Elizabeth Berkley Net Worth 2023

Elizabeth Berkley Net Worth

Actors earn their living by playing role after role, no matter how big or small it may be. As long as your consistency is unwavering, you are sure shot away from hitting the jackpot. One actress in particular has had a fairly swell net worth as of now, Elizabeth Berkley. The American actress has shown great talent through any possible role she could get her hands on. We’re going to be taking a look at Elizabeth Berkley and her net worth, calling it “The Elizabeth Berkley Net Worth Meter” and how she got it to a whopping $6 million. 

Let’s get into it.

Real/Full Name Elizabeth Berkley Lauren
Age 51 
Net worth $6 Million
Profession Actress
Partner Greg Lauren

Elizabeth Berkley Net Worth:

Currently, “the Elizabeth Berkley net worth” meter harbors an impressive $6 million. Secrets of which lie in her appearance in many big films such as “(1996) The First Wives Club,” “(1999) Any Given Sunday,” and “(2002) Roger Dodger” as well as a reprisal as Jessi Spano in “Saved By The Bell” reboot back in 2020 allowing her to secure 60 credits for herself. She has also moved on to start a self-help program and writing her own book called, “Ask Elizabeth: Real Answers To Everything You Secretly Wanted To Ask About Love, Friends, Your Body… And Life In General.” That’s a mouthful. 

Finally, in 2013, she appeared and was placed 6th in “Dancing With The Stars.” So now you know she can dance too. Last but not least, she also appeared and was featured as her well-known character on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” where she and some of her co-stars appeared. Quite a delight.

Early Life and Education:

In 1972, on July 8th, Farmington, Michigan, Berkeley was born to parents Jere and Fred Berkley. She grew up in a Jewish family with an older brother, Jason Berkley (1969).  Berkley celebrated her 12th birthday with a bar mitzvah and graduated from Cranbrook Kingswood School and Farmington High School in 1990. She was also diagnosed with Heterochromia, which caused her to have differently colored eyes that stand out features she’s known for.

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At age five, Berkley took up tap dancing and Jazz until she started learning ballet and transitioned into ballet when she performed “Swan  Lake” with principals of the American Ballet Theatre. For the next five years, she dedicated herself to learning and performing in NYC Ballet’s holiday production “The Nutcracker” in Detroit. She performed in community plays such as “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” “Gypsy” and “Eleemosynary.”


Her career originally began to step into the glitzy and glamorous life as a model. Then at the age of 15, she auditioned for the role of Kelly Kapowski in Saved By The Bell, she continued for 4 seasons and then moved on to do feature films. One of which was “Showgirls (1995).” A big flop that ultimately drove her away from the eyes of Hollywood. She reworked her career and appeared in big films with minor roles such as Taxman (1998), and The Real Blonde (1997), and went up the ladder with films like Any Given Sunday (1999), and The First Wives Club (1996). 

Moreover, in the early 2000s, she appeared in “The Curse of the Jade Scorpion” by Woody Allen, as a guest star in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in 2003. She then paved her way into doing two Broadway shows in 2005, “Sly Fox” and “The 24 Hour Plays.”

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She appeared consistently for nine episodes in CSI: Miami and then hosted a dance show called “Step It Up And Dance.” 

Followed by a few more appearances in:

  • The Donnie Darko sequel S. Darko
  • The L Word (2009)
  • New Girl (2016)
  • Saved By the Bell reunion on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon alongside her co-stars and Jimmy Fallon himself in 2015. Ah, good old days.
  • Going back again in 2011 she published a book called Ask Elizabeth and started a self-help program both having the same name. To top it all off, she even appeared and finished in 6th place on “Dancing With The Stars” in 2013.

A big takeaway from her career story is that small actors can rise to the top if they give in the necessary effort and, most importantly, be consistent and patient. But of course, consistency does not only mean you stick to one that failed you; to move forward, one must learn to let go of what holds them back. Even is its failure itself. 

Source of Income:

As of now, and as discussed earlier, The Elizabeth Berkley Net Worth meter stands at an impressive $6 million. Apart from this, she has appeared in a reboot of the show “Saved By The Bell” on Peacock although after two seasons the show was canceled. From what we know she has a recurring role in an HBO drama “The Idol” starring Lily-Rose Depp, The Weeknd, and the late Anne Heche.

Real Estate:

Originally Berkley was born in Farmington Michigan where she grew up with her two parents and a brother in a Jewish family. However, as of now, she has not revealed her current living status or where she lives currently.

