Recreate Your Wardrobe with Fashion Bloggers over 40

Fashion Bloggers over 40

Change your fashion game and recreate your wardrobe under the guidance of Top Fashion Bloggers over 40. With their decades of experience in clothing and wardrobe set up, you will notice a big change in your style.

By the age, you get older and feel the need to constantly change yourself to fit in the standards. Following all fashion trends still doesn’t guarantee your style but following one of the most experienced Fashion Bloggers over 40 might help you.

Regain, Restyle & Relive

Regain your Confidence. When you find it hard to cope up with the trends and constantly changing styles, your confidence shrinks and insecurities start to pile up in your mind. You need to understand that every person is unique in matters of body shape, skin tone, face shape and vibes. 20s, 30s or 40s all demand a different version of you.

Restyle your Dressing sense. Even if you find two people wearing the exact same dress, they will still be different in their dressing sense and vibe. Why? Because both of them are different in skin, body, face and hair.

Experiment with every kind of style and ask your friends and family about how you look. It will take time but you will find your own style one day to slay.

Relive your Beautiful self. When you get successful in finding your own style, you find confidence and a different version of you makes you feel young again. The colours, fabric, stitching, dress combinations play a major role in changing your look. You get to relive past moments when you were carefree and glowing. Let’s find your style and vibe with the advice of the fashion experts.

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Fashion Blogging

This is one of the most trendiest ways to generate money and fame. The Internet is playing an important role in making these people famous who post content related to fashion. Fashion industry is vast and you can find your own niche to make content. While some fashion bloggers give advice on styling, others focus on skincare routines, trendy makeup looks, fashion hacks, dress combinations, fashion hauls or DIY outfits. You can solve your issues regarding wardrobe and style by searching and following these fashion bloggers. You can find these bloggers on Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook.

Most Versatile Fashion Bloggers over 40 on Instagram

Not only you get to change your look, the experience of the following Fashion Bloggers over 40 will help you become a fashion expert of your own.

1. Eva Chen

Eva Chen is one of the fashion bloggers who are in their 40s and still slaying the outfit game. Her instagram username is @evachen212. She posts photos and videos of her wearing the outfits and gives fashion tips. She was invited to the most hyped fashion event Met Gala in 2021. You will get ideas about outfits color combinations from her videos.

Fashion Bloggers over 40

2. Nimi Nwofor

With the username @nimsdefabulouss, Nimi Nwofor is an active instagram fashion blogger who posts content related to personal style. She is famous for her luxurious and classy outfits. Even a simple dress looks good on her. You will get many tips about how to add class in your style.

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3. Caroline de Maigret

Caroline de Maigret, also known as @carolinedemaigret on Instagram is known for her modelling as she is a French international model and walked in runway fashion shows of big brands such as: Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Valentino and Hermes. You will find sophisticated styles through her posts.

4. Tennille Murphy

Tennille Murphy is a clean beauty expert who creates fashion content on how to look clean and classy. On Instagram, she is active as @thetenillelife. For a clean look, she gives skin care tips and minimal ways to put makeup on.

5. Lisa Folawiyo

@lisafolawiyo is the Instagram username of Nigerian fashion blogger and expert Lisa Folawiyo. You will gain knowledge on body shape and styling according to your age and vibe.

6. Folake Kuye Huntoon

Another Nigerian fashion designer and blogger in the list, Folake Kuye Huntoon is active on Instagram as @stylepantry. She designs her own collection and has a company to run. You will find information about designing outfits and styling them from her.

Fashion Bloggers over 40

7. Grece Ghanem

Most loved Fashion blogger on Instagram, @greceghanem is the perfect definition of Old but Gold. Greece Ghanem started to post the fashion content of her wearing simple clothing with stylish accessories when her family encouraged her. She is known for her sassy style.

8. Kat Farmer

@doesmybumlook40 is the Instagram username of fashion influencer Kar Farmer. She posts the content related to wardrobe capsule setup and styling to enhance the personality. You will find various tips to solve your dressing issues.

We have discussed our problem and answer is to experiment and wear your outfits with confidence. Search the names of fashion bloggers mentioned above and follow their advice to restyle your wardrobe. You need to re-organize and reinvent.

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