Face Weight Loss- Top Tips for Face Weight Loss

face weight loss

It can be challenging to lose weight, especially if you are targeting a specific area of the body. Having chubby cheeks and a rounded face can get embarrassing, especially for guys. This is because they want to be manlier rather than look cute. Extra fat on the front is quite frustrating as you cannot even hide it. But this is a common problem that can be resolved easily using various invasive and non-invasive methods. Surgical procedures like Botox, liposuction, etc. can give you quicker results. But they do come with side effects and are costly. Another option is to opt for lifestyle changes and exercise. Here we bring you several strategies for Face Weight Loss that will help get a slimmer face. These work for both men as well as women. 


Top 5 tips for Face Weight Loss:


If you are wondering how to slim face in a week, then these tips will surely come to your rescue. 


Facial exercises:

  1. these are focused on improving your appearance and combating aging. They work by strengthening your facial muscles and tone them. These include activities such as puffing cheeks, saying X and O, puckering lips, holding a broad smile, etc. Performing these exercises two times a day for around eight weeks can lead to facial rejuvenation. By toning facial muscles, you can get a slimmer face and reduce the effects of aging too. 
  2. Do some cardio: excessive body fat may also lead to a fat face. So, doing cardio to slim your body can benefit your face too. Aerobics and cardio exercise work by increasing your heart rate. It can burn fat, thereby promoting fat loss from various parts of the body. Around 20-40 minutes of these exercises per day can lead to Face Weight Loss in a week. Even swimming, walking, running, and biking are included in cardio training. 
  3. Diet changes: Stay more hydrated if you want to lose facial fat. It can help curb your food cravings and improve metabolism too. It also reduces fluid retention, thereby preventing puffiness and bloating in your face. Apart from water, it is essential to control your smoking and drinking. Alcohol has lots of calories but few nutrients. It can improve weight gain. Avoid all sorts of junk food that is rich in refined carbs. This includes food such as pasta, crackers, and cookies. They contain minimal fiber and lots of sugar that can lead to overeating. Opting for whole grains instead can lead to improving your weight loss regime.

Improve your sleep schedule:

  1. The right amount of sleep, at least 7-8 hours, is essential for Face Weight Loss. Deprivation of sleep can lead to an increase in cortisol levels, which is associated with stress. This can eventually cause weight gain by altering metabolism. Sleeping more may help you shed some pounds. 
  2. Reduce sodium intake: bloating is caused due to excessive intake of sodium. This can lead to swelling and puffiness on the face. This is due to the property of sodium to hold water i.e., fluid retention. Cutting down on processed foods, snacks, and processed meat can cut on your sodium intake. 


How to lose face fat overnight?

Our bodies can lose around 1 to 2 pounds of weight every night. Mostly this is water weight. A sound sleep of at least eight hours can help a lot in Face Weight Loss. Here are some tips that should be done before sleep to help you lose face fat overnight. 

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Restructure your daily routine:

    1. Drink a natural diuretic at the beginning of the day: tea and coffee are natural diuretics that cause your colon muscles to contract. This can help your body to flush out waste and water. It also helps in regulating your body system and reduces bloating. 
    2. A healthy mid-morning snack: some people opt for sugary snacks rich in carbs while others opt not to eat snacks at all. Both options are not correct if you aim to lose weight. Opt for a healthy snack before lunch. This will avoid overeating during lunchtime and curb your temptations. You can choose to munch on some fruit, yogurt, or oatmeal.
    3. Do cardio workout: Cardio workout causes sweating, and this can reduce water weight and fat to a great extent. It can boost metabolism, too, and reduce the stress that can give better sleep for Face Weight Loss—doing cardio around 30 minutes before bedtime is the best way to reduce fat when you are sleeping.
    4. De-stress yourself: doing yoga or meditation can help you reduce stress. Listening to some soothing songs can also help to get in peace. Taking a bath or massage before sleep time can also help a lot.
    5. Early dinner time: give your body proper time to digest food after you eat. The digestion process can cause bloating. If your body uses sleep time to digest food, then your goal of losing weight overnight will not be fulfilled. 

Restructure your night routine: 

  • Bath with Epsom salt twice a week: Epsom salt helps flush the toxins and the excess water which is bloating. When you soak in the Epsom salt before going to bed then it will help you in achieving the Face Weight Loss
  • Green Tea: Before the goodnight sleep, take the nice cup of green tea. It will help in boosting the metabolism of the body. This soothing and warm liquid will help in burning the fat efficiently in the night. 
  • Calm Sleep Environment: When you are sleeping the carbon, weight is getting lost all over the night. For good sleep, you must create a calm environment in your bedroom. You can maintain the temperature below 66-degree Fahrenheit.
  • Less Exposure of Lights: When there is lighter in the night, then it will disturb your sleep. So, for a good night’s sleep, you have to limit the exposure of the unwanted lights by covering them with some black or dark-colored curtains.
  • Plenty of Sleep: Sleeping will help in regulating the hormones of the body. This will help in increasing the metabolic rate in the body. When you are sleeping, then you are losing weight up to 2 pounds, which includes carbon and water weight. 


How to Lose Stomach & Face Fat


Reducing fat from the face and stomach area has a huge impact on your appearance. It can improve your health too. Under the skin, the body deposits excessive calories. This is known as subcutaneous fat. On the stomach and abdomen, visceral fat is also deposited, which is quite dangerous. If you are wondering how to lose face fat guys, we have a solution.

