Good spy apps: How Can Find Out Which Website Has Been Visited

good spy apps

If you want to know the websites visited from a cell phone, there are several ways on how to do it. One of these is that you can just check the browser history of the device. However, if you cannot access the device, you may try using good Spy apps like FlexiSpy.

So, what is FlexiSpy?

Basically, FlexiSpy is a really Good spy app or a monitoring app that you can use for checking the websites visited, the texts sent and received, the calls received, track location, and so much more. It can also do the following:

Listen, intercept, and record on live phone calls

Spy on social media sites and instant messengers

Record VoIP calls

Spy on emails, photos, and SMS

Good Spy apps

The good thing about FlexiSpy is that it offers hassle-free installation service and runs in visible or hidden mode.

If installed, it takes full control of the cell phone, allowing you to a good spy apps on every activity and communication from any computer with web browsers or its mobile viewer app called FlexiVIEW.

What Can FlexiSpy Do for You and How It Can Help You Find Out the Websites Visited?

With its features, FlexiSpy delivers information that no other spy app can. These include monitoring all messaging forms such as IM chat apps, email, and SMS. It also tracks GPS locations, web history, videos, and photos. It also includes Android keylogger that allows you to know what’s typed on the device. The unique features of FlexiSpy include the ability to record and listen to live phone calls and phone surroundings.

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FlexiSpy also provides you clues that no other monitoring app can. It also enables you to track every web history from the web browser. With this, you can check all the websites visited from a cell phone. You can event get the date and time of every visit. Every URL uploaded to online account. You can check out the visited websites any time you want.

Why This Feature is Important for a good spy apps?

FlexiSpy enables you to be updated on the web browsing activities of your target user. See every URL uploaded to your Dashboard online and click every URL to visit directly. The captured information by FlexiSpy is encrypted and sent to secure online portal. You can use the web browser or mobile app of FlexiSpy to browse data, set alerts, carry out searches, generate reports, and more.

The portal of FlexiSpy includes some features such as:

  • Download recorded calls in bulk with the use of their unique download manager
  • Individual dashboards are available to handle different devices at once enabling you to easily keep track of your family or workforce.
  • GPS Navigator Widget is available to manage coordinates for use in some tracking apps
  • You can also use the FlexiSpy alert wizard. It tracks hot words in messages and knows when the device enters the location of interest.