Finding the Facts Behind CBD for Pets

Facts Behind CBD

Times have changed for sure, whether it is in terms of technology or lifestyle and what we’ll be looking at today, medicines, and opting for more natural and organic products. This blog will tell you finding the Facts Behind CBD for Pets.

We understand that farming is big business throughout the world, agriculture is a major part of people’s livelihoods and survivals and the supply and demand is significantly increasing with each year.

To successfully manufacture a product that can advertise an ‘all-natural’ label the process would need to be pesticide and chemical-free during harvest, zero harmful substances to be environmentally friendly, and toxin-free during the packaging and distribution stage.

These may seem like a lot of boxes to tick on the journey to finding the best product either for yourself or your pet, but it can be done and they are out there. A variety of brands and products are on market shelves, for a closer look into what’s available check out holista pet and browse products that could soon be the answer to all your prayers.

When a member of our family is feeling poorly or not themselves, and even more so for our beloved pup, we will do anything and everything to make them well and back to their bubbly personality of slobbery kisses and muddy paw prints on our clothes.

Finding a product that will benefit their lifestyles in a harmonious and non-invasive manner is key, and incorporating it into their diets or meal plans is an exciting new adventure for the kitchen enthusiast. Finding the Facts Behind CBD for Pets-

CBD products and treats

Most of us don’t enjoy taking any form of medication, my granny always used to say, ‘the ones that taste the worst work the best’ and while this may be true it didn’t make the taste any more enjoyable. 

Getting a pet to take a supplement voluntarily is not an easy task so adding it into their cooked meals or hidden inside treats is ideal to ensure it is fully ingested and without them being the wiser.

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For some inspiration when it comes to trying new treat recipes for your pet see here and get those creative chef juices flowing. Your pet will love the new items on the menu and you get to try out new techniques and flavors, even better if they’re in the shape of a bone, wink wink.

There are so many options you can begin with if cooking is not your forte. Simply mixing the drops into the ready meal just before serving, or once a batch of cookies are still warm from the oven but slightly cooled you can put a few drops on the top to soak into the biscuit as a dessert treat after dinner with all the health benefits you could wish for and he is none the wiser. 

Other options such as gummy edibles or snack bars can also be looked into and made. Why not get the kids involved and make a morning of it, you keep them entertained for a couple of hours and your pup gets a new batch of yummy goods, it’s a winning situation all around.

CBD products and treats

5 Indications for what to look at in a CBD product to give you peace of mind

When it comes to choosing the right product for consumption we want the best we can afford, selling an arm or a leg to buy the ultimate item does not necessarily guarantee that you will be getting the cream of the crop, as it were when it comes to quality.

Price is a factor to consider but it is not the be-all or end-all deciding indicator.

  • THC. This is one of the main concerns you need to be aware of, a product label stating any traces of THC (the hallucinogenic element from the cannabis Sativa plant) over 0.03% should rather not be used. More than this amount can have psychoactive effects and is extremely harmful to animals.
  • CBD. Check how much of concentrate the product you’re looking at contains of actual CBD, you are ideally looking for a ratio of 250-1000mg per 30ml bottle, less than that and it is not worth the money you are about to spend.
  • Results. Like with all brands that are proud of their products, they will be happy to have their certified and trusted test results easily available either on the packaging of the item, its branded label or on an insert within the box. If you can’t find any results this should raise a red flag and it would be best to look elsewhere.
  • Growth area. Many countries and areas within the States require the soil the plants are grown in to be tested for toxins and chemicals, these can be easily absorbed by the Hemp plant and thus resulting in a harmful effect to the end-user. Look for products that are farmed according to regulations and tests.
  • CO2 extraction. Considered the safest extraction method, others you can look into by clicking this link, CO2 uses safe solvents and it is essentially additive-free. Opting for a product that doesn’t leave behind harmful solvents ensures a healthier product.
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We would never have been introduced to Hemp if it weren’t for the found artifacts of Early Chinese Emperors reigns and his need to infuse it into his tea to treat his discomfort and muscular aches, how great history is and the wonders of Mother Nature never cease to amaze.


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