This is a combination of strength training, cardio, and diet, which can eliminate excess fat from the face and stomach area.


  1. Increase your cardio schedule: make sure that you do brisk walking, dance, pool aerobics, or any other rhythmic activity. You can even ride a mini-trampoline or a bicycle. Performing another type of aerobics such as step-aerobics or martial arts-based aerobics can also work. Do these activities for around 20-60 minutes per day. Increase sessions as you move on.
  2. Resistance exercises: These should be performed at least two times a week for 20 minutes each. This can be done using lift weights or resistance bands. It will help to tone the muscles and improve metabolism too. While exercising, focus on your back, legs, and chest area. Training these muscles can burn more calories and eventually slim your tummy and face.
  3. Do core training: do core training daily. It should include planks, crunches, side planks, leg raises, obliques, etc. this will strengthen your abdominal muscles and reduce fat on your belly.
  4. Cut your calorie: choose a diet low on calories. Opt for food containing monosaturated fats. Avocado, olive oil, peanut butter, dark chocolate, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains can help a lot.
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Benefits of face fat loss for guys 


Good Sleep

Resting most likely helped you lose more weight in any case; however, because of your weight reduction, you’ll show signs of improvement quality rest now. Research shows that losing 5% of your body weight can assist you with resting better and longer for the duration of the night.


Balanced hormones

At the point when you consider hormones, your young years may come into view, yet they assume a job in something beyond your prospering sex drive during adolescence. Your thyroid organ makes and discharges two significant hormones that control your digestion and can likewise influence muscle quality in addition to other things.


Better sex drive

As indicated by specialists, weight reduction has been connected to supported testosterone levels and an expanded charisma, and dropping simply 10lbs is sufficient to animate sex hormones. Likewise, fitting in your exercise each morning additionally builds the bloodstream to the pelvic region, further boosting your drive.


Expanded Physical Wellness

Expanded physical wellness has been related to more noteworthy satisfaction in the room.


Better Feeling

Focusing on the exercise center may have pushed your body to the spot it is currently, yet it additionally improved your psychological wellness. Working out discharges feel-good synthetic chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins are liable for that high you feel post-exercise. They connect with the receptors in your cerebrum, lessening your impression of agony, and convey a positive inclination in the body like that of morphine.


The decrease in joint pain

Your joints, as of now, get destroyed from regular work. Additional weight staying nearby on your midriff just worsens the situation. Basically, the less you weight, the less your skeletal edge and joints need to help, which converts into less joint pain.


Bright Beautiful skin

You may have begun your solid daily schedule with the sole goal of thinning down, yet a special reward of your weight reduction venture surfaces through glowing skin. You can credit your new composition to the uptick in supplements from every one of those products of the soil you’re likely eating and to all that sweat pushing the garbage out of your pores, empowering more prominent detoxification. Simply just wash your face normally after your cardio rounds to stay away from undesirable skin inflammation and obstructed pores.


Relief in Stress

When you confirmed getting more fit from your plan for the day, you’ve just got one less thing to worry about. However, the things you do to get fit eating a reasonable eating routine, practicing reliably, and getting bunches of rest are additionally probably the best approaches to lighten stress and tension.


More cash

Who needs to burn through $20 on conveyance essentials and $10 a glass on drinks out at the bar? Not you. By cooking more and drinking less, not exclusively are you creeping ever nearer to your weight loss objectives, yet you’re setting aside cash for sure. It’s basic math, truly. The less you eat, the less you spend on nourishment.


More companions

With your jeans size contracting, you can likewise anticipate that your group of friends should develop in number. Because of partaking in something beyond a Netflix long-distance race on your love seat, you meet more individuals and your social schedule develops. Moreover, the confidence you put on from shedding pounds likewise makes you need to be increasingly social and gives you the push to do as such.


Other benefits are as below:

  • Your better half also might get motivated for weight lose
  • Fewer Sipping of Colds
  • Memory would be improved
  • Ultimate Wardrobe
  • No Cravings for the Junk Food
  • Develop Cooking Skills
  • Experience More Adventures
  • More attention to the textures and flavors of meals
  • Better Annual Check-ups
  • Fewer Medicines and strengthen the immune system
  • More organized and planned
  • More discipline and respectful
  • Easy Commute
  • Less horrible Allergies 
  • Living a healthier longer life



Can lifting masks cause Face Weight Loss?

If you are wondering, why am I losing weight in the face? The answer could be with your face mask. There are special lifting masks that can tighten the skin of the cheek and chin. They contain caffeine, collagen and vitamin E and C. 

Why do some people have more face fat?

It can be due to obesity while it can be genetic too. Some people who have rounded and less pronounced facial features seem to have facial fat. Those that follow an unbalanced diet and no workout can get face fat easily. There are nine different face shapes and those that have a round face may appear to have face fat.

Can face fat be reduced?

Yes of course. But you can’t target fat only on the face and with proper diet and lifestyle changes you can reduce fat from your body. This will reduce fat from your face too.

Which exercise is best for face fat?

There is specific yoga and activities that can reduce face fat. Face Weight Loss can be accelerated by doing activities such as puffing cheeks, fish pose, and saying X and O, etc.


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