Fitbit inspire hr bands reviews

fitbit inspire hr bands

Fitness is one of the essential elements in our lives, and it’s critical to track different aspects to determine how healthy we are living in. Fitbit Inspire HR bands are among the most popular smart bands that you can get in the game. It’s an entry-level band, but there are arguably so many features to it that make it one of the smart bands to have. I like having a good-looking, smart band in my hand, which will help me track so many activities in a day that I want to. Fitbit calls its heart monitors on their products. Fitbit Sensors bands has a censor right under the display that rests on your wrist as you wear the band.

There are two different types of Fitbit Inspire HR bands. There is one with a heart rate sensor while there is another one with no heart rate sensor. We will look at the Fitbit Inspire HR bands in depth from the hardware to the software and see if this band is worth the price. 

But the one thing that I can assure you is this is one of the best tools to track your health with. The band works 24/7, and I can be an ideal tool to monitor your health and even be able to analyze it accordingly. I will highlight all the excellent features of the Fitbit Inspire HR bands, and we will look at what makes this band stand out.


One of the main things that these kinds of bands do is track activities. Fitbit Inspire HR bands can track a wide range of activities, which we will take a look at in a few.


One of the main activities that the Fitbit Inspire HR bands do is fitness tracking, one of the main things I can attest to. When you link your phone to Fitbit Inspire HR bands, there is a menu that you get, and through this, there is a lot that you can do. For example, you can select Run from the exercise menu, and here you will be able to start tracking the activities on your phone. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind is Fitbit Inspire HR does not entail a GPS. Therefore, you have to link it with your phone, and when you do so, it will instantly lock onto your phone. The moment you start pressing play, the application will, in turn, start tracking that activity. There are also different kinds of workouts that the Fitbit Inspire HR bands can record like long walks and even brisk walks. This is great, and I bet it’s one band that documents one of the most accurate information, which is fantastic. 

Once the information has been recorded, it’s synced to the Fitbit app, which is pretty impressive. The app is pretty awesome to use, and it’s straightforward to use, which is one fantastic thing about the app. The heart rate sensor is one tool that much ensures the possibility of this fitness feature. There is an even a heart-based Relax app feature that can be used dramatically for guided breathing exercises, which are fantastic. This will help you be able to see your cardio levels, which is so great, and also, you are able to set goal-based exercises. All this is made possible by the fact that this is one application that works well and entirely when it comes to fitness tracking.


The other feature I love about the Fitbit Inspire HR bands is the sleep tracking feature that it entails. You will note that the sleep tracking feature in Fitbit works correctly compared to the ones for most smartwatches. Most smartwatches don’t usually provide you with the accurate information that you are sleeping, which is a big reason I tend to avoid them. With Fitbit, there are high chances that it will consistently nail the time spent sleeping, one smartwatch that can do so.

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 The device does not record the time that you have spent lying in bed, which is not necessarily sleeping. Therefore, this device can accurately define the moment you are sleeping, and the one you lie on the ground. For those who like reading their books while lying in bed, then this is one band to get for accurate sleep tracking. One little drawback to it is the lack of a heart rate sensor for analyzing the sleep stages.

 If you have a kind of feature that can identify the time spent on light, deep, and REM stage, then this would be a great watch to have. All in all, this HR one is worth every penny as you can identify the time you have spent at these sleep stages, and this information is worth it. Having the Fitbit Inspire HR bands is worth it as you can be able to tell the sleep quality and even be able to plan for it beforehand, which is brilliant.


One other feature I love about the Fitbit Inspire HR bands is the display that it entails, which is incredible. This device uses the OLED show, which is one of the most exciting collections that you can get. This is a very bright display to have, and it displays perfectly fine, which means you will not be having any trouble seeing whatever that is being said on the screen. 

It’s a touchscreen, which is fantastic, but that too can prove difficult some times. On the side, there are few buttons that you can use, and these buttons can easily allow you to move around from the exercise button to the home screen. The display is pretty small, which is the only disadvantage, but all in all, it works perfectly fine. The colors on the screen display vividly, which is pretty impressive, which means the pixel density is pretty high.