Elizabeth Berkley Net Worth

Car Collection:

Berkeley doesn’t own a collection per se but she does own a nice Tesla Model X Blue car as Jessie Spano in the 2020 reboot of Saved By The Bells. Whereas in real life it is not clarified as to which car she actually owns. But take a look at her rocking the tesla in this image down below.


She has achieved some awards during her time and also she has partaken in a few tours to promote her book Ask Elizabeth. She checked in with Seventeen magazines to share her thoughts and feelings about her book You which she said went well but also tiring. However, the support of close relatives and friends has helped her get through smoothly.

Philanthropic activities: 

She has indulged in charity events such as the LA charity event in 2016, and the Annual BABY2BABY Gala. She has also appeared in numerous live and virtual events as a speaker and influencer.


For a comparatively small actress, you’d be surprised at how many movies and television shows she’s appeared in over the years:


  • Platinum Blonde


  • Point Break, Molly And Gina, Round-Up, White Wolves 2: Legend Of The Wild, Showgirls, Armitage 3: Poly-Matrix, The First Wives Club, The Real Blonde, Random Encounter, Taxman, Africa, Last Call, Tail Lights Fade, Any Given Sunday, And More.

The 2000s:

  • The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion, Shipment, Roger Dodger, Student Seduction, The Butler’s In Love,  S Darko, 

Television Appearances:


  • Gimme A Break!, Day By Day, Saved By The Bell, and More.


  • The Hogan Family, Married, Step By Step, Baywatch, Crossroads, Brother’s Keeper


  • NYPD: Blue Titus The Twilight Zone, Without A Trace, Dancing With Stars, Melissa And Joey, and more.

Boy, after all that the Elizabeth Berkley Net Worth meter makes sense now does it?

Her Personal Life:

To speak of her personal life, she married artist and actor Greg Lauren in 2001. The couple soon had a beautiful son to welcome to the world in July 2012. they graciously named him Sky Cole. Berkley has long been a strong supporter of animal rights which grabbed the attention of PETA which later included her in their “Sexiest Vegetarian Of The Year” poll. Bet you didn’t know that was a thing did ya? 

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To talk about one popular controversy she’s ever been involved in was during the 20th anniversary of the 1995 movie Showgirls where the movie was criticized once again after the big flop when it first came out. Grossing up to $37 million at the box office from the initial $45 million budget. the direction, acting, and story were highly criticized by criticized from some popular magazines they voiced their opinion about the actresses, story, plot, casting, and the like. People however agreed on the point that they disliked seeing the actress of their beloved character on Saved by The Bells portraying a not-so-nocent role. This ruined their perception of her and the character alike to people.

Critics suggested that the movie was one of those so bad so good movies that couldn’t be saved even by a good actress such as Berkley.  Upon asking the star, she said that at the time of shooting and being on set, it was a delight to be in the movie however it was truly heartbreaking when they flopped right in front of her. 

To talk of what the director was thinking during the casting, director Paul Verhoeven admitted to being completely oblivious to Berkley’s show and character role in the show. He just took her in because she was pretty good at the auditions. Geez. looks like someone didn’t do their homework. 

Critics also commented on the actress and her abilities. saying that she had only two emotions “Hot and Bothered.” Some have even described that looking at her expression would give an essence of seriousness backed by lingering confusion about whether or not to move a muscle. Boom. Roasted


1. Where was Elizabeth Berkley born?

Farmington Michigan

2. What controversial movie did Elizabeth Berkley star in?

Showgirls, 1995

3. What books did she write?

“Ask Elizabeth.”

4. Who is her current spouse?

Greg Lauren

5. What was her first TV show to debut in?

“Gimme A Break!”

6. What was the primary reason for the flop of the movie Showgirls?

There’s actually not one but many reasons why the movie wasn’t a hit. From bad casting to a hint of bad direction. It is also speculated that Berkley was overqualified for her role.


Nevertheless, Elizabeth Berkley is an amazing actress at the end of the day, regardless of the controversies she’s been involved in. It is always good to remember that actors and actresses are masters of their art. Yes, it is natural to think, “Gee, what is Elizabeth Berkley’s net worth?” until you research and find yourself diving into a rabbit hole of information. With all the hate and criticisms aside, Berkley’s a beacon of inspiration and influence. She has been a source of influence for many; thanks to her amazing philanthropic involvement, she has inspired many to follow her and be consistent and, most importantly, determined.  

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