Foods High In Magnesium – Why Do We Require Magnesium Infused Food?

Foods high in magnesium


Introduction to foods high in Magnesium

We, the humans have some basic rights. Basically, we have 5 basic rights and one of them is food. Food is one of the most important things in our life as we can not survive without this. Food keeps us healthier. But, all the foods available here are not healthy. But, we have the necessity to keep our body healthy. People all over the world are very conscious about health. We also need some minerals in our foods because these minerals help us to grow healthier. One of those minerals is Magnesium. Our body needs a certain amount of Magnesium through food as it helps us to be stronger. But what to eat? What are the foods high in Magnesium? To help you in this, we are here with “Foods High In Magnesium – Why Do We Require Magnesium Infused Food?”


Foods high in Magnesium


From the former sections, we have learned more about the advantages, health benefits, disadvantages of Magnesium for human bodies. To keep our bodies healthy, we must take Magnesium to a perfect level. At first, we said that we ignore this particular mineral just because of our ignorance. To have a healthy body, we must have a balanced diet with the perfect amount of minerals.


Now, this is the most remarkable section of this writing “Foods High In Magnesium – Why Do We Require Magnesium Infused Food?” But why is this the most fantastic section? It is the most fantastic section because, in this section, we will be learning about foods high in Magnesium. We are going to understand the quantity, the quality of these. So then, are you excited about this? Then, let’s dive into “Foods High In Magnesium – Why Do We Require Magnesium Infused Food?”


Most people do not get the needed amount of Magnesium. For their ease, we are here with a massive list of foods high in Magnesium. Remember, you must take these foods with the consultation of your nutritionist as everybody has a different need for Magnesium. Again, in this list, we will provide you with the serving size of some specific foods. Here, you will get the list divided into some particular food types. So then, let’s get started.

Dark Chocolate 

Chocolate is a food that most people love, which has variations. Dark chocolate is one of the best interpretations of chocolate. We can call it the food of ultimate happiness. That is not just because dark chocolate is delicious but also for the health benefits that we get from it. We can see that dark chocolate contains a natural hormone-like part named phenylethylamine if we go down through the elements. This element helps in releasing endorphins that make us feel good.

This is also good for health as it contains polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants boost heart health and lower cholesterol. Again, we all know chocolate is made of cocoa, and cocoa is high in Magnesium. Dark chocolate contains 70%-95% cocoa. That means dark chocolate is one of the foods high in Magnesium. So, for every 100 grams of dark chocolate, we will get approximately 228 mg of Magnesium. So then, we can choose dark chocolate to fulfill our Magnesium level.

White Beans 

Beans are excellent to eat, to keep the body fit. If we say specifically, then white beans are the most helpful beans for us. These are a fantastic source of folate, fiber, and also Magnesium. White beans help us in lowering heart disease risks. These also help in type-2 diabetes: stroke and high blood pressure. A high intake of white beans always helps in fighting these diseases. 

Now, if we talk about Magnesium in white beans, then the ratio is so high. So, we will get a whopping 190 mg of Magnesium for every 100 grams of white beans. Remember, other legumes like white beans such as fava beans, pinto beans, and navy beans are also excellent Magnesium sources. So, eat all of these as per your need. 

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Black Beans 

In the previous section, we got  about white beans and their benefits. Black beans also have many health benefits. Black beans are also a part of legumes, and it is a vegetarian staple. These are high in proteins, low in cholesterol and fat. Again, these are so rich in Magnesium. Let’s talk about health benefits. Black beans work in strengthening the bones, managing diabetes, and also in improving heart health. 

If we talk about the richness in Magnesium, we can say it is also somewhat similar to white beans. We can get 171 mg of Magnesium for 100 grams of black beans. This amount of Magnesium is also mixed with lots of phosphorus and calcium. Black beans also have fibers and contain antioxidants, which are so helpful for us. It is so easy to cook. It would be best if you cooked it yourself to get the best of it.

Pumpkin and Squash Seeds 

Now, here we are with some of our favorite snacks that are also rich in Magnesium. So, what are these? These are pumpkin seeds and squash seeds. These two types of seeds are incredibly delicious and too nutritious snacks. These snacks do not only contain Magnesium but also contain protein and iron. 1 ounce or around 142 seeds provide us 8 mg of iron and 30 grams of protein. These also have amino acid tryptophan at a high level. So, a handful of sources can help us in relaxing.

Now, let’s come back to the richness of Magnesium. You won’t believe that 1 ounce of pumpkin and squash seeds can provide us with 168 mg of Magnesium. It is quite exceptional in amount. For this, pumpkin seeds and squash seeds can be very excellent food for Magnesium.


