Discovered Drug for Reverse Age Discrimination

We all want to stop our age in a particular stage and become youth forever. No one wants to become old. Patchy skin always reminds us that we are becoming old, and we all wish if we could stop this process. Do you know about discovering Reverse Age Discrimination drugs?

Now it is time to prevent your ageing forever. Scientists have invented a method to bring back your youth from Natural ingredients. It works against anti-ageing. New invention and inventor both are Indian.

India is a place where Ayurvedic (Made with only natural ingredients) medicine used thousands of years. Religious scripture of Hinduism has in a brief description of Ayurvedic drugs and widely used in ancient India.

Reverse Age Discrimination

Research Reverse Age Discrimination Drug:

A few years ago, Indian Scientist and Fellow scientist of the Indian Ayurvedic Medicine council Sanjay Kumar had found an anti-ageing remedy. At Lahaul-Spiti in Himachal Pradesh Sanjay Kumar has discovered a plant called Potential.

So, It has Ayurvedic power to bring back youth and protect you from becoming aged. But, It usually found in the mountains of Himachal. First, it was discovered in Four Thousands and Five Hundreds feet of the Mountain. Sanjay Kumar said Potenahila could be alive in the extremely hostile environment. He also claimed that ” Using ingredients of this plant, I have discovered the revolutionary Anti-aging product.”

He also informs the media, Potenshila plant has Superoxide dismutase named fermentation, which helps to keep its existence fighting against such adverse situation in Himachal.

After years of research, he becomes confirmed because of this fermentation, it can keep alive in difficult situations, and it can also help humans to reduce ageing and enhance working capability.
His claim, if use Superoxide dismutase in anti-ageing cream then it will also prevent complexity due to ageing.

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EKI-IHBT Organizations Scientists exhale Fermentation of this Plant under the Supervision of Palampur Scientific medicine discovery council

In leading of Sanjay Kumar, the research team has finished their research works. So, They already have agreed with an Ayurvedic company in Kolkata (A state of India). It is expected revolutionary anti-ageing cream will be available to the market very soon.

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