 I love everything about this display, and the fact that it’s to help you move around selecting what you want is one tool that I can advise many to get. With this great display, you can reduce the hassle of wondering where to set your tracking and thus, an effective workout. 


Fitbit Inspire HR bands are some of the best smartwatches that you can find that work efficiently in displaying notifications. The ability to communicate several announcements is one of the most important things I love about this application. For example, if your phone is not around, you can still get notifications from your phone. Some of these notifications include calls, text messages, calendars, and even reports from applications. 

One thing that you need to ensure in turn is that your band and phone are not 30 feet apart. With this, it means you can receive any notification that comes to your phone right on the Fitbit Inspire HR bands. When you get the HR, you will need to set it up with your phone for the notifications to be received. Setting it up is pretty simple, and it won’t take a lot, and once you are done, you will be able to get the stated notifications quickly. 

The tracker will vibrate on your arm to indicate that there is a notification that has arrived on your phone. For example, if there is a phone call, the name of the person calling will scroll on the screen once, and you can dismiss by pressing the button. You can also turn off notifications, which is pretty easy, like how you first set it up. This is one great feature I love about this app, as I don’t need to be checking my phone all the time to know who is calling or texting me.


Since this is a portable device, you must ensure you have a battery that can sustain it for an extended period. One of the things that I love about the Fitbit Inspire HR bands is that it has one of the best batteries than most smartwatches you will get out of. If you have a device with a battery that lasts longer, it increases the chances of collecting more data. 

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When you buy the Fitbit Inspire HR bands, you will note it states that the device can last for up to five days without charge. This is an excellent feature with this band, but that is not true. I tested the machine, and I noticed that it could last for up to three days of full recording sleep and other tracking activities. This is a pretty nice thing because the number of days is many, and you don’t need to put it to charging like many smartwatches out here frequently. 

You will note that the other Fitbit inspire does not entail a heart rate sensor, which means there are high chances for it to last more days than the HR one. Either way, the Fitbit Inspire HR bands are among the best smart bands to have with this kind of battery capacity.


The water-resistant feature is becoming very popular with many smartwatches, which does not leave out HR. Fitbit Inspire HR bands are one of the most impressive bands that you can get, and the fact that its water resistance is even more impressive. 

You get so many advantages with having a water-resistant device as that means you won’t be able to lose it water get to it. There are instances where sweat can quickly get top the device, and this is water and salt, and there are high chances of spoiling these kinds of devices, but the fact it’s water-resistant means it will be safe. 


One other thing I love about the Fitbit Inspire HR bands is that this is one of the best-designed bands you can get. This is an excellent device to have, and it is very light. The Fitbit body is designed by plastic, which is pretty exciting, and this matte plastic is better than the stainless one. The design is catch and fancy in a way, and when it’s on hand, I look so amazing. 

The other thing that I love about this device is its very light while on hand, which means it’s so lightweight, and you won’t feel a something while on hand. You can easily swap out the band that it has to one that is of your liking. I love the whole design of this tracker, and the fact that it also comes in a great color is brilliant. If you happen to be looking for one perfect and great tracker to use, then Fitbit Inspire HR bands are one to get.


The other thing that makes Fitbit Inspire HR bands, one of the best trackers is the fact that this tracker is compatible with most devices. There is no device that is not compatible with it, which is excellent. If you happen to be using iOS or Android, you are just fine, as this works perfectly fine on both.


The price of Fitbit Inspire HR is $99, and this one is the one comes with a heart rate sensor, which is excellent and works well. There is also another one with no heart rate sensor, which comes for $69.


To conclude, we have seen the Fitbit Inspire HR bands from what makes it great and has some drawbacks. This is one of the best trackers to have from the grand design. It has that is impressive hardware to the software, .which is pretty exciting. This device works perfectly fine. And you should save some cash and get yourself the Inspire HR to tracks lots of activities in your life.


Can you change the Fitbit band?

Yes, there are different designs that you can use as a band, and changing it is pretty simple.

Can I shower with the Fitbit Inspire HR band?

This tracker is water-resistant, which means you can quickly shower with it, which is fantastic without getting it damaged.

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