Now, here we are with a unique fruit that is also rich in Magnesium. So, what is the fruit? The fruit is named Plantains. It is not a common fruit among us, but it is exceptionally rich in Magnesium. In tropical countries, this fruit is common, and these fruits are a staple for millions of tropical people. These plantains are a great source of starch energy. The plantains are so tasty to eat. These fruits also have potassium, vitamin A, iron, vitamin B, and B6. So, this fruit provides us with health benefits, along with reducing cardiovascular disease risk. Again, these fruits also help in reducing symptoms of stress. 

So, let’s talk about the richness of Magnesium in these fruits. You will be amazed by knowing that one medium-sized plantain fruit can provide you 109 mg of Magnesium, which is quite a right amount. Therefore, these fruits are so easy to eat. You have to slice them up and then pan-fry to have a tasty snack. So then this is the first fruit we can enlist in the foods high in Magnesium list.


In the former sections, we have learned about many food items that are packed with Magnesium. Now, it is time to go to the other side of food diversity. This section will talk about fish, which is an excellent source of Magnesium for our bodies. So then, the fish is mackerel. 

Mackerel fish is an excellent fish for our health as it contains many nutritional elements such as vitamin B12, bone-healthy omega-three acids, etc. It is hard to have vitamin B through red meats. So, it is easy to absorb vitamin B through this fish. Omega-three fatty acid is also much helpful for our bones. 

Mow, let’s talk about the Magnesium. For every 100 grams of mackerel, we can get 98 mg of Magnesium, which is so good. So, this cold-water fatty fish adds more Magnesium to our menu and helps us to get healthier. Therefore, please do not ignore the canned version of this fish as it also contains the same nutrition. Before buying the canned mackerel, make sure to check on the labels as it can be of higher sodium. So then, we can consider mackerel and canned mackerel in the list of foods high in Magnesium.

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After all of those foods, this time, we have a vegetable in this section. The specific vegetable is packed with nutritious elements like Magnesium, iron, etc. So, the particular vegetable is spinach, which we can consider this also in the list of foods high in Magnesium.


Spinach is fully packed with Magnesium. Specifically, when the spinach is cooked, the amount of Magnesium gets increased. Basically, cooked spinach becomes much smaller in size compared to raw spinach. For instance, if you cook a pound of raw spinach, you will get just one cup of cooked spinach. For this, you will consume a smaller amount, but you will get the nutritional content of a whole pound of spinach. What can be better than this? So, we can get 87 mg of Magnesium from every 100 grams of cooked spinach. One hundred grams of cooked spinach is just around a little more than half of a cup.

Therefore, we know spinach is also high in iron. So, if you eat this along with many other vegetables, you will get a healthy meal with an outstanding nutritional value. So then, you can get just Magnesium by eating cooked spinach and also can get many more minerals by eating with other vegetables. Lastly, this is now your decision on how you want to eat your spinach.


This is the section where we have brought to you a very nutritious and delicious food that belongs to the nuts. So, what is it? It is Almonds. You won’t find many people who do not like almonds. Maximum people all over the globe love eating almonds. Many people avoid nuts to lose their weight, but for this, they can also suffer from Magnesium deficiency. Among the big group of nuts, Almond is the lowest-calorie nuts. Almonds provide us 146 calories for every ounce. Again, almonds contain calcium, Magnesium, protein, vitamin E and also manganese. These elements are so good for our health.

The calcium of almonds helps us in building our bones. These nuts also provide us with heart-healthy fats. One ounce of almonds gives us with 76.3 mg of calcium. So, what about Magnesium? One ounce of almonds, which is most probably a large handful of almonds, provides us with 76.5 mg of Magnesium which is vast in amount. So, we can consider almonds in the list of foods high n Magnesium. There we have a fun fact for you. Almonds have more nutritious and delicious elements more than the other nuts. These nutritional elements of almonds make us healthier if we take it regularly.


So, the following foods are some of the best foods that are high in Magnesium. There are many more, but these are the best. So, this is up to you what you would choose for foods high in Magnesium. 


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers of foods high in Magnesium


Question-1: Does the periodic table contain Magnesium?

Answer: Yes, the periodic table contains Magnesium. 


Question-2: Which foods one should eat to have the perfect level of Magnesium?

Answer: Basically, the types depend on the earmarked people. A person having a proper level of Magnesium, then she can eat regular foods containing standard level of Magnesium. 


Question-3: What could be the hazard level of Magnesium for us?

Answer: The hazard level of Magnesium for our body is above 6.0.


Question-4: What could be the protective level of Magnesium level for us?

Answer: The protective level for a human body is 3.5-4.0 normally.


Conclusion of foods high in Magnesium

We started this article “Foods High In Magnesium – Why Do We Require Magnesium Infused Food?” with a specific goal. That specific goal was to help you with every information about the need of Magnesium for our body through this. We mentioned all the facts, tidings about foods high in Magnesium. We hope you find it reliable and believable. Thank you for staying with us.


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