EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review

Data Recovery Wizard Free Review

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a utility that allows computer users to search their PC for lost and damaged documents and attempt to recover them. This article will discuss EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review.

Users can search for formatted drives and drives that are currently unavailable due to various locations such as errors or corruption. The WinPE edition, which supports bootable media, allows users to identify and recover data from WinPE-based startup disks for which the standard data recovery wizard does not provide this functionality.

WinPE stands for Windows Preinstallation Environment and can be accessed in case users have experienced certain issues due to a system crash and offline troubleshooting.

To do this, you need to create a bootable media (e.g., a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive) and start the data recovery wizard after accessing the bootable media. The application allows users to choose the type of file they want to recover by selecting the check boxes; checkboxes were to save the scan and display a list of the identified documents. You can restore items by selecting them from the list and clicking the appropriate button.

If you are dealing with different data loss scenarios and you want to recover deleted photos, videos, songs, emails, documents, or other files, then you can consult EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard for free.

Tips during the installation process

To avoid problems that can occur when recovering lost files, we recommend that the utility installs the software on a different drive and the one containing the deleted information. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review-

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Assistant-driven interface

The program defines a step-by-step approach and provides advice during the configuration process. Beginners can use this mode, but experienced users cannot ignore the wizard and configure the settings themselves.


The EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard offers a free option to apply filters to images (eg, JPG, PNG, BMP), audio (eg, MP3, WMA), documents (Word, Excel or PDF files), Video, e- mail archive files (from Outlook or Outlook Express). On the other hand, it is not allowed to manually specify the file types included/excluded in the scanning process so that you get stuck with the filter filters.

Scan the desired hard drive

The tool automatically detects the hard drives in your system and lets you select the drives included in the scan. In addition, you can update the list of partitions with one click and stop or stop scanning.

Analysis results

The free EASEUS data recovery wizard shows a list of the recovered files and shows you details about the individual files e.g., B. Name, date, type, and size. You can also filter the results by file path, date type, preview the files in a specific area, and select the items you want to recover, perform searches and export the analysis results to the RSF file format.

Depth analysis mode and performance

The tool supports a deep scan mode specially developed to find files in your system. Note, however, that this particular scan takes longer than the scheduled scan and takes up the processor and memory.


Overall, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free and easy-to-use approach with a number of practical features that you can use to recover files accidentally deleted from your computer.

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