on time. Every time it is not possible for doctors to take suggestions or take medication. Then the patient has to use home remedies. If the patient can use the home remedies for uti properly, they can get rid of the pain quickly. The home remedies for uti are simple, cheap, and trustworthy. Anyone can get instant relief by using home remedies. These are the best natural way to be fit and fine while in this situation. 


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