Drinking Games For Couples That You Can Try Anytime

drinking games for couples

As important as loyalty and faithfulness are, entertainment is just as important to engage each other in activities the two will appreciate and cherish forever. That could be after a long day of hard work when they need the right amount of relief time shared with their partners. With a glass of any beverage of your choice, couples can enjoy a few drinking games and make precious memories that can alter the paradigm of their bond tenfold, for the better, of course. In this list, we shall cover the many drinking games for couples to enjoy that one could find in the digital clutter of content that is on the internet. At this point, it should be more like the “Contentment.” apologies.

Each game is different on its terms, has different rules, and requires you and your significant other to play as a pair. However, with a little creativity, one can unleash endless possibilities by involving a hearty drink in every game that exists. 

You surely are aware that your partner may or may not be interested in some games that you find fun and interesting, but you need not worry, for we have games that every couple will love.

Cool Drinking Games For Couples To Try

1. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is the top pick for most drinking games for couples. But it is also popular among friends group as well. 

Never Have I Ever is a simple game with simple rules. You ask one another questions. Start with “never have I ever” then add anything that you did or did not do. If you have done it, take a shot, if you did NOT, say no. 

Never Have I Ever

This is one type of game that also sparks interesting and engaging conversation between you and your partner. And in case you’re wondering, you can infact involve your friends into the game.

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For example:

Never have I ever been arrested.

Either of the parties have to say either no, they haven’t been arrested, or take a sip if they HAVE been arrested.

The same applies to:

Never have I ever walked naked in the house.

You either say no, take a shot, or sip your drink if you have done it. If you have, good for you.

It’s a fun drinking game for couples to play and, in the process, discover unknown sides of each other. Just make sure to be nice, though.

2. Drunken Artists

In a nutshell, it’s a game of drink and draw. It is a much friendlier and safer version of drink and drive, but only you come home to your loving partner and be grateful for being alive.

The game is simple: one of you takes a pen and paper and starts drawing. The other has to guess what you’re drawing, and the more they delay, for every 20 seconds, they must take a shot until they guess it right.

drinking games for couples

This could go both ways, and one could get back at the other in the next round by delaying the drawing even more.

It’s quite evil but fun at the same time.

3. Beer Pong:

Originating in America during the 60s or so, Beer pong is yet another popular party game that can be tweaked in numerous ways. 

But at its core, it’s a drinking game. This game is not just for couples but more people can be involved to make teams. 

Beer Pong

The game is simple, each player will take turns tossing a ping pong ball at cups strategically placed in a triangular formation on each of a table. If the ball lands in a cup, your opponent must drink from that cup the ball fell in. If you miss, you either do nothing and let your opponent have their turn or you can take off a piece of clothing to spice things up.

4. Russian Roulette 

Russian roulette is a very popular game where you’ll be testing your luck. Add drinks in the mix, and voila, you now have “Drunken Russian Roulette,” a fun drinking game for couples. Fit for a fun-filled game night on the weekend.

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All you need to do is prepare a set of similar-looking cups or shot glasses, each containing liquids, but they could either be water or some transparent alcohol like vodka or gin. 

drinking games for couples

The set could be 12, of which six have been spiked or messed with. Choose the right shot glass or risk getting hardcore drunk by the end if your luck sucks that bad.

5. Two Truths One Lie

As the name suggests, this is another popular game where you tell two truths and throw a singular lie in the mix. Your partner has to guess the false statement or take a shot if they get it wrong.

One must go right with this game. Go above and beyond by spicing things up, too, where if your partner guesses incorrectly, they lose a piece of clothing

The only catch here is you have to be good at lying or making really convincing truths to throw your partner off.


Although the above-said games are meant for couples, one may choose to involve a few friends and have a jolly good time. And you can be as creative as you want with them.

So now you have a good idea of some of the best and most enjoyable drinking games for couples you can try out with your partner and have a jolly good time together. 

Guaranteed, you’ll have a night to remember forever and talk about it years later as well.

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