Frevolutionary Smartphone will further Blur the Boundary between Gaming and Gambling

Frevolutionary Smartphone will further Blur the Boundary between Gaming and Gambling

Samsung Bows to GenZ with a Powerful Sub-₹15,000 Offer- Frevolutionary 

The freshly announced Samsung Galaxy F23 5G comes packed with an array of first-ever features unseen before in the medium smartphone segment in India while pegged at a price of only ₹14,999. Supplied with a number of powerful hardware and software perks with a focus on superb gaming and partying experience, Samsung’s new “Frevolutionary” addition to the Galaxy F Series is specially curated for GenZ users recognizing their lead in the world of mobile gaming.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is equipped with an unseen before in the F Series Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G Processor whose incredibly fast and powerful performance guarantees superb HDR gaming experience even on heavier games. The processor’s power allows for advanced on-device AI functions, and pending 5G rollout in the country will allow the device to further show off with its performance.

The 6.5” full-HD+ Infinity-U 120 Hz Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Display is also a first-ever addition to the Galaxy F Series and provides an extra smooth swiping experience combined with sturdiness to accidental drops. The unseen before in this price class extra high refresh rate of 120 Hz is set to frevolutionise gaming and browsing.

The Voice Focus, RAM Plus, and Power Cool Tech first-ever features included in the new Samsung Galaxy F23 5G make it an even more desirable gaming and party smartphone. Enabling the Voice Focus function will make your voice heard clearly when calling amids the wildest and noisiest of parties, concerts or other such loud environments by cutting out the surrounding noise.

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The Ram Plus feature doubles the installed RAM by a smart use of the internal storage, for example the intelligent memory expansion will give you an effective 12 GB of RAM if you have chosen the 6 GB RAM variant of the phone. The Power Cool Tech function ensured many hours of heavy-duty use with no heating issues. Both features make up for a perfect and smooth gaming, streaming and browsing experiences.

The New Smartphone will Strengthen the Transition from Passive to Active Sports Audiences- Frevolutionary 

New trending immersive crossover gaming and betting genres have joined more traditional online cricket betting and sportsbooks genres so that young and tech-savvy Indians are spearheading a noticeable conversion from a passive to active sports audience. Now, with the excellent performance of this affordable but quite powerful device in their hands, desi GenZ users will only strengthen the transition and have the boundaries between gaming and gambling get even more blurred.

Frevolutionary  Genres such as electronic sports or eSports, online fantasy sports and virtual simulated leagues have been gaining wider recognition and prominence over the last few years. Equipping GenZ with new powerful devices that come with excellent performance to consume these new media on will add more fuel to the fire and online gaming will be normalized further.

Classic betting on real-life sports events is now facing direct competition from video game-based eSports where human players can join AI teams and compete in single matches or whole leagues with professional or semi-professional players. There already are electronic variants of all popular sports including eCricket, eFootball, eBasketball and others with rising viewership figures making them a profitable industry.

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Online fantasy sports created India’s first gaming unicorn Dream11 and have proven themselves to be a powerful engagement tool, increasing sports viewership and active interest in analytical websites, discussion forums and YouTube channels.

The sheer number of high-profile sponsorship contracts with sports stars and partnerships with prominent teams and franchises, including even the acquisition of the Indian Premier League sponsorship title rights, is further testament to the genre’s growing popularity and media exposure.

Even more novel is the genre of Simulated Reality Leagues (SLRs) which offers simulated live scores in text without video streaming. SLR algorithms are based on real-world factors, track records and statistics, known player history, mental and physical form, weather conditions and many more elements that a gamer can research and consider before placing a bet. This preponderates an element of skill in playing SLR, just like online fantasy sports, thus raising interest among young Indians gamers.

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